IObit Driver Booster Review

IObit Driver Booster is an advanced tool designed to quickly update drivers and game components, offering users an intuitive user experience and straightforward operation.

Download it free from IObit’s website, install, and let the program scan for outdated drivers to update. Furthermore, it displays a list of those updated.


Device drivers on your PC are essential to keeping it operating efficiently, from hardware and software components to audio lag and image quality issues. Outdated drivers can cause network failures, screen freezing, audio lag and image quality problems – drivers Driver Booster offers an automatic solution by scanning your system and updating drivers automatically with one click; even Windows Update cannot find these updates!

IObit’s Driver Booster is easy to use thanks to its intuitive functionality and clean user interface. Once a system scan is complete, the program displays a list of obsolete drivers along with their versions as well as information such as their current version date, last update date, publisher, update/ignore option or uninstallation option if applicable. Furthermore, users are informed about any potential security conflicts or program crashes during repair process.

Driver Booster will analyze outdated drivers and automatically download and install their updated versions, while also uninstalling old drivers from your system and blocking newer ones from re-installing. Its user interface is user-friendly and it comes equipped with tools for fixing common system errors like no sound and wrong resolution resolution issues.

As well as updating drivers, this program also offers backup and restoration functionality if something goes awry during installation or repair processes. Furthermore, a restore point is created prior to every driver update so you can always return back to an earlier state if needed.

The program features numerous other features to make its use even simpler, including background scanning and updating without disrupting your work, schedule weekly, daily, or every time Windows boots up updates automatically, batch update option that saves both time and effort by downloading multiple drivers simultaneously, as well as batch install option that helps download them all at the same time.

Gamers in particular will find this application invaluable as it improves game performance by keeping their drivers up-to-date. Outdated games drivers are known to cause image and audio lag; to prevent this from occurring, this program automatically updates all your graphics and game-ready drivers so you can enjoy a more realistic and immersive gaming experience.

Installation process

Installation is straightforward and effortless: once downloaded, double-clicking the installer file begins the setup. During setup, you are prompted to read and accept both EULA and privacy policy terms before selecting a specific installation path, creating desktop icon or pinting to taskbar. Furthermore, an option exists to download additional software apps; you may decline if desired. When setup has completed successfully, an automated scan will begin which detects outdated drivers prompting you to update to latest versions or download and install additional ones from our store if applicable.

IObit Driver Booster Pro’s scan process will reveal all outdated drivers on your system and display all available driver updates; you can choose to update just one or all at once; it will warn of security conflicts before beginning its update process and creates a restore point before installing new drivers so you can easily revert back if needed.

After the scanning and driver update process is completed, IObit Driver Booster will provide a report. It will highlight which drivers need to be updated first. Furthermore, it will inform you if any are not compatible with your computer – this may result in system instability; thus it is recommended that only compatible drivers be installed.

Beyond updating drivers, this program can also assist in fixing other issues such as low-quality video resolution, unstable system performance, network problems, sound problems, BSOD errors and other errors. Furthermore, it will clean out junk files, privacy traces and registry entries to speed up performance of your device while protecting against online threats such as malware. It offers an intuitive user interface but some have reported instability issues with it.


IObit Driver Booster was designed to assist computer users in updating outdated drivers, which can cause serious problems such as poor response times, sound quality issues and network failure. It automatically scans for outdated drivers on your system and updates them with the most up-to-date version, improving gaming performance while fixing hardware errors along with many other features that improve gaming performance and repair errors in gaming setup.

This program boasts an intuitive user interface that makes detecting outdated drivers simple. Once discovered, a click will enable you to download and install them quickly – plus there is also a backup feature which protects against potential disaster. Furthermore, this tool detects driver versions, date of release, sizes as well as supporting HTTPS encryption for added security purposes.

This application can detect all of your outdated drivers quickly and refresh them instantly. Furthermore, it will download new updates when your system is idle reducing update times by up to 60%! Furthermore, unnecessary drivers will also be deleted to free up space on your hard drive.

It features a robust database with more than 3 million device drivers and game components, and can detect rare drivers not found with other tools. Furthermore, its scan and update engines have been optimized to offer up to 20 percent faster scans and 10 percent faster updates – as well as fixing common issues like no sound and incorrect display resolution.

IObit Driver Booster stands out from other driver updating tools by being user-friendly, with an intuitive user interface and large “Scan” button on its home page for initiating updates. Furthermore, its settings can be tailored specifically to meet your needs such as automatically scanning and updating at startup or running it automatically at set intervals.

Your PC can also benefit from setting the software to only update drivers that have passed Microsoft’s WHQL test, providing extra safety measures. Other tools include backup and restore, network scanner, auto-detect feature and auto-detect. Although free to use, it requires at least 1GB disk space and 1024×768 screen resolution on a Windows-based PC with at least 512 MB dedicated graphics card memory.


Pricing of IObit Driver Booster is reasonable and competitive. There is a free version that enables you to scan your computer daily and update two drivers; its pro version costs slightly more but boasts more comprehensive features with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Downloading the full version of IObit Driver Booster from its official website requires providing a valid email address for registration, while signing up for their newsletter provides updates and exclusive coupons. Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Intel graphics cards are supported as well as Nvidia GPU cards – simple use but may contain ads which could become annoying to some users.

This tool is an ideal choice for gamers as it regularly updates game drivers to prevent hardware failure and maximize performance, offering backup functionality that lets you restore drivers if something goes amiss. In addition, the program helps uninstall display drivers with no residual traces left behind, automatically create system restore points, and download drivers at an unprecedented speed.

Fixes 35+ common device errors and backs up drivers before updating them to avoid data loss. With an online driver database that keeps more than 8,500,000 drivers current, it can even improve gaming performance by increasing frame rate, eliminating image and audio lag, and correcting out-of-sync issues.

Driver Genius from ReviverSoft is another good solution for gaming drivers, being slightly cheaper and offering more features than Driver Booster. For instance, this tool can clean registry entries, privacy traces and junk files that might impede computer performance while optimizing hardware performance and protecting it against malware threats.

IObit Driver Booster can now be purchased on Steam, Valve’s digital content platform. However, this version differs slightly from that available directly from IObit; its annual subscription is more cost effective than purchasing the premium license directly.

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