IcoFX – A Visual Design Software


IcoFX is a visual design software that makes it easy to create and edit icons, cursors and other image objects. Additionally, this powerful visual designer supports high resolution icons while offering batch processing, resource editor capabilities as well as other useful features.

This application offers a multilingual panel interface that is easily customized by moving, docking and hiding panels. Additionally, its intuitive user experience is made even simpler with numerous tools and features included for use.

Icon creation

IcoFX allows you to easily create icons and cursors in various image formats, including png, bmp, gif, jpeg and tiff files as well as Macintosh icons. Furthermore, its batch process feature allows multiple images to be converted in one go into icons; its drawing tools, over 40 effects and transparency support make IcoFX an indispensable resource editor enabling you to alter icons used by executable and DLL files.

IcoFX goes beyond traditional drawing tools to offer advanced functions like airbrushes, brushes, pencils and erasers. Color tools allow users to adjust hue, tone, saturation and brightness levels within an image while adding text or using multiple layers with varying opacity levels to create complex icons.

IcoFX can make your icon creation process as efficient and seamless as possible by enabling you to edit icon sizes, choose background colors for them, resize, rotate, flip and adjust contrast for them as well as apply filters and effects – all designed to make icon creation as quick and straightforward as possible.

IcoFX can create Macintosh icons for use with various applications, as well as animated and static cursors, animated cursors, favicons for web pages and their host servers, and much more. Its intuitive user interface makes IcoFX easy to navigate and understand; other handy features include saving multiple layers in one file as well as its powerful search function.

IcoFX’s latest release offers an enhanced user interface and performance, and is available as a 15-use trial download on its website. Once it expires, it reverts to a cut-down demo with some features disabled; however, its capabilities still enable sufficient evaluation.

Icon customization

Icons are small images associated with files and executables to make them easier for users to recognize them, and can help people quickly distinguish them. One popular icon editing tool called IcoFX makes creating and customizing icons easy – its user-friendly interface makes it perfect for beginners while its advanced features meet the demands of professional designers.

IcoFX is a Windows-based image editing software designed to let you modify, create, and edit icons. Support for multiple resolutions and transparency makes IcoFX an efficient way of customizing existing icons or designing entirely new ones from scratch. Freely available and compatible with both Macintosh and Windows computers alike – plus portable mode allows users to save their changes to folders for later application on other machines!

IcoFX can transform icons from multiple formats into ico files for use as file, application and folder icons – such as replacing default Windows Explorer folder icons with custom ones. It supports PNG, GIF and BMP file conversion to help create unique file and application icons that fit any purpose or occasion – or even replace Windows Explorer folder icons entirely!

This tool also comes equipped with numerous other features: it allows users to adjust the colors, brightness, highlight, tone and tones of individual parts of an icon as well as add various effects. Furthermore, layers support can be enabled; icons cropped and resized can also be batch processed multiple files; it even creates and manages icon libraries while its built-in resource editor lets them edit icons inside executable files.

Although Icofx offers good icon editing tools, it has some shortcomings that may discourage certain users. Limited platform support, steep learning curve and high pricing could all prove disincentives; fortunately there are other products with similar features and functions at more reasonable costs.

Step one in designing your custom icon is finding or creating an image suitable for use as the basis. Your image must have transparent backgrounds, such as PNG, JPG or BMP formats and be in PNG, JPG or BMP format. After this initial stage has passed successfully, using IcoFX you can alter its size and color before saving as either PNG or ICO file format.

Icon retouching

IcoFX provides an impressive set of tools for editing and retouching icons, enabling you to adjust colors, brightness, contrast, shadows and highlights – among other parameters – as you edit. In addition, this software features various filters and effects to further customize images; plus it supports various image formats including PNG and ICO files.

Icofx offers an intuitive and visually-pleasing user interface, leaving no room for doubt in regards to what needs to be done when creating and editing icons. Features of Icofx include multiple layers support, many tools for designing icons and the capability of working simultaneously on multiple files simultaneously. Workspaces enable customization via the Window/Workspace/Save Workspace menu item allowing users to easily create, save or delete workspaces within Icofx’s interface.

Our integrated resource editor makes it easy to create icon libraries and alter icons inside Windows executable and DLL resource files (Windows resource files), as well as Macintosh OS X icon creation – ideal for developers aiming to add professional touches to their apps.

This program comes equipped with an internal cursor library of static Windows cursors, but can also be used to create Windows cursors from scratch and add them to existing icon libraries or extract them from exe/dll files. Furthermore, this program can even be used to modify Macintosh OS X cursors.

With IcoFX’s built-in resource editor you can quickly extract icons and cursors from Windows binary files (exe, dll and OCX), Apple Single Macintosh resource files (Single/Double Macintosh resource), or Apple Single and Double Macintosh resource files. When opening any of these files the Extract window displays all of their icons; to view icons contained within a specific directory just select it in Directory tab of Extract window.

IcoFX is not only an icon creation and editing tool; it is also a comprehensive image editor with layer based image processing support and vector graphics capability. It offers various brush sizes, shapes and hardness options; over 40 effects; its built-in image converter can convert any image to icons instantly; it can also capture screen shots to display them directly onto its canvas canvas.

Color correction

IcoFX offers several tools for correcting color and optimizing images, so that icons stand out and appear more professional. You can adjust hue, saturation, shadows and highlights as well as brightness and contrast to find your ideal image tone. Furthermore, the tool offers various brushes with various styles and blend modes that you can use when drawing your icons.

The top toolbar of IcoFX includes buttons to help you navigate and control your work area. With the Up button you can navigate directly to a parent folder while the Refresh button refreshes all content in your work area. Finally, using Home and Favorite folders buttons you can access any images bundled with IcoFX; while Favorite folders button allows you to quickly create shortcuts to those that contain your images.

Drag an image onto the work area to open it as a selection, which you can fill with color or gradient fills. Or use the selection tool to draw rectangles or circles on it; choose two different hues for its background and foreground or select gradient fill to fill your image entirely.

IcoFX provides more than the usual color selection tools and effects. The Add Noise dialog enables you to apply various types of noise that works by altering each pixel based on its neighbors, while you can specify individual weightings (red, green and blue) of this process.

IcoFX offers more than special colors; its Swatches panel allows users to store frequently used hues. You can access this panel right-click anywhere within IcoFX for every color box; save new swatches using “New Swatch”, while loading saved ones via “Load Swatches”.

IcoFX offers a selection of filters that can be applied to images, icons and cursors. Many of these filters include an option called “Use filter on alpha channel,” meaning that its effects will be applied both to color channels as well as alpha channels of an image.

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