How to Invite Your Family to Join Your Creative Journey With Procreate


Procreate is an amazingly powerful digital illustration app designed for artists of all levels – both seasoned veterans and beginners to digital drawing and painting alike. Available for just $10 (PS10/AU$15), Procreate provides access to an extensive suite of tools at your disposal without in-app purchases or subscription fees. Suitable for professional artists as well as those just getting started, Procreate provides everything needed to get creative with digital drawing and painting.

No matter where you’re starting from with Procreate or looking to learn a bit more, these tutorials offer invaluable advice and assistance. From beginners’ guides to more advanced techniques for professionals, these resources make an invaluable addition to any artist’s toolbox.

Easy to learn

Procreate is an ideal place for beginners to digital painting to get started, thanks to its user-friendly UI and intuitive interface, which makes it accessible and straightforward for everyone. Plus, its customizable options enable users to pick how many tools are on their screen at one time; any tool can easily be added or removed as necessary; brush settings can also be tailored specifically to their style; there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube available that will teach the basics of this program!

One of the many highlights of Procreate is its extensive range of brushes. Some simulate real pencils, inks and charcoals while others provide painterly textures. You can even create your own custom brushes using Brush Studio tool! Additionally, Procreate supports multiple file formats, making it simple for exporting work that fits seamlessly with iPad photo galleries.

Procreate comes equipped with an intuitive color picker that makes selecting colors in your artwork simple, while its multi-selection capabilities enable you to quickly change their opacity or blend mode. Furthermore, its layering system simplifies working on art; drawing or importing image elements on separate layers enables easy move, edit, recolor or delete without altering original piece.

Another fantastic feature is the ability to create custom shortcuts for frequent actions, especially helpful when drawing for long stretches. Customise gestures that activate QuickMenu for maximum creativity! Plus, this app contains selection and editing tools which will expand your creative potential even further!

Use the app to animate your work! Animation Assist will enable you to create GIFs and MP4 videos of your creations to share with friends and followers while honing your animation skills.

To get the most from Procreate, it’s essential that your iPad runs the latest version of iOS. Downloading and updating the Procreate app to ensure its smooth functionality can also help. For further help using it effectively, tutorials online provide detailed instruction for using it – an excellent way of maximizing iPad capabilities!

Easy to customize

Procreate is an excellent app to use whether you are an amateur artist or experienced creator, offering tools such as layer editing and brush style selection to produce unique artworks. From abstract illustrations with detailed textures and styles to producing varied textures with different brushes – Procreate has you covered for every level of artwork creation! Additionally, Procreate supports different resolutions such as CMYK printing resolution.

Procreate offers a simple yet customizable drawing interface designed for beginners. With its simple toolbar and fast access to commonly-used commands, Procreate provides quick start up time when beginning. Select from preset canvas sizes or create your own with the “plus icon.” Additionally, adjust other settings such as color profile or background settings.

Though its features may pale in comparison with Photoshop, Sketch App is an excellent way for those learning digital drawing to get started. With features like its built-in perspective guide and multiple vanishing points capabilities, as well as support for stylus styli to give more control over brush strokes, Sketch App makes a good alternative.

Procreate can even help you create entertaining animations of your drawings! This feature is easy to use and makes a great way to demonstrate your talent; choose from various playback types and frames per second settings to showcase your masterpiece onscreen! Plus, its timeline keeps up as new layers are added!

Procreate’s Layers panel provides another convenient feature, enabling you to build separate elements of your illustration on separate layers. Hide or add effects as necessary – and even trace images! Additionally, resize or move layers around to change their position in the final piece.

Procreate is not only home to standard brushes; it also comes equipped with 3D models designed for creating realistic hair, skin, and other textures. Plus, Procreate includes an assortment of textured brushes which add roughness and metallic sheens to your artwork!

Stabilization feature of the brush is another useful one; it helps smooth your brush strokes for more controlled effects if your hand shakes, particularly useful if you have a shaky one. Furthermore, dynamics settings enable fine tuning how the brush responds to touch.

Easy to share

Procreate offers you the ability to share your artwork with loved ones in an intuitive, straightforward and user-friendly environment. This article will walk you through each step in inviting family members along for your creative journey as you discover all its possibilities together.

To share your work, head to the Gallery app and tap “Share.” From here, you can export it in multiple formats like JPEG and PNG; time-lapse videos allow viewers to watch as your artwork comes together in real-time. In addition, the Gallery includes tools that help organize files like reordering them or creating stacks by dragging. There’s even QuickMenu which puts all your favourite actions within easy reach!

Export your art as a TIFF file and share it in another way by flattening and maintaining image quality in this commonly-used print workflow format. TIFF files can also be easily imported by most major software applications and you have options such as multi-page PDFs, folders of PNGs or animated GIFs when sharing.

Working collaboratively with family members requires effective communication and respecting each individual’s personal space. For instance, it’s crucial that family members don’t alter or delete each other’s work without permission and that devices stay up-to-date so as to avoid incompatibility issues.

Family sharing can be an ideal way to encourage young artists and tech enthusiasts alike to express their creativity through art projects. Furthermore, it helps bridge geographical gaps within extended families; grandparents can take an active part in supporting the creative journeys of their grandchildren, and feel closer to them than ever. Furthermore, homeschooling families may reap valuable educational advantages as a result. Furthermore, this kind of sharing fosters a love of arts and technology among young children.

Easy to export

As you create artwork, it can be easily exported in various formats – PDF, JPEG, PNG and even PSD for Adobe Photoshop documents are all great ways to save and share artwork easily. These documents allow for editing and sharing easily!

Support of multiple paper sizes and orientations makes the software especially helpful if you are creating designs for print on demand (POD) platforms, where each element must be placed on its own layer allowing easy adjustment before it goes for printing.

An invaluable feature is the ability to add photos and 3D models to your work. There are multiple methods for importing 3D models, such as using OBJ or USDZ files with UV attached maps that allow for simple painting functionality on models.

With Procreate’s latest update, users can now save their brush size and opacity settings in a sidebar for easier management and avoiding accidentally changing either size or opacity accidentally. This is an incredible improvement that saves both time and effort while making Procreate even better overall! This feature stands out as one of its key advantages and will save a tremendous amount of effort over time!

Procreate’s menus are intuitive, offering convenient ways for saving brushes and opacity settings, pinch, twist, rotate canvas pieces as well as zooming in or out using onscreen buttons. Plus you can select various presets to further personalize how your brushes appear!

Procreate’s import feature makes it particularly useful, and allows users to import files such as apps and brushes for use in their work, whether that be to create new sets or replace the ones already present. You can even import palettes or files if working on assignments with strict color themes.

Procreate is designed to work seamlessly within Apple’s ecosystem, making it simple and straightforward to export and import your files. Art can be transferred between iPads and Macs using Airdrop – an instantaneous way to securely send files between each other without opening an email, searching unread folders and scanning files for what they are. You can also store artworks via iCloud, Dropbox or any other compatible service.

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