Ibis Paint X – Importing Brushes Using QR Codes

ibis Paint X

Ibis Paint X is an advanced digital painting application with numerous features and tools. With an active community of users and a vast library of tutorials both written and video-based, it offers the user everything needed for professional digital painting.

This app offers an intuitive drawing experience, offering various brushes, materials, fonts, filters and features like 27 blending modes and stroke stabilization; plus it features a clipping mask feature that makes life simpler for artists.


Ibis Paint X offers many features that make it suitable for digital artists of all levels. It offers layers, brushes and other tools for creating various forms of artwork as well as filters and special effects that can enhance its appearance.

This program features various brush types, such as felt tip and dip pens, markers, airbrushes, flat brushes stamps crayons and pencils. In addition to brush types it also provides other tools such as flood fill tools layer duplication catenation move pivot zoom and zooming abilities for selected area as well as several settings to customize its appearance and alter its features.

One of the key features of Ibis Paint X is its ability to record and replay drawing processes, providing artists with a means to make tutorial videos or share their process with others. Furthermore, this application allows users to isolate specific areas for editing or special effects application.

Ibis Paint X can be found across multiple devices, from smartphones and tablets to desktop computers. By leveraging an emulator such as MEmu, users can run this app on PCs with full-screen access that features keyboard and mouse control – helping reduce battery consumption and mobile data charges, while offering users faster graphics processing engines.


Ibis Paint x is a popular mobile app for creating professional-looking art on any tablet or smartphone, packed with features and tools. One unique aspect of Ibis Paint x is the use of QR codes to import custom brushes. In this article we’ll look into what a QR code is, how it works to import brushes using it and some creative uses for QR codes in art creation.

Ibis paint X’s primary drawing tool is its brush, with multiple shapes and styles for realistic eyelashes and curly hair, simple shapes, or lines. Additionally, you can adjust its settings to customize its appearance or functionality.

Ibis Paint X provides more than just brushes; it offers an assortment of filters and tools as well, including blur, invert, lighten modes as well as a selection tool to select specific areas of an image. In addition, layer masks enable users to create detailed images by layering multiple images.

Ibis Paint X has undergone several upgrades and bug fixes since its last update, including saving DPI information when saving a PNG file and improving its process for importing artwork files, while supporting more color profiles (such as Display P3) when loading image files.


ibis Paint X is a powerful drawing application with an array of tools and filters designed to help artists produce breathtaking artwork. The program boasts an active community of users sharing artwork and techniques; plus it supports various file formats for uploading or sharing artwork.

The program features an impressive array of filters that can be applied to layers. These can add special effects or make objects seem blurrier. Furthermore, the application supports vector layers which enable artists to create crisp and clean lines that can be resized without losing quality.

ibis Paint X offers more than just brushes and filters; its layers support allows artists to separate different elements of a composition easily while its selection tools enable precise adjustments. Furthermore, gradient and color options as well as various effects such as blurs and glows provide artists with everything they need for creating outstanding artworks.

Ibis Paint X stands out with its ability to record user drawings as videos, making this an invaluable way of learning how to draw certain elements or techniques, plus it features its own YouTube channel with tutorial videos.


ibis Paint X’s toolbox rivals that of PC drawing software in terms of functionality. OpenGL technology provides a smooth drawing experience, and this app can draw at up to 60 frames per second. In addition, over 4500 kinds of brushes such as dip pens, felt tip pens, digital pens, air brushes fan brushes flat brushes pencils oil charcoal crayons stamps are included that all feature realistic stroke width settings with GPU acceleration technology for optimal use.

This app also offers a selection tool with various ruler features, such as radial line rulers or symmetry rulers, along with clipping masking capabilities. Users can utilize these tools to easily create complex compositions and make precise adjustments without disturbing other parts of an image. Furthermore, recording drawing processes makes this an especially handy app for artists wishing to share their artwork by creating tutorial videos for others.

The app features an easy layer management system with features to add and delete layers as necessary, support for various blending modes, flood fill features, layer duplication/catenation/inversion/movement pivoting zooming features. In addition, various brush parameters like starting/ending thickness/opacity and width/angle make this toolbox ideal for both novices and experienced artists alike.


Ibis Paint X is an intuitive and powerful digital art app with an assortment of brushes, filters, and tools that makes creating unique looks for any project a simple process. Additionally, this program also provides tutorials to assist users getting started with it.

Layers is an incredible feature of the app that enables artists to quickly build up their artwork in layers without having to redraw it all from scratch each time. Furthermore, there is an assortment of filters and special effects that can be applied across an entire piece or specific layers for added customization.

ibis Paint X’s Share button allows users to upload their speedpaints directly into its online gallery. Furthermore, push notifications may notify users when their speedpaint is published, received likes or comments or when there are new developments within the app.

Ibis Paint X’s customer support can be reached via email, phone and Facebook. Additionally, its social media activity includes regular video uploads on YouTube as well as tutorials available online. There’s even a free trial period and discounted rate when users upgrade to premium. Unfortunately for some users though, its price point might prove problematic; though downloading is free but may contain ads and require in-app purchases for advanced features.


Ibis Paint X is an impressive drawing app with an extensive array of tools and features for users to take advantage of, tutorials to learn from and a vibrant online community – perfect for novice as well as advanced artists alike!

This app stands out from competitors such as Procreate with several unique features that set it apart, such as being able to extract line drawings immediately – this makes creating tutorial videos and sharing drawing processes with others much simpler. Furthermore, Layers and Transparency features are not commonly offered as free versions in most competing apps.

This app supports multiple file formats, enabling you to save and export artwork of various kinds easily. Furthermore, its support of up to 10,000 pixels means you can work on very detailed artwork without fear of quality loss.

It features realistic and GPU-accelerated brushes, along with multiple drawing styles. Furthermore, you can personalize its interface to suit your own unique requirements and preferences.

One downside of drawing applications, however, is getting used to their user interface and learning all their features. But this is a typical challenge with most drawing programs; just practice will help!

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