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Summertime Saga, an adult-oriented dating sim currently under development since 2016, features on this wiki tips for gameplay, details on each character, and complete walkthroughs of all available routes.

Saga Dealership now offers a small city car for purchase at an attractive price tag. Can you transport it without incurring damage?


Summertime Saga’s gameplay revolves around participating in its narrative and responding to unpredictable scenarios that arise within it, along with playing various minigames to break up the action or gain items to help advance in your quest.

The game begins with a brief prologue that introduces your character’s backstory, before moving quickly into its main narrative. This fast-paced, dramatic story also includes several sexy scenes and explicit content.

Summertime Saga, developed by DarkCookie, is a high-quality dating sim/visual novel currently in Alpha. Pledge to help support its development today if you enjoy this game!

This wiki offers many helpful pieces of information regarding the game, from general gameplay tips and character bios to storyline walkthroughs and complete playthroughs for every storyline. Please be aware that this wiki may contain spoilers for each plotline – though we try our best to avoid unnecessary spoilers wherever possible!

Our game is available for both iOS and Windows/MacOS platforms, with builds currently being made on both platforms by our amazing team of Patrons. As more Patrons join, this project will progress more rapidly – we thank you for your continued support! If you would like to speed things along faster by becoming one yourself, please pledge here.


Summertime Saga features an ensemble cast with different characters each having their own individual storylines that unfold as you play the game. Some may contain explicit sexual content and nudity while others are more subtle like Jenny’s route which follows her former cheerleading career with its attendant inflated ego; Roxxy starts out as an antagonistic figure towards MC and Eve but gradually softens through Character Development.

Most characters can be encountered from the day you start playing the game; however, some characters’ routes require you to complete previous steps first in order to progress. For instance, Jenny cannot progress further until you have at least once slept with her – due to this restriction IGN’s Summertime Saga Wiki suggests you focus solely on one girl until their storyline has concluded.

Many of the characters feature entertaining quirks and traits that help distinguish them, such as:

Bag of Holding: The MC’s backpack can hold more than an average person’s entire inventory and several characters often comment on this fact. Kim Wang speaks comically over-the-top broken English; Bathroom Stall Graffiti can often be found in girls’ bathrooms as well. Examples are “Don’t waste your time with Him! He is totally gay!” and Kilroy Was Here.

Sensual Slavs: Given that the main plot involves his father’s murder and Russian Mafia, several characters in this story are sensual and alluring. Nadya, Femme Fatale Mafia Princess is one such figure who’s indicated she sleeps with half her female staff – this includes wanting MC as her babydaddy! Likewise with Dimitri and Raznikov Chernyshevsky; two individuals responsible for his father’s demise.


This game includes several minigames designed to test a character’s reflexes, deduction, and other skills while helping improve his or her stats – dexterity, intelligence, charisma.

From Day 1, players can access Diane’s garden cleaning minigame. To successfully complete it, the player must remove unwanted objects in her garden within a set time limit – typically prickly weeds, spider webs and fruit but it may also include vegetables – to earn money and advance her storyline. Next is fishing minigame where players must catch various species from pier which also produce different results depending on outcome – repeat this minigame any number of times for maximum fun!

As an extra minigame, Roxxy and her band offer a dance floor party which can be unlocked upon completion of Eve’s karaoke game. Players must press buttons in accordance with instructions displayed on screen before five mistakes result in game over. They can also enjoy Spin the Bottle; an exciting wheel-based minigame which earns them money and provides different scenes.

During certain stories, the main character can become pregnant by playing an impregnation minigame. This involves using a roulette-like mechanism with two spaces; full spaces forfeit impregnation while empty ones allow fertilization. Pregnancy planning items can increase her chance of success in this minigame.

The main character can take pictures of his or her romantic partners using the camera icon, which allows players to select poses and take photographs. Once taken, these photos can then be used as wallpapers in the main menu as well as validate progress along routes.


Summertime Saga is an explicit dating simulator with multiple storylines. After his father’s mysterious death, our hero finds comfort with Debbie and Jenny and their families; eventually joining their work and school lives alongside finding love through IGN’s Summertime Saga Wiki’s Steps, Walkthroughs and Routes guides for every character in the game.

After discovering incriminating evidence at Rump’s office, our hero visits Tony at a pizzeria. Tony convinces him to step it up a notch, prompting a visit to Saga Dealership where he meets voluptuous redhead Tina who offers to lend him her car at an exorbitant cost; Josephine then offers instead to sell him one for $4,500 instead.

After purchasing their vehicle, the hero must deliver pizza to Debbie and Jenny’s home for 10 days and wait for their daughter to awaken before visiting his father’s grave. He can play minigames while unlocking new locations; progress through one route at a time until completion (doing both Roxxy’s and Becca’s routes simultaneously can block other scenes – including the final beach scene!). Therefore, it is recommended that they complete Jenny’s route first to open Roxxy’s route up first so they can complete Roxxy’s route before unlocking Roxxy’s route before opening Roxxy’s route before continuing with Becca’s route before finishing Roxxy’s route opens up.

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