How to Organize Your YouTube App Subscriptions

YouTube App

YouTube App is a free video-sharing platform that enables users to watch billions of videos. Furthermore, this application also enables them to upload their own videos, create channels and subscribe to them.

YouTube poses some potential privacy issues that parents should be mindful of, specifically regarding its comments function. These concerns can be mitigated using settings to restrict commenting on videos and profiles.

Background playback

YouTube is the world’s most-watched video-sharing website, hosting over three million new uploads daily. YouTube also boasts unique features that make it more flexible than other video-sharing platforms – such as downloading videos and playlists – making it possible to watch videos even without an Internet connection.

the YouTube app’s background playback capabilities may have some drawbacks that limit its effectiveness, such as not playing audio if your screen is off or you switch apps. One way around this limitation is using an alternative browser capable of background playback; Opera and Dolphin both support PiP playback on iOS devices for greater compatibility.

PiP (Play In PiP) is an innovative feature of YouTube’s app that enables you to watch videos in a small window on smartphones and tablets, reducing video size so you can navigate other apps while watching it. YouTube automatically enables PiP when starting to watch a video, or manually by going into Settings and selecting “YouTube”.

YouTube for iOS and Android doesn’t support background playback natively, but there are ways around this. One simple method is launching YouTube in Safari or Chrome browser and opening your Control Center by swiping down on the top right corner of your device – then selecting what video is currently playing before tapping “Play” again to continue viewing.

This method works on iPhone and iPad, though older versions of iOS may not support it. An alternative way to play videos in the background on an iPhone is through PiPifier app; its $2.99 cost makes it worth your while for those wanting to view videos while working or using other applications simultaneously.

Making YouTube background playback on a free account can be tricky, since certain methods were made obsolete by iOS 13. But there’s a workaround available on Android devices which will let you play videos in the background if necessary – making this method simple enough to implement and free as well.

Downloading videos

YouTube is a video-sharing website that enables users to upload videos for other people to view. Established by three former PayPal employees in 2005 and acquired by Google in 2006, YouTube offers many features designed to assist with video creation and sharing such as commenting and rating capability as well as subscribing channels that they enjoy so they don’t miss any updates from their favorite users.

Millions of people worldwide use YouTube as one of the world’s premier video viewing websites, making it one of the most visited on the Internet. YouTube’s popularity can be attributed to its wide range of features – upload and view videos in multiple formats; rate them; add them to playlists so it is easier for others to locate videos they are interested in; rate videos themselves and add them as favorites so other can easily discover and watch what interests them!

While downloading YouTube videos has never been simpler, it’s essential that you are mindful of local copyright laws when doing so. Any video not in the public domain or whose owner has not granted permission for its use is illegal to download without prior approval from them or from a software program designed to do so legally. To avoid running into trouble when doing this process, use an anti-piracy software program designed specifically to download YouTube videos without violating copyright regulations.

Once upon a time, YouTube videos were mostly downloaded in FLV format that required an Adobe Flash player for playback. Today however, many users prefer saving MP4 formats, which is easier for use on mobile devices and PCs alike. A program known as “YouTube Downloader” makes this possible and works on both platforms to download up to 1GB at one time!

To download videos from YouTube, open the app and navigate directly to the video that interests you. When the three-dot menu appears under it, click it to reveal “Download,” and automatically start the download. When complete, your file will appear in your Downloads list on YouTube app or right-clicking it and selecting “Save video as” in its drop-down menu on a computer.


Use of YouTube on a smartphone or tablet can be an ideal way to keep up-to-date with videos from creators you love, but when your subscribed channels reach several hundred, it may become overwhelming. Luckily, there are ways you can organize and streamline your viewing experience using themed playlists as a practical solution – creating “Cooking Tutorials” and “Tech Reviews” playlists allows you to easily find videos relevant to your interests while adding new finds regularly will keep your feed streamlined and organized.

Subscriptions tab of YouTube app/website allows you to see all of your channel subscriptions arranged alphabetically by default or can be changed via tapping icon in upper-right corner. Furthermore, status of each channel such as whether it has uploaded new videos or live can also be seen here.

Subscribed channels will appear with a blue dot next to their name in your subscriptions list, indicating you have subscribed and will receive notifications for new uploads or updates from that channel. Unsubscribing from channels is simple – simply click on the unsubscribe button located in the lower-right corner of video screen!

YouTube Premium subscribers not only gain access to ads-free streaming videos but also gain access to exclusive content – from movies and television shows, to exclusive music videos – at an individual subscription cost of $18/month or $23/month for family plans. Plus, this service is accessible across devices like iOS, Android and Amazon!

Many users encounter various kinds of difficulties when using YouTube, yet each problem has solutions. Common issues include subscriptions not showing, ad blocking issues and download issues – these problems can be extremely annoying but with these simple tips they’re easily fixed and will make YouTube much more enjoyable for you!

Data usage

YouTube is one of the most beloved applications available to mobile device users, yet its data-hungry nature can be problematic. According to estimates, one five-minute video on YouTube consumes up to 45MB in data usage – this can put a major dent in your cellular data allowance! Luckily, there are ways you can limit YouTube app’s data usage. Use your device’s settings or download third-party apps that help track usage.

Data usage with the YouTube app depends on various factors, including video quality and length. Higher-quality videos typically require more data, although you can adjust your video quality settings to reduce data consumption; additionally, disabling autoplay or muted playback may save even more data.

As another way of limiting data usage from YouTube apps, Wi-Fi connection should always be prioritized whenever possible. This will prevent your cellular data from being used for streaming videos as well as overage charges. You could also subscribe to YouTube Premium and take advantage of ad-free streaming and offline viewing features for extra savings.

YouTube can quickly drain your cellular data, especially when streaming videos over a slow connection. If you plan on watching many YouTube videos while traveling, be mindful of changing your YouTube settings to limit data consumption so as to prevent running out of data before reaching your destination.

YouTube can be an engaging source of entertainment, but it can also quickly drain your data plan. By adjusting video quality settings and disabling autoplay and playback while connecting to WiFi you can reduce data usage from YouTube while remaining within your plan’s constraints. Also consider carrying an eSIM from an established provider like eSIM Europe when traveling abroad to avoid any unexpected overage fees that could occur from overusing data usage on other apps like this one.

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