IObit Driver Booster Review

Driver Booster is an efficient program for updating drivers on your computer, scanning for outdated versions before providing download and installation options. In addition to these essential functions, it also features several helpful utilities with an appealing design.

IObit’s PC utility program comes complete with an extensive driver database and reliable tools for fixing general problems like no sound or poor resolution.

Safe & Secure

IObit Driver Booster was developed to make device drivers management on Windows simpler. The program scans your PC for outdated drivers and locates updated ones online before automatically downloading and installing them to optimize computer performance. Since IObit was founded in 2004 it’s completely safe to use; lightweight resources consumption ensure that there will be no conflicts with other programs or slowdown in performance when using it.

Driver Booster takes extra steps to protect your security by backing up existing drivers before updating them and creating system restore points in case anything goes awry. Furthermore, it makes sure not to interfere with antivirus and other programs, meaning it’s safe to run alongside them.

This program also boasts a Game Boost feature which optimizes drivers and system resources to deliver improved gaming performance, providing smoother gameplay and increased frame rates – something any gamer should give a try if gaming is one of their passions!

IObit Driver Booster Pro goes beyond basic functionality to offer advanced features, including auto-download, installation, and updates of all drivers at the same time, an in-built scanner to detect potentially problematic drivers, an auto-restore function in case any new drivers cause issues, as well as an auto-restore function should something unexpectedly change your PC state. Please be aware that the free version doesn’t include these advanced features if they become necessary – to make full use of them all, pay up!

Installing programs will usually run in the background and stay up-to-date automatically as you use your computer, however if you prefer more control, Task Manager offers a way for you to monitor all running processes on your system and control this process directly. If a particular application or process is taking up too many resources on your machine, simply select it both sections before clicking ‘End Task’ button to end its tasks and close them out.

Driver Booster offers an easy and hassle-free solution to improve the performance of your computer, with fast, safe, and reliable update of drivers for a better PC experience. It provides quick solutions with quick results!

Fast & Easy

As opposed to its competing software such as Ashampoo Driver Updater and SlimWare Utilities DriverUpdate, which take forever to scan and update drivers, IObit Driver Booster speeds through this task much more quickly due to its efficient scanning engine and user-friendly interface – not forgetting all its handy features that speed things along even further!

IObit’s Driver Booster can automatically back up drivers before updating, which helps prevent possible hardware errors or system crashes that might arise when installing new drivers. Furthermore, this program creates a restore point so any changes made during this process can be reversed in case anything goes amiss.

One fantastic feature is its ability to detect outdated drivers and install them automatically or on demand. Based on your preference, updates may be run only once or run on a periodic schedule such as daily, weekly or monthly basis – giving you complete control.

Additionally, the Pro version of IObit Driver Booster gives you control over where all downloaded and installed drivers are stored as well as customizing its settings. It features an uncluttered user-friendly layout (though some might miss its wide color selections), making it simple and effortless to work with.

IObit’s Driver Booster stands out from other driver update programs by providing useful tools for fixing common computer issues, such as no sound, bad resolution and network connection loss. Utilizing one of its foolproof utilities is as easy as pressing a button – definitely making this program attractive and one of its standout features!

IObit’s software offers more than driver updates; it can also repair over 35 general device errors, making an impressive list of features for an updater that primarily addresses driver updates. Plus, its perks make it stand out from competitors such as full-screen mode support and the option to ignore driver updates that you don’t wish to install. Furthermore, should you ever decide to uninstall it all together it comes equipped with a free tool to completely uninstall itself from your system.

Reliable & Customizable

IObit Driver Booster is an intuitive yet powerful program that quickly updates all outdated drivers on Windows with just one click. Its extensive driver database ensures devices continue running efficiently and reliably while various tools help ensure system stability and compatibility. Furthermore, this program is completely safe as it won’t cause any harm to the operating system; authenticated by IObit and available free-of-charge for download and usage.

This program comes equipped with both a free and Pro version, each providing more features and capabilities for users’ specific needs and requirements. Users may opt for either version according to their needs and requirements; Pro supports various operating systems including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP as well as providing the ability to update multiple drivers simultaneously and create restore points if the new drivers cause any issues on your system.

Beyond updating drivers, this program also optimizes hardware to ensure high-speed performance and stability. Its scanning process is quick, reliable and lightweight on system resources; additionally it provides a comprehensive report of outdated drivers for easy verification of status quickly and easily. Furthermore, users can take advantage of automatic backup functionality prior to updates taking effect as well as remove extra installation data after install, further reducing clutter on hard drives.

Customization of the interface is also possible; for instance, changing its color theme and customizing font sizes and layout transparency settings. You can even decide whether the program should launch automatically with Windows or reboot automatically on reboot, schedule scans automatically and more – while Pro offers further customizability features like creating exclusions for specific devices or drivers.

IObit Driver Booster is an accessible, customizable program perfect for keeping up with your computer’s drivers. With fast scan and update functions, large driver database access and great customer support available 24/7/365, IObit Driver Booster makes managing drivers on any system straightforward.

Easy to Use

IObit Driver Booster features an intuitive user interface designed for both expert technicians and casual computer users. It detects outdated drivers quickly, making updates possible with just one click. Plus, its lightweight usage makes this an efficient program: users can update all or select specific ones that need updating, plus the program can reboot or shutdown automatically after completing updates are complete.

Remove junk files and clean temporary folders, random executables, thumbnail caches and other useless data that clogs up your computer – an essential step towards speeding up Windows OS and making it more responsive. Furthermore, this feature comes equipped with a gaming mode which blocks unnecessary apps during games for optimal performance.

This program is free, however there is also a Pro version which offers additional features like automatic updates and more comprehensive driver databases. Furthermore, the Pro version supports both 32- and 64-bit Windows OS platforms.

Not to be underestimated is IObit Driver Booster’s capability of working without internet connectivity, with scheduled scans to detect drivers and notify of updates; plus it checks for updates even while working or playing games!

Contrary to other driver updaters, this program makes it simple to identify and download the right drivers for your PC. By scanning for outdated, corrupted, or missing drivers it can identify them all before downloading and installing correct versions to fix them and restore performance.

Creates a restore point before updating drivers, and rolls back to that previous state in case there are any issues. Also clean invalid device information, optimize system performance and display hardware & system information – all features designed to ensure smooth and stable system operation and prevent system crashes and freezes by keeping all drivers current.

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