How to Install and Configure Sandboxie

Sandboxie allows you to run programs in an isolated environment that prevents them from making permanent modifications to other programs or data on your computer. However, its many features and configuration areas require advanced computer knowledge for optimal use.

Antivirus software cannot replace system security monitoring solutions, but when implemented effectively can improve overall system protection significantly.


Sandboxie stands apart from competing products by integrating its sandboxing capabilities directly into the OS. Therefore, programs cannot directly access disk storage or hardware; rather they must ask their operating system to take action on their behalf. Furthermore, objects used by OS to communicate between programs – Named Pipes and Mailbox Objects, Events Mutexes (Mutants in NT speak), Sections and LPC Ports are monitored by Sandboxie so as to prevent interference between sandboxed and non-sandboxed programs.

This approach ensures greater compatibility between operating system and applications, and any necessary updates. Furthermore, changes are only applied at file level rather than data block level in virtual machine environments – eliminating the need for reboots altogether.

Sandboxie can detect when a program attempts to move data blocks between its virtual sandbox and real file system. For instance, if a sandboxed program attempts to copy files directly onto local drives from within its sandboxed environment, Sandboxie will redirect this action instead towards servernamesharename in which case they will stay until deleted or the program closes down.

Sandboxie also possesses the capability of redirecting DNS queries made by programs running inside its sandboxes, providing the user with the flexibility of configuring rules per box, either enabling internet access for specific programs or blocking it – this feature eliminates malware which exploits vulnerabilities in web browsers to gain control of computers.

Sandboxie-Plus version’s box snapshots provide a convenient means of returning a box to its prior state if necessary, which is especially helpful when testing software or installing programs into specific sandboxes.

Sandboxie provides an interesting feature for controlling what happens when clicking email (mailto) links. By default, clicking such links launches your web browser into a sandbox selected; with Sandboxie, this behavior can be changed simply by checking or unchecking a box in its settings menu.


Installation can take time. There are a few essential tasks that must be accomplished during setup to ensure that everything runs as it should, including installing Sandboxie Control which performs certain tasks and auto-starts during logon sessions, including deleting your Sandbox when complete among other things.

Sandboxie helps safeguard your computer against malicious programs that could gain access to your real system files by installing programs in an isolated sandbox, then accessing actual folders or files stored therein. This prevents software that might potentially steal personal information like passwords and bookmarks as well as install rootkits onto it from harming it in any way.

Sandboxing works by prohibiting programs from accessing memory belonging to non-sandboxed processes or asking a central system component for driver loading on behalf of their program. This also protects from hijacked applications which often come as part of malware infections and represent a serious security risk on any computer system.

Sandboxie provides other features that enhance security, such as permanent indicators for windows used within a sandbox; these will appear when you hover your mouse cursor over its edges. Furthermore, you have the option of including your sandbox name directly in its title of each window used within it.

The Sandbox is also designed to speed up program start up times by keeping copies of program files in an easily accessible place – Prefetch in Windows is used for this. Depending on how Sandboxie settings are configured, some programs may still execute outside the Sandbox which could present security risks such as key loggers.

A key benefit of using the Sandbox is being able to save a copy of your browser’s cache, cookies and history for easy backup purposes. This feature is especially helpful for anyone wanting to track changes they make on their computers – for instance new bookmarks, passwords or session cookies that they set.


Sandboxie has been around since 2010, when its development by its owner company ended. Following that event, its community continued its evolution into the Plus version; which offers more features and customization options for running software sandboxed.

Sandboxie Plus goes beyond traditional sandboxing to provide additional control over how an application interacts with the system and stores and retrieves data, helping prevent privacy breaches. This feature is especially helpful if you’re concerned about spyware or other types of malware.

Sandboxie Plus includes a program that lets you control how programs run, which folders they access and files/registry entries they create – giving you more control and making certain apps more user-friendly. Furthermore, Sandboxie can block programs from accessing default settings on a computer – helping improve compatibility for many programs using insecure or unknown configurations.

If you have installed a screen reader program on your host machine, its commands may stop functioning correctly when sandboxed. This is a known issue which can be resolved by activating the appropriate sandbox setting. Modern UI has been improved to allow more options such as changing file system root, registry root and IPC root locations as well as shell integration for improved shell protection against unboxed processes starting up; additionally it features more sophisticated box context menu features although certain functions were dropped or relocated out.

Setting pages provide quick configuration of common Web browsers and email programs, but can also be used to configure PDF and printing software, password and security programs, desktop utilities and resolving software conflicts by activating appropriate configurations (Sandbox Options > App Templates). Internet access may also be blocked per-box basis using Sandboxie-Live; fast updates of both the stable channel for project supporters who hold supporter certificates as well as beta channel for those curious to discover any latest fixes are provided via this service.


Subverter software does many things for your computer’s protection, from stopping viruses from invading its hard disk to protecting against attacks originating from malicious web-based downloads such as drive by downloads that could install spyware and other forms of malware onto it.

Another advantage of using sandbox software is testing new programs or websites before integrating them into your system. Furthermore, it allows you to do this before downloading them – something many websites now do using scripting or Active Content attacks – preventing such risks from impacting upon either your system or data.

Sandboxie allows you to test software without installing it directly onto your computer, as its unique sandbox environment doesn’t alter any files or registry settings. It is especially useful for testing new applications, browsing unfamiliar websites or running programs with unknown security risks.

The free version of this software may have some restrictions, but it remains incredibly useful for testing programs. Features like Internet Restrictions, Resource Access and App Templates make this tool extremely user-friendly when testing programs. Furthermore, users can hide processes, configure tracing and recover applications that have crashed.

Furthermore, this program can detect software applications not associated with its sandbox and warn of their presence; additionally it can block certain programs from running altogether. In addition to this portable mode and wide device support are other notable aspects. However, you must remember that using a sandbox does not protect real files against attackers so be wary when using it.

Sandboxie is an excellent open-source option for anyone who needs to test software before installing it on Windows, although newcomers should note that its configuration and understanding can be challenging; its configuration file contains many permissions and settings which must be configured before use. Furthermore, its command line interface should not be underestimated.

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