HyperCam Review

This software makes it possible to record audio from both a computer’s speakers and mouse cursor clicks, as well as capture layered windows and external audio sources.

Researchers conducted an experiment where they imaged 25 people’s hands and were able to discern unique vein and skin texture patterns for each of them. Their team plans on embedding this camera technology in mobile phones in future.

Screen Capture

HyperCam is a powerful Windows tool to record screen activity and save as AVI or WMV/ASF video files. The program features numerous options to enhance mouse movements and edit recorded clips; making it ideal for movies/games/Skype calls/tutorials/demo videos as well as offering stylish and intuitive user interface with customizable hotkey settings.

The main window of this software contains two tabs, Record and Options. Record allows you to capture either an entire screen capture, a specific window capture or select from any given resolution and format of an output video file. Options provide useful tools like pan lock option and audio record capability plus smaller functions that help make recording easy – plus encode screen video into any format using external codecs!

Another outstanding feature of this program is its capability of recording specific regions of the screen and saving them as separate image files, making this an indispensable feature for users who regularly create screenshots or even save an entire desktop environment. Furthermore, its versatility can come in handy when creating presentations and tutorials.

HyperCam’s technology also detects and recognizes methane and carbon dioxide gasses, providing researchers with an ability to study their movement on earth’s surface – potentially aiding efforts against climate change and other environmental concerns.

Telops Hyper-Cam is a high-resolution camera capable of producing images and videos with extremely low read noise, ideal for deep-sky “lucky” imaging utilizing short exposures stacked to reduce atmospheric aberrations and wind vibration tracking errors, thus producing higher dynamic range and reduced residual amp glow from atmospheric interference. Furthermore, this large imaging area makes the Hyper-Cam suitable for use with refractors. Furthermore, its sensor can operate in true RAW mode to bypass some “downstream digital” processing typical of DSLR cameras thereby producing superior deep-sky results.

Audio Capture

HyperCam is an audio file capture program designed for creating tutorials, presentations and other digital documents. Users can record all mouse and keyboard input, external sound sources as well as external video streams with this shareware program that offers a 21-day free trial period – an excellent alternative to more costly solutions such as Snagit or AMCap.

HyperCam can do much more than record video files; it also enables you to edit them, add text and screen notes. To do this, open the recent record section of the app and click the edit button; you’ll then be able to cut off unnecessary sections, combine two videos into one file or split one video into multiple media files as needed. It even gives you options for adding effects like mouse movements effects, increasing cursor visibility and increasing click noise level!

For audio file recording, the Options tab of the program offers the “Record sound” option in its main window. From here you can select which source will record (by default it uses built-in sound card). There are other settings which enable customization: Key Frame Every N Frames sets how often full frames will be recorded to your output file – improving video quality but increasing file sizes at the same time.

Additionally, an audio codec selection feature can help ensure high-quality video capture with sound. In general, the XviD MPEG-4 codec is recommended as being effective.

HyperCam is an advanced software application designed to capture movies or games, record Skype conversations and create presentations or tutorials. The program is intuitively designed with many options that allow you to personalize its use for enhanced computer functionality and visual experience, such as support for various video formats including AVI and WMV/ASF files.

Video Editing

HyperCam is the ideal program to create digital presentations such as video presentations, recording movies or computer games, software demonstrations, tutorial videos and other types of digital demonstrations.

The application offers a selection of video editing features designed to make your videos more captivating, such as text annotations and an integrated screen capture editor. Furthermore, you can add soundtracks and alter recording speeds as you wish. Plus its colorful interface makes navigation through settings effortless!

Capturing streaming video is a useful feature of live broadcasts and YouTube videos, but to use it effectively you must select the proper settings before recording commences. To do this, simply move your cursor over the window with the video broadcast (its borders will be highlighted blue), click “Select region”, and confirm selection by pressing the left mouse button.

Choose whether to record audio from either your microphone or the audio output of your system and set compression settings if necessary. When choosing “Stereo Mix”, your output file will contain both system sound and your voice in one file.

When recording videos, the “Pan Lock” feature allows you to quickly and effortlessly pan your recorded area to follow the mouse cursor. Furthermore, this software enables layered windows recording as well as capturing of mouse cursor.

Record up to 30 seconds of mouse and keyboard activity in a video clip using HyperCam’s free trial version; edit, save as an AVI file, export as MP4 or WMV format and store in custom folder for easy retrieval of files. You can easily record desktops as well as specific windows. Save recordings easily using HyperCam; the trial version applies a watermark in the upper left corner and requires user registration each time software starts up – or purchase the program license to remove this restriction and purchase additional licenses to remove these restrictions from trial version recordings if required by law. HyperCam is free download and use; trial versions apply watermarks watermarks at these points of recording which you may or not notice while recording is in real time when recording with HyperCam being installed; however a license purchase would remove watermarking restrictions upon startup when recording!


HyperCam allows you to record computer screen activity in AVI format with audio. Ideal for gameplay video recording and presentations using voice recording through a microphone, the program also lets you take device screenshots and edit recordings. Olga Krovyakova has been working as the Technical Support Manager at Solveig Multimedia since 2010. She provides textual and video guidelines for SolveigMM programs such as HyperCam, Video Splitter, WMP Trimmer Plugin, AVI Trimmer+ and TriMP4.

Under the Options tab of HyperCam you can customize program settings and select video and audio features, such as selecting a video compressor, rate per frame setting, audio codec or enable/disable capture layered windows as well as set mouse click sound volume settings.

HyperCam provides plenty of customization options, from changing the color and size of its frame that encloses your recording window, setting hotkeys for starting/stopping/pausing recording and configuring interface features such as panning mode or how to access “Screen notes”, to selecting regions of screen where gameplay should occur when recording gameplay videos. When recording begins simply press F2 or click any button on your interface button or use hotkey F2. HyperCam will save its recent records list with each completed record appearing there as soon as it finishes; once this occurs you will appear there in “Recent records” window ready for editing within its media editor program.

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