iMobie PhoneClean Review


PhoneClean is a space-saving tool designed to speed up and declutter your device. It features several useful functions, such as Internet Clean which erases browsing history and webmail caches; backups before deleting data make recovering any essential files easier; as well as schedule cleanup tasks to keep things running smoothly.

This tool can help you regain more space and protect your privacy, working seamlessly with iOS versions based devices and making use easy and accessible.

iMobie PhoneClean Review

iMobie PhoneClean is an essential iOS tool for users who seek to optimize, free up space and protect privacy on their iOS devices. Featuring “System Clean”, which scans for and deletes unwanted files or apps; “Privacy Clean”, which deletes Internet browsing traces or sensitive information; as well as many other tools designed to keep iPhone or iPad operating at peak performance; plus other utilities.

PhoneClean stands out from other iOS cleaners by enabling you to choose which categories of files to delete. Its scanning process is quick, and once complete it provides a list of results. PhoneClean also lets you pick and choose from this list which files to delete in order to customize your cleanup process and securely erase them so they are unrecoverable.

If you need any assistance or advice with their software, iMobie provides an extensive support website with step-by-step guides as well as commentary from their community and responses from the team. Furthermore, their FAQ section should offer answers to your inquiries.

iMyFone Umate provides similar functionality as iMobie PhoneClean and offers an easy-to-use interface and utility functions, although its compression feature may not be as efficient. For users seeking an efficient yet simple solution to clearing junk files and freeing up space on their devices quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, this app also works with all iOS versions!

iMobie PhoneClean is a powerful tool that can help you clean up your device. It offers a variety of functions

iMobie PhoneClean is an intuitive program that makes deleting unnecessary files on an iPhone easy, freeing up space and improving its performance. It comes equipped with features such as quick cleaning, deep cleaning and the option to delete privacy data – not forgetting its file manager and photo cleanup tools!

This application’s user interface is straightforward and user-friendly, making it ideal for people of all levels of expertise. With modern graphics and a clean layout, navigating this software may initially seem confusing at first, but as soon as you use it more frequently you’ll pick up on what each icon does.

One stand-out feature of this tool is its “System Clean” function, which works to purge any temporary and junk files occupying space on your iOS device. In addition, the app helps locate and delete app remnants for older devices. Furthermore, in addition to clearing away junk files, it also optimizes notifications and system settings on the phone itself.

Choose which files to keep and delete from a list in the app’s main screen, and let the software do its thing by scanning your phone to show a list of files to remove. Keep in mind that full backups will always be taken before performing a System Clean, giving you peace of mind if anything accidentally gets deleted by mistake.

iMyFone Umate provides similar functionality as iMobie PhoneClean, helping to free up space, improve device performance and protect privacy. Available for Windows and macOS operating systems and offering a free trial period.

It is easy to use

PhoneClean is a free application for iOS devices designed to remove hidden cached, temporary, and corrupted files as well as Internet browsing traces and history as well as personal data such as messages, photos, contacts and passwords from devices. In addition, it can permanently erase sensitive information like account passwords.

Photo Cleanup is another useful feature offered by this program, allowing users to compress or export photos to save space, identify large files that contain duplicate content and eliminate them for storage reclaim, manage apps more effectively and clear app traces, all while improving productivity on devices and enhancing productivity overall.

PhoneClean can also identify the primary sources of slow performance on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and present you with a list of files and applications responsible for slowing your device, so that immediate steps can be taken to improve its speed.

PhoneClean is simple and safe to install, requiring no rooting or jailbreaking of your iPhone or iPad. Designed to work on all iOS versions and hardware configurations, PhoneClean even removes cached and offline files that can be backed up to iTunes/iCloud for safekeeping.

Since your iPhone and iPad contain personal information that could compromise your privacy, it is crucial that it remains safe from prying eyes. PhoneClean stands out by providing the strongest protection among iOS cleaners – permanently and completely wiping out sensitive material that needs deleting from any iOS device.

It is family-friendly

PhoneClean is a user-friendly piece of software for Apple devices that monitors and controls all corners to remove unnecessary files, free up space, and find and delete duplicate contacts, long-standing notes, similar pictures and files – saving both you and your iOS Tune-up function time in doing so. Additionally, PhoneClean includes an ‘iOS Tune-up’ function to increase response speed of apps while keeping devices running smoothly.

PhoneClean can do more than simply delete junk files; it can also erase call and FaceTime history, internet browsing records, user cookies and login information in order to protect your privacy and prevent the leakage of personal information to third-parties.

App Crash Log Cleaner allows you to regain storage space. Furthermore, it creates full backups before conducting any cleaning operation so you can always recover any data if there’s an accident with any cleaning operations conducted by this tool.

It is free

PhoneClean is a free software app designed to help you maintain the performance and speed of your iPhone by cleaning out its cache memory, merging duplicate contacts, compressing media files and deleting large photos from it. In addition, this program runs in the background so you can continue using your device while it completes its tasks.

This application is the first of its kind to provide an all-in-one iPhone cleaning and maintenance solution, providing hand-free scanning to detect, identify and delete unnecessary junk files, while simultaneously eliminating hidden cached, temporary, corrupted iOS system files as well as internet browsing traces from browsing history. In addition, sensitive information stored on devices can even be erased so it cannot be recovered by recovery experts.

iMyFone Umate is an application similar to PhoneClean that helps free up space on your device by clearing away junk files, organizing contacts and moving them over to another account. Furthermore, this app also backs up and restores contacts, music and videos stored on the device as well as managing apps, optimizing processors and making everything run faster.

This app boasts an intuitive design with features perfect for users of all skill levels. The program identifies and removes unused files quickly to free up space on your device, plus backup/restore options should you be switching phones; additionally it can prevent unwanted notifications from reaching your phone.

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