How to Search Your Evernote Notes Like a Pro


Evernote is an indispensable tool for organizing ideas and projects – from researching tales of lost treasure to writing your dissertation, Evernote will keep your ideas organized and on task.

Notebooks, Sections and Pages provide three levels of organization. While this app may not offer as sophisticated notetaking capabilities as others do, it provides just enough structure to help keep you organized.

Easy to use

Staying organized in both personal and professional tasks can be challenging without the right tools. Evernote helps streamline your workflow with its wide array of note-taking and project planning features that are simple to use, customizable dashboards to include only relevant tools, sync/organize across devices with notebooks/tags/search functionality and powerful search functions, all to keep you on top of things!

Evernote provides a web clipper, which lets you save content from websites you love to your account for later reference and research. Compatible with most major browsers and available free, this service also enables users to forward emails directly into Evernote notebooks for storage – an effective way of tracking important communications without losing them!

Evernote offers more than notetaking and archiving capabilities; it also provides tools such as scanning documents, integrating with calendars and creating lists. There’s even an integrated reminder feature that keeps important dates at the top of mind! Images, tables, links audio or sketches can all be added and edited easily without hassle on both desktop and mobile versions of Evernote – making this app convenient no matter where life takes you!

Evernote offers limited organizational features compared to its competitors; only three levels of organization exist – Stacks, Notebooks and Notes. However, Evernote makes up for this by offering features like tagging and OCR (optical character recognition).

This productivity tool works seamlessly with both Google Calendar and Drive, providing an efficient way to manage both schedules and files. The collaboration features enable team members to work collaboratively on project plans or documents. You can even attach notes directly to an event on the calendar; these notes will then automatically save in their relevant notebook – ideal for travelers who must stay on top of their work while away.

Evernote now features Craft, an artificial intelligence powered note taking feature designed to assist with writing and organizing notes. Craft can help with everything from spelling and grammar checks, to rewriting an entry or translating it to another language; Craft can even suggest future blog post topics and offer a summary of each entry!

Syncs across devices

Evernote syncs between all devices – Macs, iPhones and iPads alike. Furthermore, it synchronizes with the web so you can access your notes from anywhere in the world. Evernote also features audio recording and image capture capabilities – plus notebook organization and text search as well as password protection of sections of notes!

Evernote can be an invaluable note-taking app for students, businesspeople, and anyone wanting to stay organized. But to make the most out of it, you need to understand how it works and use it correctly to avoid any issues with syncing your accounts; there may be various methods available to resolve them.

As your first step, ensure you have a stable internet connection. Evernote uses a lot of data when syncing with its servers; therefore, a slow internet connection could take too much time for Evernote to load properly. If using Wi-Fi networks to connect directly to the internet via cable connection can take even longer for sync up.

Potential issues could also include too many devices connected to your account, which can slow down and cause errors during syncing. To solve this, log into Evernote and examine which devices are connected; if too many are present, disconnect some immediately in order to prevent future complications.

Evernote offers multiple subscription plans, from the free offering allowing users to add 60MB per month and sync between two devices, to paid options such as Personal for $80 annually offering 10GB storage capacity as well as more advanced features like turning notes into presentations and searching PDFs and attachments.

Synchronizing Evernote notes can be frustrating, particularly when an accidental delete appears only on one device and doesn’t show up elsewhere. But this problem can easily be remedied using these simple solutions.

One simple solution for Evernote sync issues is switching on Airplane Mode and off again – this may speed up syncing processes and may resolve most sync-related problems.

Organizes notes and notebooks

Evernote offers multiple features to assist users in organizing their notes and notebooks more effectively, including tags, templates, document scanner, and an easy-to-use user interface that enables access from different devices and edits across locations. Furthermore, Evernote can sync across devices making access and editing data from anywhere possible; its customizable nature also makes it a valuable resource for executives and entrepreneurs.

Evernote allows users to tag their notes, creating keywords that can be used for searching content. Tags can be added in any number and within each note for ease of retrieval – perfect for searching out recipes or ingredients! Using tags in Evernote improves search results and allows for quicker note searches.

Notebooks serve as containers for individual note collections, and users can organize them into stacks to make managing them simpler. To create one, click Notebooks in the left-hand navigation and then New Notebook. Name and save your notebook before saving to sync its content automatically across devices.

Evernote provides an ideal workspace for organizing notes, tasks and schedules that is integral to productivity. Its tagging, note templates and task list integration make it an invaluable tool for project planning and management. Furthermore, Evernote includes web clipper and calendar features as well as document scanner and search function capabilities for quick searching of specific information.

Evernote makes keeping track of tasks easier with its tagging and calendar integration, helping ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Furthermore, this application features a scratchpad feature to capture quick ideas or doodles quickly. Easily accessible via the Home feature, the scratchpad syncs across devices automatically and can even be turned into regular notes or deleted to free up space on screen.

Maintaining an organized Evernote can significantly boost productivity. To do so, it’s crucial that your Inbox is regularly cleared out and old files archived; additionally, review notebooks and stacks regularly for any unnecessary notes that have accumulated; if a notebook becomes dormant consider moving its notes over to your main notebook before deleting its host notebook.

Easily search notes

Evernote is an invaluable tool for organizing and tracking all of your ideas, but finding what you’re searching for can sometimes be challenging. Luckily, Evernote provides various features to make searching notes much simpler!

Search notes with ease using the app’s search function. Accessing it from any screen requires clicking or tapping on the magnifying glass icon; additionally you can add keywords to narrow your results: typing todo:True will return only those notes with checked to-do lists.

Filter your searches by date, notebook and note type; for instance if you’re searching for notes with attachments you can specify this in your search string by typing filetype:attachment in your search query. With Evernote Business you can even filter by geographic location in order to quickly find all notes created at a certain spot.

Evernote makes searching faster by enabling users to save and reuse searches for lightning fast retrieval, particularly useful if you use certain phrases or terms regularly or include certain search terms in all of your searches. To save a search, construct it as normal before choosing File | Save Search and you will find it available whenever needed – with one mouse click!

Another easy way to quickly search notes using the app’s tag cloud feature. This displays all notes containing specific words you enter as search terms; simply click any one to view related notes and quickly locate one when uncertain of its title or subject matter.

Evernote’s mobile apps match its desktop versions perfectly, providing easy access to notebooks, captured images, recent searches and more. For easier searching and navigation, pin commonly-accessed items to the dashboard; this can include tags, saved searches or notebooks – whatever works for you!

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