IObit Driver Booster Review

Driver Booster

IObit Driver Booster is a driver update program designed to keep the drivers installed on your computer up-to-date, helping prevent system crashes, hardware failures and other potential issues that arise due to outdated drivers.

Driver Booster can scan for outdated drivers and automatically download and install replacements, with an advanced Pro version providing even more features.

It scans your system for outdated drivers

Driver Booster is a straightforward program that scans your system for outdated drivers with just one click, automatically downloading and installing updates as it finds them. Furthermore, its intuitive design makes it simple for anyone to use; even more impressively you can set scan priorities within its Settings tab, such as prioritizing searching for either latest versions or stability first. Plus it features a quick-scan mode which scans without actually opening the program!

Once the scan has completed, the program will present a list of your outdated drivers along with their current versions and available ones, along with information regarding each status (missing, faulty, or uninstalled). It then gives you the option of updating all outdated drivers at once.

The program will also inform you if any of the drivers you are updating require rebooting or may cause conflicts with other programs, to reduce risk of network disconnection or program crash while updating, as well as providing real-time update progress status to let you monitor its completion.

Change the default download folders for drivers and select to ignore certain updates, create a restore point before installing drivers, and enable silent mode which won’t disturb you with notifications.

This program can quickly detect an abundance of device drivers and game components. Furthermore, it can back up drivers, repair hardware and software, detect unknown devices, create system restore points before driver installations take place, build an offline scan file for PCs without network connections, as well as run automatic scans at regular intervals.

IObit’s Driver Booster is an invaluable tool for keeping drivers and games up-to-date, offering an easy user experience that makes finding and downloading updates an effortless process. Even its freeware version should suffice, while an upgrade to Pro for extra features such as backup, faster download speeds, wider hardware support etc may also be worthwhile.

It scans your system for missing drivers

An outdated driver can cause havoc with your hardware devices, from slow networks and poor display resolution to inconsistent audio playback. However, driver updater can help solve these problems quickly by scanning your system for outdated drivers before updating them with one click – also clearing away extra installation data after each installation has taken place so as to keep your hard drive clean and free of clutter.

Another outstanding feature of the software is its ability to detect old drivers, then roll back to previous versions if something goes wrong with your computer. You can even restore any backed-up drivers with it; additionally, it can install backup drivers to avoid potential issues after an update has been performed.

As well as scanning for outdated drivers, this program checks to see if your computer has received all available updates and can determine whether a specific driver has been WHQL certified by Microsoft. WHQL certification allows third-party drivers to be tested against Windows products to ensure compatibility; WHQL ensures safe and reliable operation of these drivers.

IObit’s Driver Booster boasts many other features, such as being able to create restore points and download drivers in bulk. Furthermore, its simple user interface and extensive set of settings makes it user friendly; plus it doesn’t contain ads and is completely free for use! Furthermore, schedule scans or change the download location with this application!

The tool’s main interface is organized into several sections. Scan results are organized according to driver name, version number and date for easy viewing; there’s also an overview of their current status; you may even gain information regarding hardware. As certain drivers require manual intervention before they can be updated successfully, be aware that you may want to monitor changes through viewing this scan results page’s history page.

Use the “Ignore” option to stop certain drivers or updates for specific devices from being installed automatically, reducing your chance of unnecessarily installing unnecessary drivers and providing peace of mind by creating system restore points before updating.

It automatically updates your drivers

IObit Driver Booster is an automated driver update software program from IObit that scans for outdated drivers and updates them with the most up-to-date versions automatically. It uses a secure connection between your computer and the website providing updates, so as to keep your system safe from malware; an advantage over some other driver update programs which can be dangerous when used incorrectly.

Apart from installing and updating drivers, this program also offers backup and restore capabilities as well as system optimization features to make your computer run more efficiently and smoothly. With its user-friendly interface that makes accessing it via Windows Taskbar icon straightforward and compatibility with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems. Plus it supports numerous devices including motherboards, graphics cards and peripheral devices like keyboards and mice!

The free version of this program contains six million device drivers while its pro version offers eight million. Both versions feature constantly-updated databases and automatic scanning and downloads which are extremely fast; furthermore, out-of-date drivers can be detected quickly while reporting all available options to users.

Automatic Driver Downloader can quickly scan, find, and download the appropriate drivers for your PC with one click. It supports batch and silent updates for more efficient usage without disruptions; furthermore it protects against malware by only downloading drivers certified by Microsoft.

Prioritization algorithm of this software ensures optimal gaming performance by automatically installing, updating and repairing game components; improving PhysX/OpenAL drivers to minimize lag for enhanced gaming experience.

Driver Booster can be easily installed by downloading it from IObit’s website and placing it in your downloads folder. An User Account Control or UAC prompt may appear but this can be ignored to complete installation; then the installer will automatically upgrade it with its latest version.

It allows you to backup and restore your drivers

Driver Booster is an application designed to help users keep their drivers up-to-date. It scans their computer and updates any outdated drivers to improve system performance while protecting against hardware failure and network problems. Plus, this free program can update any type of device driver!

Users who have installed Driver Booster should launch it and choose the “Scan Now” option to begin scanning their computers for outdated drivers. Once complete, this process takes roughly 2 minutes before showing a list of outdated drivers with links for downloading and installing updated versions through “Update Now.”

Driver Booster is designed for easy use and requires no complex configuration or installation process, providing backup and restore functions should drivers need to be restored later on. Compatible with most Windows operating systems.

IObit’s Driver Booster is an extremely popular and free program that helps optimize PC performance. Its features include being able to detect and update outdated drivers automatically, one-click updates and an auto-fix tool for common errors; plus it even features a game booster module to enhance gaming experiences and speeds.

Driver Booster download from IObit can also remove junk files that slow down your computer, such as software leftovers, temporary folders, random executables, thumbnail caches or any other unnecessary files that slow it down. Furthermore, this can prevent crashes or freezing during gameplay on your system.

Note that Driver Booster requires an internet connection in order to operate properly. Without connectivity, this program cannot update or provide accurate information about your current drivers. While Task Manager may allow for temporary disablement of Driver Booster programs, their associated registry files must still be deleted manually before completely disabling Driver Booster programs.

Before deleting any program, it is essential that it is no longer running in the background or as an icon on your desktop. To accomplish this, open Task Manager and locate both applications and processes of the program you wish to delete; right-click them both and select “End Process,” this will close down their processes while giving you time to manually delete their registry entries.

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