ImgBurn Review


ImgBurn is an old-school disc management application that was once widely utilized. While physical media is slowly disappearing from our lives, ImgBurn remains a valuable asset to those who continue using physical discs.

ImgBurn is a lightweight application that runs well on almost any Windows platform, boasting three primary functions. They include building an image file from files/folders (you can also write directly onto disc); writing-burning an image file directly onto disc, and verifying if a disc is 100% readable.


ImgBurn is a free multi-purpose disc burner supporting various file formats. With its simple user interface and advanced settings for experienced users, this multi-use burner makes creating DVD video or audio discs and writing images to disc from files and folders a straightforward process. Users can create DVD video or audio discs as well as write images directly onto disc. Plus it works perfectly with various optical drives!

The main window of this software offers six easy-to-read and understand options, each separated and displayed with descriptions for easy understanding: ‘Read image file to disc”, “Write files/folders to disc”, “Create image file from folders/files”, ‘Verify disc”, “Discovery” (which requires external software)”. A separate log window remains open during program operation to provide updates about ongoing tasks; it can even be moved around on desktop for easy reference at a glance.

Although its basic functionality is quite comprehensive, some modern capabilities such as ISO-based CD/DVD burning or Content Scramble System copy protection removal may be missing from this program. Nonetheless, this software remains an efficient option for anyone searching for an effective multipurpose burning utility that has multiple useful features.

ImgBurn is also lightweight and uses minimal system resources, making it a good option for PCs with limited storage space and budget-conscious users. Furthermore, downloading and using ImgBurn for free makes it a popular option among budget-minded consumers; however it should be noted that updates for this software may be infrequent and security risks may exist; in such instances it would be wiser to seek alternatives software options.


ImgBurn has long been one of the go-to disc burning programs on the market, capable of reading almost any image file, verifying and burning it to CD or DVD media. Furthermore, ImgBurn features ISO files creation as well as reading/writing to CD/DVD media, creating ISOs files as well as ejecting discs from its memory drive. Furthermore, ImgBurn features numerous options without becoming overly complex for users; plus it’s completely free. Plus it runs on any Windows platform, including older operating systems such as 95/98 ME/NT4 2000 and XP (and later versions).

ImgBurn makes burning an optical disk easy: just select an image you’d like to copy, its destination drive and burning speed before hitting Start. Not only is this method fast but you can easily customize its default settings according to your personal needs.

This program supports all the common CD/DVD image formats, such as BIN and CUE files, DI (Atari Disk Image), GI, IMG, NRG and PDI images. Furthermore, it can record DVD Video from VIDEO_TS folder as well as HD DVD and Blu-ray videos recorded to BDAV or BDMV folders and it allows layer breaks that occur at cell boundaries to occur at exactly the right time on each disc.

The software is user-friendly with a clear layout and easily identifiable icons for its primary functions. One area where it could be improved would be through end-user wizards to assist with some of the more complex image creation settings; these wizards, however, aren’t essential to the burning process. It comes in multiple languages; to switch easily you simply download an external language package from its free download address and extract it into where your software resides. Another great feature is being able to set write speed so your discs remain compatible with older standalone players while lasting longer!


No matter if you’re an IT pro or just making a mixtape for Grandma, having access to writing disc images yourself is always beneficial. By creating backup copies for any essential data or files stored on disc or USB drives, ImgBurn is an invaluable tool that gives users who still prefer physical media an option.

This free burning software offers all of the standard functions associated with disc burning, such as selecting write speeds, bootable disc creation and media erasure from rewritable discs. Furthermore, there are advanced features for manipulating disc images as well as an error checking mode to detect mistakes on already written discs.

The program’s main window features a two-part design to make navigating all its functions a snap. The top half features well-defined icons with descriptive names like “Write folder to disc” or “Verify disc”, while its lower part hosts all ongoing tasks and logs for easy viewing of application functions. You can easily separate and place this window anywhere on your desktop so you can keep tabs on their status at all times.

Although image creation and burning is probably the primary function of this software, its verification features are an added bonus. They’re especially beneficial if you’re creating an image from a DVD or Blu-ray containing copyrighted content that could potentially lead to piracy: their verification process ensures that its contents have not been changed or edited during image creation.

Though development of this freeware has stopped, it remains an indispensable asset in your arsenal. Light on resources and taking up minimal space, its installation should go smoothly on most computers without causing issues – not to mention not including any adware or malware; an essential companion for anyone regularly utilizing optical discs!


This program is an effective disc burning tool with support for various image formats. It is user-friendly for both novices and experts alike, its installation process being quick and effortless; moreover, no additional software or updates are required for proper functioning; additionally it does not come packed with any adware or malware.

This application allows users to easily create DVD-Video double layer images from ISO files and burn them onto CD. Additionally, the program can create audio CDs from all major file formats supported by DirectShow / ACM such as AAC, APE, FLAC, MPC MP3, OGG WAV WAV. Furthermore, the application can build DVD Video discs from VIDEOTS folders or Blu-ray Video discs using the BDAV/BDMV folders.

ImgBurn can verify discs after burning them for added security and performance, discovering optical media inserted into drives as well as verifying for errors within them – this feature can especially come in handy if using it with disc readers requiring specific settings in order to function optimally.

ImgBurn has not been updated since 2013 and there have been reports of compatibility issues between it and some modern operating systems and hardware. Therefore, it may be best to explore alternative solutions for managing optical media.

Light and free to use, the software makes an attractive option for budget-minded users who prioritize cost efficiency over high performance features or who have limited system resources. However, its usage may not suit those relying heavily on high performance features or those who rely heavily on system resources for high performance needs. Additionally, downloading files can pose a security risk, as they can become vulnerable to malware that could install unwanted programs on the computer. Therefore, it is vital that all downloaded files be checked thoroughly for signs of any potential danger before installing. If you encounter problems with software, uninstall it and use an anti-malware program before reaching out for further help. If this does not resolve the problem, contact LIGHTNING UK! for further advice; they may be able to recommend compatible alternatives or provide troubleshooting tips; otherwise there may be comprehensive disc management tools online that you could utilize instead.

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