How to Record Call of Duty Warzone Videos on PC

Call of Duty Warzone

Warzone 2.0 also introduces some tweaks that make gameplay feel more fluid, such as restricting how many items a player can redeploy (in addition to UAVs). This helps manage combat pacing effectively.

Looting also feels more integrated into its environment, with cash stacks found inside buildings and health supplies located within bathrooms and ambulances. Furthermore, AI at Stronghold and Objective areas prove more challenging with armored opponents lining up against you!


Call of Duty Warzone has quickly become one of the world’s most beloved free-to-play battle royale games since its release in March 2020, becoming one of the most played shooter titles worldwide and garnering praise for its diverse maps and immersive gameplay. Many players are wondering how to record Call of Duty Warzone clips for uploading onto YouTube or personal keepsake purposes; there are various easy methods available on PC.

First of all, the easiest option for recording gameplay videos on your PC is using native software like Xbox Game Bar or Radeon ReLive. These programs capture everything on the screen – including gaming actions and audio – enabling you to easily edit and upload them onto platforms like YouTube. These platforms support many video formats as well as being compatible with most game versions.

Use of iTop Screen Recorder, specifically tailored to capture games like Warzone or any other on your computer, provides another efficient method for recording Call of Duty Warzone gameplay. iTop’s Game Mode makes recording Warzone or any other title on your PC simple while its customizable video settings, including resolution and FPS settings can meet any recording need you may have.

No matter your level, JoeWo has tips that can help any player improve their Warzone game. His expert advice encourages us to put the experience over stats first, get into as many gunfights as possible, and learn your map so you have an edge when facing another match – with these simple guidelines you will soon become a more skilled player in no time!


When selecting your Loadout for each match, take time to consider which weapons fit with your preferred playstyle, how often they will be utilized and which equipment is at hand. Loadouts that have proven popular include the Specter perk package, designed specifically for long-range combat thanks to its scope and reticle that allow it to mark enemies from afar. Complementing this setup is Kastov 762 as close-range weapon which packs plenty of power. Other Loadouts focus on Close Quarter Battle (CQB), with Rebirth Island providing more corridors and interior spaces relative to its overall map area. To maximize close quarter combat effectiveness these Loadouts should pair perfectly with ISO 45’s XP Shear rear grip and 7-inch Ex Raptor V2 barrel that quickly clear rooms while taking down Operators at close range.

On initial interaction with the Loadout Drop, players will see both pre-set custom Loadouts they created prior to playing and some default options. After selecting one of their Loadouts, players can access Gunsmith to add attachments (aka perks) that will improve the weapon stats or allow other useful abilities – each weapon offers up to five slots for this.

Current perks available to players include Overkill, which enables players to bring two primary weapons instead of just one into battle. Riot Shield provides ballistic protection that reflects bullets and reduces damage from explosive devices. Finally, Restock replenishes any equipment over 30 seconds after it has been used; useful if there’s something that you find particularly helpful that remains useful across matches.

Buy Stations

Call of Duty fans are already familiar with the Buy Stations found in Blackout, and it looks as if they will make an appearance in Warzone as well. At Activision’s Call of Duty Next showcase event, it was announced that Buy Stations would replace Loadout Drops in this new map; since then, devs have provided more details on their functionality via a blog post.

The Buy Station provides players with an opportunity to purchase weapons, gear, and killstreaks at discounted rates. Although these items won’t completely replace your usual loadout in case of emergency situations, they provide an efficient means of replenishing ammunition supplies while providing other benefits like purchasing self-revive kits or Armor Plates at random locations throughout the map.

Additionally, players can use the Buy Station to purchase Loadout Drop Markers for themselves or their squadmates. These markers allow for fast airstrikes on enemies with predetermined weapons or adding snipers into battle teams – providing another means for quickly turning tides of battle quickly while earning Perks in Warzone.

Though the Buy Station can be an incredibly useful resource, its capabilities could also be misused for cheating purposes. A Reddit user recently discovered a bug which causes its Shop to fade into view when being interacted with, giving players an unfair edge against rivals.

So players should remain cautious when engaging with the Buy Station to make sure that they do not lose out on an opportunity for success. Luckily, developers at Raven Software likely already are working on ways to address this issue as soon as possible.


Call of Duty Warzone’s armor can help keep you alive in gunfights by taking up damage before your operator does, allowing longer survival of gun battles.

The latest update for the mode has altered how armor plates work, with players only allowed two armor plates at any one time; for more, looting an armor satchel will be required.

There have also been other quality of life improvements to the plating system, as well. For instance, using the color code system allows players to easily identify which type of armor an enemy wears; when a purple icon flashes it indicates they are using three plates with an armor satchel while two plates without one indicate using two without.

Players can gain guaranteed armor plate drops by completing Scavenger contracts located around the map and rewarding players with a crate of random armor items – including plates. Or kill specific high-valued target (HVT) bosses such as Chemist 21 in Building 21 which drops Stealth Vest, Bombmaker located in Al Mazrah will drop Medic Vest, while Ashika Island features its very own Pyro Boss who drops Tempered Vest.

Developers have finally managed to address a bug which caused players to frequently lose armor plates, with armour-piercing ammunition no longer providing its expected damage boost when fired against enemies in sniper rifle weapon classes. This change represents a substantial nerf for players relying on this ammo against armored enemies; and may cause some to reconsider their loadout choices.


Suppressors are weapon attachments that can be added to any gun in Warzone and serve many functions, from silencing gunshots and noise reduction, reducing muzzle flash, increasing damage range, boosting bullet velocity and recoil control, to recoil control. As they’re one of the most sought-after muzzle attachments available, suppressors have quickly become one of the most sought-after muzzle attachments – so much so that YouTube content creator JGOD conducted tests on three popular suppressors in Warzone in order to determine which performs best.

He began by conducting tests on Echoless-80, Zulu-60, and Harbinger D20 suppressors; all had different stats but provided decent damage outputs. Of them all, the Echoless-80 suppressor was found to deliver more range and velocity; it has the slowest ADS time though. Meanwhile, Harbinger D20 has faster ADS times while providing great recoil control while increasing both damage range and velocity.

Employing a suppressor can also help you avoid radar detection, giving you an edge against enemies and helping win more firefights. Just keep in mind that silent weapons kills only count against humans – they won’t count against bots or AI!

Previous Call of Duty games used suppressors to conceal players on the mini-map when firing weapons, however the Modern Warfare 2 update removed this feature and many players no longer utilize them. Furthermore, Warzone makes it hard to recommend one specific suppressor because each has an equivalent damage range and bullet velocity compared to the others.

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