IMVU – A Social Network Where Shared Experiences Build Deeper Friendships

IMVU is an avatar-based social network where shared experiences build stronger bonds among its user base, who tend to be female teenagers and young adults. Furthermore, this social platform offers its members access to its creator program that enables them to sell virtual goods they create while also keeping control of any intellectual property rights associated with such items they create for sale on IMVU.

IMVU Premium Membership grants you credits, discounts and access to premium enhancements – as well as the option to rename your avatar and remove “Guest_” from your username.


Avatars are online characters that represent you online. They can communicate, play games and meet friends in 3D rooms known as the metaverse – designed to offer immersive experiences beyond simply posting, liking, commenting and sharing; Avatars provide the means for meaningful connections to be made online and can form meaningful relationships as well.

IMVU avatars are highly configurable, allowing you to personalize them to your specifications. Choose any body type, clothes, hair style and accessories to express yourself through IMVU. Furthermore, altering your appearance by wearing makeup, changing hair color or moving your avatar around is also available. Animators can be male or female as per your wishes as well as being aged accordingly.

If a female head that’s too big for your avatar is one issue that needs addressed quickly, the IMVU Studio Sculpting Tool may be used to make it smaller. To accomplish this step, first gather information on its dimensions as well as skeleton bones – then adjust its height, width and depth until it fits the avatar perfectly.

IMVU Studio allows users to design their own Avatar Attachment products by taking inspiration from existing items or the default base avatar mesh and skeleton. Furthermore, adding texture is also key in increasing sales and user retention.

Avatar Attachments are an exciting way to showcase your creativity. With them you can craft watches, halos, wings and more. However, be mindful when creating Avatar Attachment products; make sure they do not conflict with any existing avatar products or the base avatar skeleton and don’t add too much weight to their designs.

Chat rooms

IMVU (In My Virtual Universe) is an avatar-driven chat room-based social network where users interact with 3-D avatars. Although intended for teenagers and adults, its sexual content may cause harm to children as many chat room names suggest sexual activities with avatars in provocative poses. Furthermore, the app offers text messaging services as well.

Many chat systems include rules governing their usage. These may be explicitly stated upon entry (for IRC or text-based chat systems) or implied through participant behavior; rules could prohibit offensive or rude language, promote hateful or violent speech and/or prevent flooding (continuous chatter over an extended period). Users who violate these guidelines could be kicked out by moderators or banned permanently or temporarily.

IMVU chat features can be tailored to meet the individual needs of its users, from setting the number of participants per room to making it public or private, as well as permitting only specific avatars into said room.

Whenever an unknown user sends you a friend request, click the envelope-shaped button on your main menu and select “Friend Requests.” To decline it by clicking Ignore link.

If you want to protect your products from theft, IMVU allows you to encrypt them within the Previewer by selecting Hide or Show on its main page – this will prevent other users from viewing or editing your assets.


IMVU is a social platform where people interact in 3D worlds using avatars, chat and play games in an engaging 3D experience. Millions of people worldwide utilize IMVU due to its immersive yet easy-to-use design, making it one of the most beloved apps available on iOS, GooglePlay and Desktop devices. Users can create and customize avatars that reflect who they are as an individual, while meeting new friends is made easy using IMVU’s chat rooms and virtual spaces; Second Life or Roblox do provide customizable avatars but are far less interactive or user friendly than IMVU when it comes to meeting people online chatting or gaming online versus IMVU.

IMVU’s economy is built around virtual credits known as “credits” and tokens known as “promo-credits.” Credits serve as the main currency in IMVU, and can be acquired either with real money purchases or won through daily spins in its lobby. Full members may participate in IMVU Content Creator Program to produce and sell virtual products via an online catalog – these items may then be purchased using either standard credits that can later be sold back to IMVU for real currency, or promo-credits that can then be converted into developer tokens for use by product creators.


IMVU, the metaverse platform allowing users to dress their avatar in 3D fashion, will host its inaugural virtual runway show today on YouTube. Featuring pieces from seven emerging brands like Gypsy Sport, Mowalola, Freak City Bruce Glen My Mum Made It and My Mum Made It; later that day the designer pieces will become available for IMVU users as a part of its see-now, buy-now format that has taken hold across retail industries globally.

IMVU offers more than 40,000 destinations and 50 million items on its social platform, connecting through chat and events to create meaningful friendships, while simultaneously fostering empathy in its global community. IMVU strives to create a more connected world via this virtual fashion platform available as desktop apps as well as iOS and Android mobile applications.

IMVU’s immense popularity stems largely from its fashion offerings, with millions of people spending an average of 55 minutes each day dressing their virtual avatars on IMVU. Each item of clothing on the platform resembles real world attire and can be customized by IMVU users themselves; some designers offer a range of styles while others specialize in specific trends.

Users of IMVU Gigs and Uphold can earn virtual credits by participating in various promotions, which they can then redeem against items in their online catalogue. As well as regular credits, special promo-credits can also be earned that are exchanged for developer tokens that can be used to buy virtual products on IMVU; any leftover tokens can even be sold back for real money using either of these marketplaces.


IMVU is an immersive virtual world in which users can connect, meet new friends and play games. With such an immense community of players and free registration available to anyone interested, it is highly recommended that parents monitor their children’s usage due to its sexual content and predators as well as its addictive qualities that could potentially lead to cyber bullying.

The app allows users to create and personalize an avatar – a cartoon-like representation of themselves – as well as interact with other online avatars in various virtual worlds, such as dance clubs, resorts and mansions. They can even create their own rooms. Furthermore, users can purchase and sell clothing, furniture and objects such as land. Lastly, social activities such as dancing and dating may be enjoyed.

There are a wide variety of virtual world games that enable users to explore and socialize within virtual spaces, similar to IMVU. Some may provide more realistic experiences than traditional video games; examples include Kaneva, Avakin Life, Active Worlds and SmallWorlds; these popular among teenagers and young adults as they allow players to use their imagination to create unique characters, rooms and environments similar to IMVU.

IMVU is an excellent way to meet new people from all around the globe and form new relationships. There are various chat rooms where you can form connections and even find dates, as well as role-playing games which range in length from short and simple to longer and complex ones based on romance, action, or science fiction themes.

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