Instant Time Machine For Windows

Rollback Rx is an instant time machine for your Windows workstation, providing users and IT administrators with an instantaneous way to restore PCs back to any previous state within seconds.

RX provides users with a powerful solution for quickly undoing software infections and incorrect hardware configurations in minutes, saving multiple snapshots while automatically updating their original baseline.

Easy to use

RollBack Rx system restore software allows users to easily and quickly repair computer issues quickly, thereby saving time and money on technical support costs. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface and simple snapshot technology makes Rollback Rx an attractive option for businesses as well as home users alike. RollBack Rx uses sector mapping technology instead of traditional backup methods in order to track changes made directly on real disks while at the same time not copying data between snapshots which saves both space and time – an especially helpful feature if your PC is used by children – helping prevent them from accidentally altering settings or files!

If you need to restore your computer after an infection, attack, or botched installation, RevertMyPC provides over sixty thousand snapshots that allow you to revert your system quickly. Furthermore, its unique capabilities allow it to work both inside and outside Windows without needing reboot or special hardware – helping protect both personal and financial data while minimizing downtime caused by unexpected events.

Rollback Rx’s other distinctive feature is its ability to quickly take multiple snapshots at once and store them to inactive states on your hard drive – using sectors that Windows and other programs consider empty, so no actual data transfer occurs when creating or restoring snapshots compared with traditional backup systems, which may copy data between inactive snapshots and active ones. This offers significant improvements over other backup systems which may copy data between active and inactive snapshots during creation or restoration processes.

Rollback Rx is highly efficient because it works at the sector level, eliminating duplicate data storage on hard disk. It works tirelessly in the background to create and restore snapshots in just 2 to 3 seconds each – similar to how engineers approach engine design – increasing speed while decreasing fuel consumption.

Recovery Center is an effective system designed to assist both home and business users to quickly recover from almost any disaster or problem quickly and effortlessly. It features an easy-to-use interface and comes backed up with excellent technical support; plus its ability to restore single files or entire systems makes it an invaluable resource for IT professionals.


Rollback RX is an instant time machine for Windows, offering users and IT administrators alike an efficient system restore solution. By eliminating the need for backup files and providing instantaneous repair of computer issues – such as unwanted program installations or system crashes – instantly undone, Rollback RX provides instant undo capabilities as well as the capacity to fully reverse malware infections in mere seconds.

RX is not a backup program; rather, it provides instant snapshots. This means it does not create backup files at all and instead relies on an instant snapshot solution with proprietary drivers to intercept writes to inactive snapshot data and redirect them towards true empty sectors – providing no performance impact despite every saved/loaded snapshot taking up some disk space – this explains its speedy efficiency on SSDs.

RX’s strength lies in its instant ability to quickly reverse nearly all software-related damage – it completely reverses most malware infections, cleans up software damage caused by various programs and hardware types, undoes damage caused by system drivers such as directX 11, restores systems back to pre-infection state, or even reverse them so everything seems like nothing happened at all. All of this can happen far more quickly than rebooting on modern systems! Furthermore, RX can even reverse back time to before infections occurred to restore them back as though nothing ever happened at all – effectively making all this process under 1 minute. Additionally, RX can even rewind back time before infections occurred or restore PC back to before infection occurred so everything looks like nothing ever happened at all!

As the best approach to fighting malware infections requires multiple layers, RX should be combined with something like Shadow Defender to achieve maximum efficacy in dealing with any infections that arise. It’s for this reason it is also vitally important that system partitions remain lean and organized so RX can work efficiently and quickly.

Updateable baseline

Rollback Rx’s updateable baseline feature is an effective way of keeping your system clean, as it allows you to make modifications without affecting any previous snapshots or restarting. Furthermore, its restore feature means it can be restored anytime within three seconds! This makes Rollback Rx far superior to Windows System Restore which only restores operating system files and some programs.

To update the baseline, access it from the application console (Rx Pro only) by choosing “Baseline Manager” from the advanced task list. Or use the “Update Baseline” command, which will consolidate all existing snapshots into one single new baseline – once this process completes, your PC cannot be restored back to any individual snapshots.

Rollback Rx Pro (formerly Drive Vaccine) offers an updated baseline management feature, enabling you to install Windows without impacting your baseline. Updating is straightforward but you must ensure there is enough storage capacity on your system in order to accommodate changes.

This new update also addresses a bug which caused Rx to lock itself after reboot. Please be aware, however, that full system restores should not be undertaken after this update; should this become necessary, your baseline can always be unlocked using the sub-console menu.

Restore pc to any state

System Restore is a great feature that enables you to take back control of your computer to an earlier point before any problems arose. It creates a snapshot of all software, registry settings, and driver settings; then lets you choose which snapshot to restore from. System Restore can save both time and money while potentially fixing Windows errors that cannot be repaired through other means.

Protect your data from unapproved users, stop malware and viruses from harming your PC and remove old program installations with this handy tool. It can even make backup copies of specific files and folders on a remote hard drive or NAS for you! You can even make use of this program to backup the whole system using one click!

Though Windows provides its own restore functionality, RollBack Rx provides more reliable data protection and backup solutions. This software creates comprehensive snapshots that preserve data while using minimal disk space – it even detects and restores files from different drives (including hardware RAIDs )!

Once you’ve created a backup, you can select the date and time that you would like your computer restored back to. The program will show a list of restore points (including its most recent), from which you can choose one before clicking Next. If none of them solves your issue, select another restore point as necessary.

This version of RBrx can help restore your computer to any state, which can help recover from viruses or threats, remove software you no longer require and even prevent other users from accessing your data or installing unneeded programs. Minimizing downtime while increasing speed will reduce downtime even further and speed up performance across an unlimited number of machines – easy and safe download with unlimited licenses available!

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