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iExplorer allows you to access and manage files stored on your iPhone or iPod touch as though it were an external drive, such as photos, videos, music library files, messages, contacts, notes and much more.

Macroplant LLC’s software supports jailbroken devices and features an innovative keyword search for messaging threads – all at an incredibly reasonable price point.

Transfer files

With iExplorer, it is simple and effortless to transfer files between your computer and iOS device. Furthermore, this software enables you to backup and restore your iOS device at any time without losing any files of significance. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface makes managing the content of an iOS device simple.

The software works by connecting an iPhone or iPad with a computer via USB cable and then providing access to and viewing of its database contents – including app information, media files, and messages – such as app details, media files, and messages. Additionally, the program enables you to back up app data, providing peace of mind that your data remains safe.

Use iExplorer to transfer songs or videos between your computer and iOS device easily and seamlessly, especially if you have a large music collection. In addition, this app supports other file types, including text documents and voice memos – you can organize, rename or add notes while sharing these files with others.

iExplorer is a reliable software solution that equips users with all of the features and functionalities needed to unlock the full potential of their Apple devices. Its intuitive user interface and comprehensive set of capabilities make iExplorer suitable for novice and expert users alike.

While iExplorer boasts numerous useful features, it does have some shortcomings. For instance, it requires QuickTime drive and disk-mounting framework, which may take up too much computer space. Furthermore, older iPods and iPhones may not be supported which could prove frustrating for certain users.

iExplorer stands out from similar software solutions by offering more than just transfer and backup functions for managing iOS device content. Its ability to backup/restore specific data categories gives you greater control over backups while guaranteeing recovery of important files on your device.

Though iExplorer can be an excellent tool for transferring files between iOS devices and computers, it does not have access to passwords, Touch ID authentication credentials, or credit card data – thus making it not suitable for replacing apps like Filza File Manager or WALTR which provide root-level access and provide more control of the content on your iOS device.

Backup files

iExplorer makes it simple and hassle-free to backup all the files stored on an iPhone or iPad, including music, movies, playlists, TV shows, iBooks photos contacts notes calendars reminders call history text messages with just one click – perfect if switching devices or just want a copy stored locally without having to sync everything back onto the device!

iExplorer makes it easy to restore files on an iPhone or iPad from an iTunes backup, thanks to its extensive detection of iOS files. iExplorer can locate everything that has been backed up such as Camera Roll photos, text message threads and app data that may have gone unbacked-up before.

iExplorer can also be used to browse iTunes backups on both a Mac and Windows PC, regardless of whether or not a backup was created with it. If a new backup hasn’t yet been created, it will prompt you to do so; otherwise, it will list available iTunes backups on that particular computer that is used by your connected device.

To load an iTunes backup, click the “Backup” button in the left panel and choose from one of the available categories (iPhone: Music, Movies & Videos, iBooks, Contacts Calendar Notes). When your iTunes backup has finished loading, use its Export buttons to save copies on your computer or mounted drives using Exporting buttons; some categories include Load All buttons for instantaneous cloning of all data within it!

iExplorer is an easy and comprehensive iOS management solution, featuring a suite of helpful tools to take full control over the iPhone, iPod or iPad content on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Compatible with a wide range of devices and iOS versions as well as regular updates and enhancements by developer Macroplant; both free and paid versions available – with advanced functionality provided through paid versions.


iExplorer is a multipurpose software program designed to help iOS device owners better manage their devices. It can sync iPhone files with iTunes and computers, mount the device as a disk for file accessing and management, backup iPhone files to iTunes/computers or the cloud and search text conversations saved on iPhone to an external file format like PDF/TXT/CSV with timestamps retained – perfect for businesses using smartphones for customer/client communication! Finally, search capabilities allow businesses to utilize iExplorer in finding particular keywords/text conversations – perfect for businesses using smartphones for communication with customers/clients/contacts!

Though iExplorer app may offer useful features, its use does not come without cost; the product costs $35 with its feature-limited demo version costing even less than this cost. Furthermore, its software often crashes when exporting long threads of messages into PDF files for exportation – and customer service agents frequently neglect following up on any reported complaints against it – therefore finding alternative software programs would likely be wiser choice than opting for this particular one.

iExplorer goes far beyond music transfer to offer much more. Not only can it move music between devices, but iExplorer can transfer photos, videos, contacts, calendar events, notes, call logs and Safari bookmarks as well. Furthermore, it backs up an iOS device’s media library including videos and photos as well as access Siri, which enables voice-controlled control of their device.

iExplorer is a cross-platform application available on both Mac and Windows computers that offers a user-friendly interface and supports drag-and-drop. It can sync iTunes library with iOS device and download podcasts; transfer iTunes playlists onto iPad/iPod Touch/Phone; however it cannot create or export ringtones from them. Macroplant LLC, who developed this app has been offering solutions that help individuals and organizations manage iOS devices more effectively since 2008.


iExplorer is an alternative to iTunes that makes transferring files between an iPhone, iPad or iPod and your Mac or PC much simpler. As it doesn’t require iTunes installation on your computer, iExplorer makes for an ideal way to transfer photos between Apple devices without using its official method of transfer.

When connecting your device to iExplorer, the program automatically recognizes it and displays a list of its contents. You can choose to transfer certain files by tapping them, with prompts to create folders for these selected items on desktop computer and transfer via drag-and-drop or click Import Selected button if applicable.

iExplorer also provides numerous options for organizing and displaying photos and videos. You can browse them in galleries or as thumbnails, export as JPEG, PNG or TIFF files to your computer and edit/modify images with its built-in photo editor. Furthermore, music/podcasts from an iDevice can also be transferred directly into iTunes as backup copies for easy viewing or transfer between devices.

If the Save option is absent in your Share menu, it could be because iExplorer Mobile was prevented from accessing your Photos accidentally. To rectify this situation, navigate to Settings > Privacy > Photos and make sure the switch is set ON.

Use iExplorer’s Export button (with a plus sign) in either the left panel or device overview screen to export individual photos or a selection of albums directly onto your computer. Press Command (Mac) or Control (PC) for multiple image item selection at once.

iExplorer is designed for easy use with its intuitive interface, featuring the ability to browse and transfer files as well as an advanced search function and preview of downloaded content. In addition, the app supports many Apple file formats as well as providing various tools for managing files – making it a fantastic alternative to iTunes for managing files.

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