ibVPN Review

IbVPN provides 170 secure servers, keeping no user logs and upholding an explicit privacy policy. Registration is straightforward and only requires minimal personal details to complete registration.

ibVPN client is well-designed and easy to use. It displays your server list and gives you the option of connecting/disconnecting from each one, selecting by country or protocol as you go along.


ibVPN offers an impressive array of features that make it suitable for both novices and advanced users. Using private DNS servers rather than public ones helps protect data against leakage. Tor is supported for browsing the Deep Web securely with greater privacy; and their kill switch prevents unwanted disconnections while their app automatically connects you with the fastest server available.

ibVPN’s user-friendly application offers many customizable options to customize the user experience, from selecting which screen it displays on and whether notifications should appear, to choosing between several protocols for use. Furthermore, its settings also enable automatic launch upon system startup as well as changing VPN protocol settings and setting a reconnect interval when changing server locations.

As well as these features, the ibVPN app also boasts built-in leak protection to safeguard you against IP and DNS leaks which could expose sensitive information outside the encrypted tunnel. Furthermore, a kill switch ensures your safety online by interrupting your connection if power loss or other problems occur – ensuring a seamless online experience at all times!

ibVPN supports most platforms and devices, such as Windows, Mac OSX and iOS; Linux systems; some routers; as well as several payment methods including major credit cards and bitcoin. Furthermore, its free trial period lasts six hours without needing a credit card.

ibVPN provides a dedicated help center filled with helpful articles and FAQs, with its support staff readily available via live chat feature and email form. Detailed setup guides for multiple devices and platforms can also be found here, should these not solve your issue you can also reach out via phone or Skype to reach them directly.


ibVPN offers several payment options, such as credit cards and various cryptocurrencies, in addition to providing a 24-hour free trial with their service. Simply provide your name and email address; OpenVPN is preferred by both users and experts while other protocols such as PPTP (fast but less secure) or IPsec/IKEv2 may also be provided as needed.

Romania, not being part of the Fourteen Eyes Alliance, provides additional protection. Furthermore, their terms of service and privacy policies are written clearly in plain English for easy comprehension by customers. Lastly, they boast an impressive list of servers capable of unblocking Netflix USA which not all VPN providers can offer.

Price-wise, ibVPN stands out as being more competitive than its rivals. With multiple subscription plans including an Ultimate plan that offers unlimited connections and features ibDNS’ smart DNS service to unblock geo-restricted content – perfect for users needing multiple devices access – they provide great value to people needing multiple devices connected simultaneously to use this service.

Like other top VPN services, ibVPN doesn’t store logs of your online activity; however, they do keep connection logs for seven days to facilitate troubleshooting and abuse prevention. Furthermore, they use shared IP addresses which make identifying individual users even harder.

Kill switch functionality of ibVPN can also come in handy, especially if you use it while gaming or streaming videos. It automatically disconnects when your connection drops off – an invaluable safeguard if using the service while gaming or watching videos online.

ibVPN stands out with an excellent refund policy and full money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with their service. This enables users to test out ibVPN for 15 days before returning it if it does not suit them; an ideal way of testing whether it suits your needs. Furthermore, one unique aspect of their service is providing support for users in China which shows their dedication and focus in making sure its VPN offering meets its customers needs as best it can.


ibVPN is an efficient service with multiple servers in various locations that offers free trials as well as an intuitive dashboard that enables easy connection/disconnection to any server, KillSwitch on/off control and switching ibDNS on/off toggle settings – this feature is especially beneficial to online privacy enthusiasts or marketing professionals wishing to monitor website traffic.

ibVPN not only offers various VPN protocols and encryption levels, but it also boasts leak protection and an effective no-logging policy. Their website outlines their commitment to privacy and security by not collecting or storing personal data – payment details are processed through third-party platforms instead.

IbVPN works efficiently with many streaming services, including Netflix. However, there have been issues when accessing BBC iPlayer and Hulu. Overall the service is fast and reliable with responsive customer support available 24/7.

Apps from this company are available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android operating systems as well as routers and smart TV platforms running Linux as well as browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers; additional payment methods, including Bitcoin are supported as well.

ibVPN apps are easy to use and feature an appealing design, making them intuitive while offering plenty of options – however usability could use some improvement. Their website, however, contains an overwhelming amount of information that may make finding what you need difficult. Their Knowledge Base serves as an effective starting point, yet is more difficult to navigate than its rival sites.

The app’s interface is user-friendly and you can connect to a server within minutes by simply choosing your location or selecting an automatic selection of servers with speedy Internet. Checking all servers takes only minutes but once completed you’ll be ready to connect in seconds! Plus it comes equipped with exclusive features, like auto IP rerouting every few minutes for added anonymity!

Customer support

ibVPN offers an exceptional VPN service, and their customer support team takes every measure to make customers satisfied. They are available via email and live chat 16 hours per day as well as offering knowledge bases and forums where customers can post questions and find answers quickly and receive replies; furthermore they offer money-back guarantees and money-back guarantees on purchases!

No matter your VPN needs – streaming or browsing securely – ibVPN has an option that fits them all. They offer both free accounts with unlimited data transfer and limited server selection as well as paid plans with additional features and a wider variety of connections; additionally there’s even a 24-hour free trial so that you can test out their services before purchasing them!

IbVPN stands out from its competition with their strict no-log policy, providing strong DNS leak protection and eliminating DNS spoofing (a common practice used by hackers to obtain sensitive data). When connecting, all DNS queries will go directly through their VPN servers instead of via your ISP’s servers – protecting you against information theft!

You can use ibVPN on all major devices, from Windows and Mac computers, Android smartphones and tablets, iOS phones, Roku, Apple TV and Xbox/PlayStation gaming consoles to Linux routers with DD-WRT or Sabai firmware as well as Chrome/Firefox browser extensions which offer features such as WebRTC leak protection as well as being able to select specific countries of connection.

ibVPN is dedicated to both security and privacy, with an approachable website that doesn’t make overt statements like its competitors do. They offer setup guides, FAQs, an extensive Knowledge Base covering many topics as well as Bitcoin payments that add an additional layer of protection and have recently changed their privacy policies to be more transparent by no longer keeping logs of user activity.

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