IObit Driver Booster Review

Driver Booster

Driver Booster can help make the most out of your gaming experience with automatic downloading and updating drivers as well as offering game booster modules, fixing various issues and creating restore points.

Easy Driver Updater is an intuitive program that keeps Windows drivers up-to-date and is compatible with most hardware devices. Available free, the pro version adds many advanced features.

It scans for outdated drivers

As your computer ages, many drivers become outdated and must be updated. Outdated drivers can cause network failures, system crashes and slow performance – which is why Driver Booster exists: to solve these issues by scanning for obsolete drivers on your system and automatically downloading and installing them with just one click – while creating a restore point to help in case something goes amiss with newer ones.

The application’s main interface displays a list of outdated drivers with their version number and release date, making selection easy – either click one for immediate download, or choose “Update All”. Downloads use breakpoint resume technology allowing for smooth resume/stop/start downloads at any time – plus saving downloaded driver versions into specified locations!

Driver Booster supports over 4,500,000 devices and gives users access to the latest drivers from manufacturers and Windows. In addition, it includes advanced features such as automatic game booster and scheduler that check for updates while you’re not using your computer; some of these features may only be found in its pro version of the program.

IObit’s Driver Booster features several useful tools, including an offline driver updater, an offline scanner to find missing drivers, a game component manager, automatic backup of drivers and restore points before installing them, identification of modified drivers by malware as well as game booster to improve gaming fluency and performance.

It updates drivers automatically

This program features an intuitive, straightforward design for easy use. It quickly scans your PC to identify outdated drivers and install updates automatically, creating backup files in case there are problems during updates, identifying unknown devices before creating system restore points before installing new drivers, as well as conducting offline scans if no Internet access exists.

Based on your needs, DriverDoc comes in both free and pro versions to meet them. While the free version provides basic features that should meet most people’s requirements, the pro version provides additional functions like driver backup, restoration of old drivers automatically when updated versions become available, fast download of updated drivers as well as cleaning unplugged device data from your computer and improving gaming performance.

Customize the auto-update settings and choose which drivers to update; this can help avoid downloading noncritical drivers and save you time downloading them yourself. Plus, the program can automatically update drivers while your computer idles and restart once installation is completed – potentially helping repair problems caused by bad drivers like blue screen of death and no sound!

By using this tool, you can quickly address any of the issues related to outdated drivers – from blue screens and poor display resolution, to corruption or damage caused by an unstable operating system. Furthermore, it will keep all your drivers up-to-date and prevent them from becoming corrupted or damaged due to an unstable OS; improving PC performance while saving both time and effort as it finds and installs the appropriate driver instantly.

It creates backups

IObit Driver Booster is a free program that updates drivers on Windows PCs. It boasts an extensive database of drivers and provides automatic downloads and installations of new updates. Compatible with XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 operating systems.

Not unlike other driver update programs, this one creates a backup of existing drivers before installing new ones, giving you peace of mind if the new versions cause issues and need reverting back. Furthermore, its silent mode eliminates notifications and popups during the update process so as to allow uninterrupted work while updating drivers.

Your options for installing drivers also include selecting their location and file type. Furthermore, you have the power to ignore certain device drivers which you don’t require and save storage space with this approach. Furthermore, any extra driver installation data could even be deleted to reduce hard drive clutter.

Driver Booster stands out with its breakthrough resume technology, which allows you to stop downloading at any point in time and create system restore points automatically before installing new drivers. Furthermore, you have the option to manually back up files downloaded via Driver Booster into a specific folder on your computer or simply back them up yourself manually.

This program also contains many helpful tools for fixing common issues such as no sound, network failure and incorrect resolution. Furthermore, it can clean invalid device data and update drivers offline – you can even find and replace outdated drivers using these tools! It provides an ideal solution for those unfamiliar with downloading and installing drivers manually.

It offers a silent mode

IObit Driver Booster is an intuitive software tool designed to quickly update drivers. It quickly detects and resolves outdated ones, eliminating system instability or potential security risks caused by outdated ones. Plus, its backup function enables you to protect them in case any mishaps arise with updates.

This program is easy to use and has an intuitive user interface, with no installation necessary – running in the background to let you get on with work or playing games uninterrupted! Plus it features an “isolate mode”, so notifications or pop-ups won’t distract when playing in full-screen mode or games!

Driver Booster features an expansive database of drivers and can scan your PC for missing or out-of-date ones, download, install and upgrade to improve PC performance and repair games that may cause lag – plus even repair them to enhance gaming experiences! While free to try out initially, paid versions offer additional features.

Alongside its extensive database, this tool offers users convenient features. It automatically detects and updates drivers in the background to make the process faster for users. WHQL testing – introduced by Microsoft to certify third-party drivers – ensures compatibility of downloaded and installed drivers with Windows.

This application also provides additional benefits such as clearing unplugged devices’ data off your computer to free up space, updating multiple drivers at the same time and using its batch function to update multiple drivers at once – perfect for gamers seeking to speed up response times while making their computer more responsive; in addition to solving common problems such as no sound, network failure and incorrect display resolution.

It offers a restore point

Just one click is all it takes to install, update, or download drivers! The program scans for outdated, corrupted, or missing drivers before automatically downloading the latest version to fix them. Plus it offers system restore points so you can return your PC back to its pre-driver update state; in addition it also cleans up residual files to free up disk space!

Driver Booster Pro allows users to easily set a system restore point before installing new driver packages, so if anything goes wrong during their installation they can easily roll back their changes. It also makes a backup copy of current drivers which can later be restored through its Rescue Center in case an updated driver no longer functions as expected.

Supported devices and drivers include over 6.5 million from 1200+ manufacturers, making it simple to find the driver you need for your hardware. Furthermore, its database stores multiple versions of drivers quickly to help detect broken ones quickly. All drivers go through rigorous Microsoft WHQL and IObit review testing processes to ensure stability.

This tool can help fix common Windows problems such as no sound, keyboard stuck and network failures. Furthermore, it can optimize performance of your system and boost gaming capabilities with Game Boost. Designed as an efficient background task runner that won’t interfere with work or gaming sessions – with silent mode to block disruptive notifications if they are bothersome – Game Boost runs quietly without interrupting either.

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