HWiNFO Review


HWiNFO is a free utility program for Windows that performs hardware analysis, monitoring and reporting. Ideal for IT professionals, PC gamers and those wanting to keep a close eye on their computer system, HWiNFO provides hardware monitoring tools.

This program displays sensor data in real time and provides comprehensive reports. Additionally, it detects external temperature sensors.


HWiNFO is a system and hardware monitoring tool, offering users an in-depth breakdown and analysis of their computer components. Available either as an installable program or portable solution, HWiNFO is regularly updated with any new hardware releases to stay ahead of the game.

The software features an easy and straightforward user experience, making navigation simple for those of all experience levels. Real-time sensor data and report save capabilities give users immediate insight into potential issues before they become more serious issues. In addition, benchmarking helps users identify potential issues before they become bigger issues.

It also provides a helpful tooltip for most settings, elaborating on what they do in greater depth – making this an invaluable resource for novice users who may not understand terms like “CPU frequency.” Furthermore, you can alter sensor element names to something more descriptive, which will carry over into skins; I used this feature with Rainmeter plugin to get distinct values for Minimum, Maximum and Average in my MinMaxAvg skin shown below.

Another key benefit of the tool is its capability of monitoring and providing details on a wide array of devices, such as CPU, GPU, SMART data and more. This information can help troubleshoot potential PC issues more easily; making this an invaluable asset for any enthusiast!

HWiNFO is highly customizable and designed for low overhead costs. You can change the number of sensors displayed in the window, select a grouping option for devices and customize color scheme options as desired. Furthermore, you can monitor certain components, save results or take other actions accordingly.

HWiNFO supports an enormous range of devices and is constantly being upgraded with the latest technologies, components, and standards – this makes it trusted by thousands of users such as large enterprises and main hardware vendors alike.

Martin continues to update the software daily and plans on making long-term enhancements, such as improving sensor reporting and supporting next-gen systems (AMD Zen 2 and Navi, future Intel 10nm platforms and PCI Express 4.0). Furthermore, he plans on making the user interface of his tool more flexible.


HWiNFO is a free system information tool that offers an in-depth view of all computer components. This program includes detailed reports on CPU, motherboard, RAM memory, video adapter (GPU), storage units and CPU benchmarks to assess computer performance as well as helping users find suitable drivers. Both 32- and 64-bit versions for Windows operating systems are supported.

HWiNFO’s latest version boasts improved stability and performance, along with an updated user interface and support for UEFI firmware. Furthermore, users can monitor computer performance in real-time to identify issues before they arise and enhance its overall performance.

This software is one of the most comprehensive programs for monitoring hardware. It can detect all sensors within a system and display them clearly, monitor temperatures of individual components and notify when certain thresholds have been met, export reports in XML, CSV or HTML formats and create reports with custom graphs if needed.

This program can run in either sensor-only mode and display only hardware data it detects, or full capacity with all information found in its main window. Furthermore, you can save the current configuration to a file for later application, it supports both 32- and 64-bit Windows platforms, is portable drive compatible, compatible with various hardware components, displays over one hundred dynamic parameters and makes life easier for gamers, miners, testers, service centers or stores employees alike.

HWiNFO requires considerable resources in order to function optimally, depending on the configuration of your computer and user settings, it could require over 100 megabytes of hard disk space alone to store all its information and also utilizes lots of CPU, GPU, and RAM resources when processing information – this makes it unsuitable for computers running low-end hardware.

Portable version

HWiNFO Portable is a free and lightweight system information and hardware monitoring software utility designed for portable computers. Users can gain in-depth information on their system configuration while monitoring CPU, motherboard, RAM, hard drives and other components’ state. Furthermore, real-time sensor data and an extensive benchmark module are provided as additional benefits.

HWiNFO stands apart from other hardware information and diagnostic tools by offering a centralized view of all the data about hardware devices on your PC. The program organizes this information in various sections accessible via navigation panes on the left side of its main window – from CPU, motherboard, memory, video card to system status reports, driver updates, operating system issues and much more!

This program supports all the latest industry technologies and hardware components and provides a wealth of features, such as customizable interface, support for various reports and status logging capabilities as well as interfacing with other applications or add-ons. It’s ideal for computer manufacturers, system integrators, technicians who need to gather or analyze hardware information or sensor data for documentation or sharing with others.

HWiNFO provides many useful features, one being its ability to identify exact hardware models and specifications, making this an invaluable asset when troubleshooting hardware-related issues or finding compatibility issues. Furthermore, real-time sensor monitoring of CPU, motherboard and hard drive temperatures as well as power usage, fan speeds and voltage can help avoid overheating, identify performance bottlenecks or any other potential problems that may arise.

HWiNFO is an ideal tool for technical professionals, yet not recommended for novice users. Its lengthy list of options can be daunting and require knowledge in order to interpret its meaning; hence HWiNFO’s use should be limited solely by IT specialists who use this tool on a regular basis in their daily work.

HWiNFO stands out as a great portable option that lets you run it on any Windows computer, anywhere. Plus it comes in 64 bit and 32 bit versions so that you can select which is compatible with your system architecture.

Final Words

HWiNFO is an easy-to-use piece of software with an intuitive user interface, perfect for monitoring hardware. Overclockers and underclockers alike will find this program invaluable as it displays details about BIOS versions, whether or not they’re UEFI compatible, realtime sensor readings and much more. Furthermore, its latest update (6.0) adds basic SVID voltage regulator information reporting as well as universal VR temperature monitoring for Haswell CPUs as well as AC/DC Loadline reporting and AVX2 turbo limit ratio calculation on Kaby Lake/Coffee Lake processors – something other software does not do!

This program also supports add-ons developed by its developer that expand its functionality. It comes in either portable bundle or installer form and supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems.

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