IMVU – The World’s Largest Avatar Social Network

IMVU is the world’s largest avatar-based social platform where shared experiences create deeper friendships. Create your 3D avatar and meet people from around the globe through chat rooms or virtual dates!

IMVU recently experienced an astounding year-over-year mobile growth surge! To experience it for yourself, download either their iOS or Google Play apps today to witness it yourself!

What is IMVU?

IMVU is an avatar-based social network and virtual world that enables users to create 3D avatars and communicate in a virtual environment. It is one of the largest avatar-based networks worldwide; users can create their own avatar, meet friends and other users in public spaces, chat, shop and play games all on IMVU.

Since 2004 IMVU has provided users with a unique graphical instant messaging experience. Instead of texting conversations are conducted within voice-based chat rooms with your avatar representing you that can express feelings such as laugh, hug and dance.

IMVU makes it possible to shop virtually for clothing and furniture using various forms of credits you earn through IMVU use, such as regular credits earned as you browse the site; promotion credits known as “promo-credits,” developer tokens or trading them for actual currency through its marketplace.

IMVU exists to connect people and foster long-lasting friendships around the world. Users can meet new friends by designing and selling clothing, furniture and accessories they create themselves on IMVU; designing these items also generates income. IMVU also makes money for users by offering money making opportunities such as advertising revenue sharing for clothing designs that people design themselves – another great way of meeting people from around the globe and building real relationships!

IMVU provides a safe place for people to meet and discuss their personal experiences, which can be especially helpful to those suffering from mental health conditions as well as helping cope with grief and loss. Unfortunately, however, its addictive nature means it may lead people to spend more than intended; so parental controls must be put in place on both devices as well as at home to safeguard against this happening.

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How do I create an account?

Create an IMVU account without incurring any cost! After creating an avatar and registering with the website, you can login using Facebook, Apple ID or an email address. To get started on IMVU simply visit their website and click “Get Started,” whereupon you’ll be asked to select gender before customizing their appearance with clothes, hairstyles, eye colors and skin tones etc.

If you don’t own a computer, IMVU allows mobile phone users to sign up as well. Simply download its app from either Apple or Android store, log into with their email or Facebook account and use your virtual character to build the world that best represents them.

There’s so much you can do on IMVU; here are just a few highlights:

Chatting. This is where you can meet people online and talk in 3D! There are various chat rooms, or you could host your own!

At our Shop, you can shop for clothes, accessories and rooms for your avatar! Most items in the Shop cost credits that can be earned by taking surveys and offers.

Design. Here you can make items that you can sell in IMVU catalog. If you’re new to designing, take a look at our tutorial; this can guide you through each step.

Music. IMVU Music allows users to discover and listen to songs by artists from around the world, as well as create custom playlists.

Connect and exchange images and videos with other IMVU users by joining or creating groups with similar interests.

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What can I do on IMVU?

IMVU lets you create a 3-D avatar to use for virtual conversations with other users in virtual spaces. Their online catalog features clothing, shoes and furniture suitable for your avatar; in addition, games and social activities are also offered as part of their service – and you may even meet real people through this platform!

IMVU uses virtual currency called credits to purchase items in its huge online catalog. Players can also earn cash by creating and submitting products; more popular products will garner greater cash rewards from IMVU users; however, newcomers to the game may take some time before their efforts yield results in significant earnings.

IMVU offers more than money and people; it also serves as a place for friends to gather together. Players can host parties or arrange virtual dates with strangers. Furthermore, users can personalize their avatar’s clothes and accessories to express themselves freely while participating in social activities like skating and snowboarding. Finally, there’s even a built-in board game feature so players can interact virtually.

Though IMVU provides numerous activities for children to do, it should be remembered that this app should not be suitable for young users. As it contains extensive sexually-themed chat rooms that present potential predatory threats to young players, as well as no parental controls available within it; children could end up communicating with strangers who may not be safe.

One of the most exciting activities available to IMVU users is designing and selling clothing or other virtual goods for cash, earning cash while creating a portfolio of their creations. To maximize this feature, it’s wise to invest in high-quality software as well as gain knowledge of the industry before beginning designing work. In addition, use antivirus protection software on your computer and set firewalls if possible to safeguard yourself and ensure the best outcome!

Is IMVU safe?

IMVU is widely considered safe to use due to the numerous security measures put into place that safeguard users against bots, fake accounts and identity theft. New users are required to verify their email address upon registration as well as agreeing to IMVU’s terms of service in order to access and create accounts. Furthermore, an AI-driven photo review system checks uploaded user photos for any potential nudity or offensive content prior to approval or rejection by IMVU.

The app also features a feed function where users can share photos or text with their followers – similar to Facebook – enabling users to interact with one another and follow artists and creators they admire on the platform. However, users should remember that anything posted publicly available will be visible by anyone.

As the app contains mature content and requires age verification for users to access, this standard practice for social media platforms has been implemented to protect children from predators in the virtual world. Users can converse through various chat rooms, groups and whispers.

Even though IMVU may pose some safety concerns, it’s essential to remember that it should never serve as a replacement for real world interactions. You should monitor your child’s use of IMVU to ensure they don’t disclose personal details like phone number or home address on the site. If your use of IMVU concerns you, discuss it directly with them as soon as possible and explain any risks of sharing too much personal data online.

If you notice any suspicious activity on your child’s account, such as anonymous text posts or behavioral changes, it is important to have a serious talk with them directly about this matter. Remind them it’s not their fault if they’re getting harassed online and that there are support resources they should reach out for assistance if required.

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