How to Make a GIF From a Video With Snagit

Snagit’s video capture capabilities allow you to quickly create clear and easily digestible training or demonstration videos. Quickly record an easy-to-follow clip while customizing cursor effects to highlight clicks and movements.

As well as videos, Snagit’s new templates simplify creating professional-looking documentation. Plus, with enhanced library and cloud support you can use Snagit anywhere!

Capture Screenshots

Snagit makes it easy to capture images, regions within your screen and entire screens with precision and record videos that display fixed or scrolling areas as well as your webcam – all within seconds! Plus, instantly share links that take viewers directly to your content!

Windows comes equipped with a basic screenshot tool, but Snagit offers advanced screenshot-taking features to take them a step further. Customizing image sizes, shapes and positions is made simple as are adding text, arrows, shapes or other tools for annotating and marking up text or images. Snagit can even take scrolling or time-delayed captures, capture an entire window capture or include cursor in images for you!

Tip: Save your capture settings as a preset so you can quickly reapply them later. In the Capture Window, either select an existing preset from the Preset dropdown list, or create your own by clicking Create New Preset – see Saving Capture Settings as Presets for details.

Snagit’s versatile text capture tool offers an efficient and flexible method of text capture regardless of its size, font size or color. Highlight, underline or strikethrough text easily before changing its size, color or alignment as needed with just one click! Finally, save all selected text directly to either your clipboard or program for instantaneous use!

Snagit makes video creation an effortless process. Select from an assortment of pre-made templates to produce engaging and informative videos that will keep viewers engrossed; it’s even easy to add your logo and brand colors so the video matches up perfectly with your company’s branding!

Capture Video

Snagit is one of the few programs that allows users to record both video and screenshot instructions simultaneously, offering basic editing features to cut out parts of a video and combine multiple videos together. Users can use Snagit to create personalized guides or tutorials as well as quick how-to videos for sharing online. Snagit’s lightweight yet user-friendly nature make for an easy learning curve and quality support, though it may be slightly more costly than other video editors offering screen recording functionality.

TechSmith Snagit is available on both Windows and macOS operating systems. It features various ways of initiating captures such as Capture Window, Hotkeys, Presets creation and OneClick to start captures. In addition, there are options to capture full screen, specific region or fixed image size images with text recognition as well as panoramic selection capabilities. Users can capture scrolling areas using Screen Draw for image enhancements.

Once an image or video capture is made, Snagit Editor allows for further edits such as resizing, annotating or applying effects to it. Once ready for sharing it can be shared via other applications, websites or FTP servers. Furthermore, there are tools in the program designed specifically for creating and editing text in images, screenshots and scanned documents; users can change font, size, color as well as alter its layout within an image or document.

The program features a wide selection of templates to assist users when creating guides or tutorials, enabling users to customize the look with colors and themes of their choosing. Furthermore, users can use it to generate animated GIFs from video footage they captured or images.

Create GIFs

If you have been struggling to figure out how to create GIFs from videos on Windows computers, creating one is now much simpler thanks to Snagit’s latest version. Now all video recordings can be easily converted into animated GIF files which can then be shared socially or embedded directly into documents or websites for easy sharing or embedding.

To create a GIF from video clips, simply press the “create GIF” button in the Snagit editor. Your GIF can either be saved locally on your computer or copied as an URL for upload directly onto the internet. Furthermore, editing video allows you to remove unnecessary parts of it – you could even trim out parts if necessary!

Snagit’s editor can quickly add captions or arrows to GIF clips to clarify their contents, convert text to GIF format, extract single frames from videos for use as standalone animated images, or extract single frames and use as stand-in images from video files.

Snagit is a versatile (and free for UP employees) application with many applications. If you would like more information or have any inquiries, contact the IT Help Desk and arrange for a training session.

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Edit Images

Snagit gives you plenty of ways to edit images. From resizing and flipping vertically or horizontally to applying effects and blurring sensitive information. Simplify images for use as document steps numbered steps – there’s so much you can do!

Use the Selection tool (click Toolbar button and choose Selection tool) to select part of an image or video, before using Transparent Background Fill option to replace selected area with transparency revealing canvas underneath. Invert Selection option may also be selected – select everything outside your selection – while Ellipse Shape in Tool Properties allows for perfect circle selections.

Your images can also be resized to meet their intended size and resolution, including pixels, inches, centimeters and percentage. When resizing an image, objects within are flattened out – though you may still move or edit these later – but any changes won’t apply directly to its new form.

Snagit makes it simple and fast to capture text within images quickly and efficiently, just by using click and drag over text you wish to capture – the orange crosshairs will appear in the Capture window to indicate this selection. Alternatively, right-click (Windows) or control-click (Mac) the text you wish to capture, before selecting “Grab Text Results” from its menu options.

Snagit provides templates that combine images and text to demonstrate comparison, illustrate processes, or share information. You can customize any template to meet your specific needs before saving it as a customized version for future use.

Share Captures

Snagit is an innovative screen capture program with plenty of versatility, ideal for more than simply taking screenshots. It offers video recording capabilities, image editing tools and an efficient search tool – as well as providing the ability to create various types of content like videos, images and text-based tutorials.

Snagit makes using captures simple and intuitive; all it takes to select images or videos is clicking the Capture button or using your chosen keyboard shortcuts. After capturing, edits can be made in the Snagit Editor such as adding callouts or arrows for drawing attention, text addition, or using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to recognize and translate into other languages.

Once your capture is complete, you can share it with anyone by using the Share Link button to upload your capture to Screencast – TechSmith’s online content hosting service and copy a link to your clipboard that can then be pasted (Ctrl+V for Windows or Command+V for Mac) directly into emails or applications that allow sharing to share it further with others.

Save your captures to the Snagit Library so they’re always accessible, then use filters and sorting to quickly locate what you’re looking for. Drag-and-drop images directly from Snagit into other applications for opening, and create tags so they’re easier to locate later.

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