How to Use a Third-Party Uninstall Tool

Uninstall Tool

Uninstaller software is a type of utility program used to remove other programs from a computer. Uninstallers may come in handy when an installed program won’t uninstall normally (more common than you think) or has left behind suspicious tracks on drives.

CCleaner is one of the best free software uninstallers. Additionally, it serves as a file and registry cleaner, collecting any additional files left by an uninstaller that could have remained.


Many programs leave behind files on your system after being uninstalled through Windows Control Panel, potentially creating problems when installing new software or even making using existing programs impossible in the future. A third-party uninstaller can help remove these remnants; here is a selection of both free and paid tools which can assist with cleaning them away on Windows systems.

Uninstall Tool is a powerful program that constantly monitors any changes made to your computer by programs, then conducts an exhaustive search of their traces left behind in both file system and registry locations. By searching these areas thoroughly, Uninstall Tool enables users to remove programs which were difficult or impossible to uninstall through traditional means like Windows Control Panel or similar tools.

This program comes equipped with some useful features that make it a perfect solution for regular PC maintenance, including the removal of junk files to free up disk space, the deletion of browser hidden files, optimizing sleep mode settings and deep cleaning the hard drive – all which help ensure smoother running Windows and extended lifespan of your computer.

Install tracking modules can also assist in monitoring programs. They allow you to view changes made by programs in real-time and can detect any suspicious activities of programs – potentially helping identify malware infections on your computer.

Not only can this program monitor and uninstall programs, it can also scan for other issues related to them such as adware/spyware, browser add-ons and plugins that might threaten your PC in the future. With its broad list of tools for removal and prevention purposes, this software could prove indispensable in keeping your system secure from these kinds of threats.

The user-friendly interface of this program makes navigating it effortless, enabling you to select programs from a list or use filtering options to quickly locate specific ones for analysis. Results of analysis are displayed in an easily understandable table while for each program there is a “tree” of its components so you can quickly identify and remove any undesirable elements.

Installation Tracking Module

Uninstallers or deinstallers are utility programs used to uninstall certain software components from a computer, typically to free up space on the hard disk or resolve conflicts within the system registry. Their popularity increased as hard disk capacity expanded and shared libraries became popular in the 1990s.

Windows systems typically rely on shared libraries, or dll files, to load and run software. When programs are installed onto a system, their installer generates multiple dll files across various directories; uninstallers then use their search functions to find and delete those that no longer belong.

As opposed to Windows’ standard Add/Remove programs, which only removes icons from the system tray, most uninstallers also clean up files and folders associated with a program – this helps eliminate leftover files that contribute to computer slowness.

IObit Uninstaller stands out by using an advanced uninstall engine to uninstall programs and associated file remnants without requiring user interaction, making it one of the fastest and most effective uninstallers for PCs. Furthermore, its modern user interface makes working with it an enjoyable experience.

The program includes an analysis engine which performs a system-wide scan to check for corrupted registry keys that could prevent programs from installing or uninstalling properly. This feature can be especially beneficial when installing or uninstalling certain programs fails – something which is all too often the case!

Argente Uninstaller, a free program with a more straightforward approach to uninstalling programs, offers another solution for uninstalling applications on a computer. While it lacks drag-and-drop uninstallation capability, its search functionality helps find programs by name, version number, company, install folder location or install date so finding and uninstalling is made simpler. Furthermore, it allows you to create a list of all installed software for easier mass removal.

Revo Uninstaller offers an extra powerful uninstallation solution. This program analyzes existing installations, including creating installation change logs. Furthermore, Revo Uninstaller will uninstall stubborn programs which won’t uninstall using Windows standard uninstaller – offering a free trial as an incentive!

Startup Items Manager

There are a lot of startup programs that can slow down your computer, and using various tools you can find and disable them. One such tool is CCleaner; it is free for anyone and has various other features to help optimize your system like clearing unwanted files and cookies as well as duplicate detection as well as eliminating programs running when Windows starts up.

Autorun Organizer is another excellent program for configuring startup items. With its user-friendly interface and display of startup applications in two categories, Autorun Organizer makes it simple and time-saving to set up all your startup items automatically.

The program can save a list of startup applications in tabular form as an HTML or XML file, as well as create a registry file listing all startup applications – this registry file can then be opened with any text editor before being stored either locally or within Windows Registry.

Contrary to many other tools, this program allows you to monitor changes to the Registry as well as real-time monitoring processes to detect new software installations – making this tool invaluable if you fear malware or spyware has infiltrated your PC.

Uninstaller software may seem cumbersome or unnecessary, but it can actually be extremely helpful in uninstalling programs successfully. A great uninstaller will not only delete a program but will also erase all its leftover traces to help avoid future problems while speeding up your computer. A quality uninstaller will provide detailed information on any problem programs so you can address them before they lead to more severe issues on your system.

Uninstaller with Detailed Information

Uninstaller software, as its name suggests, is designed to uninstall other programs. While it might seem counterproductive to install such an application solely to uninstall other software applications, uninstallers are actually much more beneficial than you realize.

Uninstalling Windows Store apps that fail to be removed through regular means (which often leaves behind unwanted traces on your system) is made much simpler with this tool. Furthermore, it performs an exhaustive scan of files and Registry entries to ensure all traces have been eliminated from your computer system.

What distinguishes IObit Uninstaller free from its competitors is that it doesn’t start slowly; instead, it goes straight to work scanning your system for installed programs from the moment it starts up. It offers an easy-to-read list of installed programs which you can filter either by installation date or size to quickly find newer or larger ones affecting performance.

Another standout feature is its monitoring of new programs being installed, and alerting you if something strange occurs during their installation process. If an unfamiliar location is being selected during installation, such as security or antivirus installers that create junk files on your system when completed. This feature comes especially handy with these types of security and antivirus solutions which tend to create these nasty files and leave them behind on your system after they complete their installs.

Noteworthy features of this uninstaller include its ability to display files from only certain folders (instead of an entire drive) and scan the Registry for changes made by programs after their installation. Furthermore, it can identify file paths and filenames associated with programs as well as delete Registry keys associated with them from your computer.

Another fantastic feature is ‘Show Items With Parent Uninstall Entry, which displays the Registry key of an uninstall item with child uninstall entries. This can be especially helpful when debugging programs as it will reveal where uninstall items are being created and stored in your Registry.

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