Internet Download Manager (IDM) Review

Tonec Inc developed Internet Download Manager (IDM), a shareware download management program for Windows operating systems. IDM integrates seamlessly with web browsers, automatically managing any downloaded file that comes its way.

Its user-friendly graphic user interface makes it simple and effortless to use, while its resume interrupted or broken download feature provides added flexibility.


When it comes to downloading stuff on the internet, we typically want the fastest speeds possible. Navigating our browsers alone to access music videos programs or drivers is never the fastest method and may result in failed downloads if something breaks during that process. Therefore, many use download managers as an easier alternative.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is one of the best-known download managers available today, and one of its primary functions is increasing download speed by splitting files into separate streams and downloading them quickly. IDM also features advanced error recovery and resume capabilities which allow it to continue a download that would have otherwise been interrupted due to lost connections, computer shutdown or unexpected power outages.

IDM provides you with the option of categorizing downloaded files so you can quickly locate what you’re looking for – an invaluable feature if you frequently download large files, saving both time and effort in finding what you just downloaded. This feature can save both time and effort when trying to track down an item downloaded earlier.

IDM also boasts the capability of scheduling when and how long a download should begin and end, and setting daily or weekly download limits. This feature can help people who frequently download large files avoid exceeding their data allowance.

IDM supports multiple file formats and torrents for faster file retrieval than traditional download methods. Furthermore, its built-in antivirus scanner ensures all downloaded files are safe to open before allowing you to do so.

IDM features a user-friendly dashboard with intuitive navigation capabilities, fast integration with web browsers and automatic download management; however, its interface could use some updating.

Download speed

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a renowned software application which increases download speeds up to five-fold, resumes broken or interrupted downloads, and organizes downloaded files efficiently. IDM is simple to use and compatible with all major browsers; free to try but purchase-able for full use of its features.

To optimize IDM download speeds, it is recommended that all other programs using your Internet connection should be closed, along with programs actively fetching data online (like music and video streaming services). When it’s time to test IDM’s download speed, open an Internet browser file and click the “Download with IDM” button – this will prompt IDM to automatically retrieve your file at an accelerated speed from its host server.

If your IDM download speed is not up to par, you can alter its settings in order to optimize it for your Internet connection. To do this, go into the Options menu of IDM and choose the Connection tab; here, change “Default max. conn. number” setting from 4 to 8, enabling IDM to fully utilize your Internet bandwidth without straining server hosting file.

One method of increasing IDM download speeds is scheduling them during periods when your Internet usage is at its lowest, such as late at night. This will enable IDM to quickly retrieve files without slowing down other Internet activities.

IDM can automatically detect and download videos from popular video websites, enabling you to watch them offline at a later time or save them onto your computer for future reference. It can even schedule downloads to happen at specific times; multiple files can even be downloaded simultaneously! Plus it allows for customization so as not to exceed a daily/hour/session/etc limit that could potentially help if your Internet service provider restricts data downloads before stopping altogether.


Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a program that enables you to increase the speed of web browser downloads up to fivefold, resume downloads when they have failed, organize files into categories and perform comprehensive malware scanning – all while being compatible with major browsers and easy to use.

IDM utilizes “smart dynamic file segmentation technology” to accelerate file downloads, making it ideal for anyone regularly downloading large files. Furthermore, users can set the number of concurrent connections per file – making IDM especially effective at downloading high-resolution photos or videos quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface can easily be personalized to meet individual preferences.

IDM may not be free, but there is a trial period available so you can test its functionality yourself to see if it suits your needs. Although there may be pirated versions available online, these programs often contain viruses and malware which could compromise your computer.

At first launch of the program, a pop-up will ask you to enable it as your default browser extension. Once enabled, you will be able to begin downloading files directly from it; alternatively you can add any link directly within the software and it will be added directly into your queue automatically.

In the main window of the program, you will see a list of files you have downloaded. To sort, just click any column. Additionally, this list provides information such as size, status and download speed for every download as well as various control buttons you can click for specific actions.

On the left-hand side of your main window is a tree of download categories which you can create or edit to organize your downloads. Each category can be sorted, showing or hiding certain types of files based on their type. Furthermore, these categories can help manage downloaded files by moving or deleting them as needed.


Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a program that significantly speeds up file downloads, enabling them to be completed at exponentially greater rates than standard browser downloaders. Furthermore, IDM features advanced error recovery and resume capabilities so interrupted downloads won’t be abandoned due to power outages or computer shutdowns; additionally there are numerous features such as creating batches, monitoring clipboard links and downloading torrents and entire websites that make IDM unique from traditional downloaders.

Free and compatible with popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera and IE; supports multiple languages; allows a range of file formats to be downloaded simultaneously; features an easy-to-customize UI which can be tailored to user preference; can handle multiple files simultaneously; detects format automatically (executables will go in “Software” folder; videos will go into “Videos”)

This program can store login credentials for password-protected websites, display previews of images before they are downloaded, and allow users to start downloads by simply dropping links into it. Furthermore, its built-in toolbar can be used to initiate downloads directly and has the option for setting sounds to indicate when downloads have completed or files have uploaded successfully.

GigaGet is an excellent option for people seeking a download manager that excels in all the basics while remaining intuitive to use. The program has become immensely popular on Reddit, and has come to be widely considered one of the best download managers available today for all types of files – capable of downloading at speeds five times faster than standard browser downloaders, offering extra functionality such as torrent downloading and entire website downloading, pausing/resuming downloads and scheduling them, among other functions.

Server-grade download manager that can manage FTP, HTTPS, BitTorrent, Metalink and SFTP downloads as well as running as a standalone client with minimal effort required for installation on any platform. It offers an intuitive user experience.

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