How to Teach Digital Literacy With Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is a suite of software programs that faculty can utilize to teach digital literacy across the curriculum, helping students create presentations, videos and other media projects.

Adobe offers their program as a monthly subscription, with several plans tailored specifically towards schools and universities.

Adobe Portfolio

Adobe Portfolio is an online tool designed to assist designers, photographers, and artists create a website to display their work. With its user-friendly interface and variety of templates available to edit to meet individual needs – Adobe Portfolio makes creating websites effortless! Plus it even offers potential customers free trial access so they can see if this software meets their requirements before purchasing it!

This platform offers various features to assist designers and artists in creating professional-looking websites, such as an intuitive user interface and support for custom domains, an unlimited number of pages and galleries, customizable themes with live editing options as well as responsive design; templates designed specifically for fashion photography, interior design and art are also provided on this platform.

Adobe Portfolio is compatible with Adobe Lightroom, so photos from your collections can easily be uploaded directly into Adobe Portfolio without the need to manually upload images. This is ideal for photographers who want their websites kept current with images that come directly from Lightroom collections – saving both time and effort in the process!

Adobe Portfolio’s integration with Creative Cloud also makes it convenient for artists and designers, who wish to present their work for potential employers or clients. Furthermore, this tool provides an effective means of showcasing your best work while increasing visibility.

This platform makes it easy to add a blog and social media links to your website, with templates for different types of content like blogs and photo galleries. Plus, its drag-and-drop editor makes customization and updating your site a breeze – you can view any changes live before publishing them!

Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate is an animation software tool used for creating 2D vector graphics, as well as designing cartoons, banner ads, or simple side-scrolling video games. Available as both an individual app or part of Creative Cloud All Apps package; its touchscreen compatibility and HD display support make it suitable for mobile use; also compatible with Wacom tablets for additional ease.

Animate provides users with a virtual camera that can be moved around the canvas to capture different angles of a scene. This feature enables users to create dynamic cinematic effects that help tell the story of their animated project while adding depth and parallax effects. However, it should be noted that Animate does not provide as many functionalities as programs such as After Effects.

Animate makes creating interactive projects easy by offering HTML5 canvas and WebGL support, ideal for producing eLearning or other educational materials. Furthermore, its scripting language makes creating sophisticated interactivity an effortless process.

FutureWave and Macromedia originally developed this software, followed by Adobe Systems when they acquired it. Since then, Adobe has made significant enhancements and even introduced mobile support into Animate; furthermore they continue working towards further improving it while constantly adding new features.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is an audio editing program used for recording, mixing, editing and restoration. It also includes tools for adjusting volume levels and adding special effects; these capabilities can be utilized for voiceover creation as well as adding background music for video clips or creating podcasts; furthermore it includes vocal alteration/autotune capabilities for enhanced clarity of vocal performances.

This program is available on both Windows and Mac operating systems, requiring a fast processor with enough RAM storage for smooth functioning. Cloud storage allows files to be securely saved that can be accessed on any device with Internet connectivity; subscription pricing varies based on how many apps are subscribed to and length of contract duration.

Audition provides a range of features and functionality, such as waveform scaling, on-clip gain adjustments and reverb background noises. Furthermore, Audition allows you to create envelopes to mask music behind audio clips, unify sound levels and add or repair audio tracks as needed. Furthermore, Audition analyzes audio for potential issues with synchronization, frequency balance or loudness compliance issues that need fixing.

Adobe Audition stands out from its competition by offering autotune, making it ideal for singers who need to correct pitch problems in their recordings. Furthermore, this software offers several vocal enhancers and presets that will make your recordings sound even more professional.

Adobe Audition is an all-purpose digital audio workstation available through Creative Cloud’s suite of programs, making it an excellent option for audio engineers, musicians, podcasters, voice actors and freelance voiceover artists alike. Furthermore, users can use Adobe Audition to edit or remix audio for video/animation projects – plus subscription includes unlimited online storage!

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a free online tool for creating graphics, websites, and videos. With its wide variety of templates tailored specifically to various projects and its unique features like adding photos, text, music files and fonts and themes options available – Adobe Spark makes creating graphics, websites and videos simple for both mobile devices as well as desktop PCs.

Adobe Spark may seem counterintuitive at first, but its goal is not to replace full-featured applications such as Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC or Premiere Pro CC; rather it provides a streamlined media creation tool designed for quick and simple creations like social media posts, presentations and web stories in minutes. It’s perfect for quick social media posts or presentations!

The application features a carefully curated library of images, icons, and sound tracks to give you some ideas. Furthermore, you can remix these assets yourself for creative outputs. Plus it comes equipped with Google Analytics tracker so you can see how people are engaging with your projects!

Social Media Posts, Presentations, and Videos. It offers over 46,000 templates specifically tailored for these projects compared to competitors such as Canva or Visme who may provide more templates but fewer design types.

Adobe offers subscription-based services in several packages, from an All Apps plan with one Terabyte of Cloud Storage per month, Photoplan with unlimited Cloud Storage space, single app plans for individuals as well as discounted annual plans with special pricing for educators, students and businesses.

Adobe Story

Adobe Creative Cloud offers an expansive suite of digital tools for image editing, video production, graphic design, animation user experiences and web development. Its powerful digital toolbox can help you produce high-quality videos and graphics quickly; however it may be costly. However, you can save money by choosing only the apps you need; there is even an individual plan available as well as plans tailored specifically towards businesses or students.

Adobe Story is one of the most favored Adobe apps, used to write scripts. Combining features of an outliner and word processor, this app makes drafting scripts straightforward and efficient. Furthermore, its online version syncs up perfectly so you can edit scripts anywhere at any time – while its ability to share scripts also enables collaborative production planning efforts and allows sharing.

The app’s interface is friendly and straightforward; available for both macOS and Windows platforms. It comes equipped with features to assist with managing projects, such as timelines and task lists. In addition, PDF to XML/text and Microsoft Excel file formats are supported; scenes can even be imported/exported by simply dragging-and-dropping them.

Adobe offers its Creative Cloud app suite on an annual subscription basis, and customers may select between individual-app plans or an all-apps plan. Adobe also offers a 14-day refund window when purchasing subscriptions through their website or customer support.

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