IObit Malware Fighter Review

IObit Malware Fighter is an easy and straightforward antispyware application with several useful features. The Smart Scan can quickly check specific files while its Tools and Browser Protect sections can be accessed directly from its main window.

The Pro version adds an anti-ransomware engine and safe box which encrypts sensitive file types that can only be accessed with a password, plus Camera Guard and USB Disk Guard features for additional protection.


IObit Malware Fighter offers an easy, modern interface. It provides an effortless way to scan or toggle its security features, though it does sneakily install two bloatware toolbars during installation. Smart Scan provides quick protection by quickly searching critical OS files and processes on most PCs while conventional scanning takes up to 30 minutes on average.

Once it completes its scan, IObit Malware Fighter will identify any issues it discovers and provide options to either remove them immediately, ignore them temporarily, or whitelist them so they won’t resurface later on. Furthermore, this software is adept at identifying false positives and will often let us know of potential false positives before removing anything – another big plus in our book!

IObit Malware Fighter Pro offers an impressive suite of additional security features. This includes a password manager, easy-to-use file and folder locker, secure vault for files and photos stored privately by you, history cleaner, browser protection from DNS attacks and toolbar/plugin cleaner among many other things. Furthermore, this tool protects you by blocking phishing websites, homepage hijackings, pop-up ads, crypto-mining, scam emails etc.

If you want to use all the Pro features, simply click on the Enter Code link at the bottom-right corner of the main IObit Malware Fighter window and navigate to the License Page where you can view detailed license information, refresh your license or extend your subscription period as required. IObit Malware Fighter Pro can be purchased by clicking the Buy Now button and providing your email address, which requires activating with an activation key to activate it. Manage License provides an option to change or export your license info, should you ever need to reinstall IObit Malware Fighter. Phone support from the company is limited to customers within the United States; additional international charges may apply if needed. All customer support for IObit Malware Fighter is handled via email. While its tools and features may make IObit Malware Fighter an adequate malware software choice, without independent lab tests or audits and lacking an engine from Bitdefender it cannot compete with top-rated antivirus solutions.


While IObit Malware Fighter provides some additional features, like password-protected Safe Box and ransomware protection powered by Bitdefender, these extras do not make up for its lack of core security. Furthermore, many features come in the form of intrusive third-party ads or are hidden behind paywalls; unlike many top antivirus programs IObit doesn’t provide phone support but does include an email support forum.

As far as scanning speed goes, IObit Malware Fighter stands out as one of the fastest programs available. IObit uses very few system resources – an important consideration when protecting PCs against viruses. Furthermore, this program performs an effective job at finding malware – though occasionally false positives do appear; to keep yourself protected best remove identified files manually in such instances.

IObit’s malware removal tool features numerous advanced functions, such as eight real-time guards that provide real-time protection. These Guards (Network, File, Startup, Process, MBR Camera USB Behavior and Behavior) monitor different areas of the computer such as running processes browser settings cookies downloaded files and documents you access.

IObit Malware Fighter provides another useful feature by enabling users to run scans by selecting files, folders or drives in Explorer and right-clicking. Furthermore, this application offers automatic scan schedules – an excellent way of protecting your PC!

When it comes to detecting current threats, IObit Malware Fighter is capable of performing well. With its wide detection range and ability to recognize various forms of malware – Trojans, spyware, worms, rootkits and more – this program has you covered!

This program can detect phishing attacks, cryptocurrency mining, annoying ads and other online threats – in addition to preventing any malicious apps from installing themselves on your computer.

Another useful feature is its quick scan feature, which can be activated with one click. Furthermore, full scans can be scheduled at various intervals to keep your computer secure at all times and the application features a rootkit detection and removal module for added peace of mind.


IObit Malware Fighter is an anti-malware program and as such, can scan your system for malicious files. Utilizing two scanning engines – Bitdefender and its own – it provides protection from malware, ransomware, viruses and other threats such as phishing website warnings, download protection, DNS protection and browser plugin cleaner. Additionally, other security features may help safeguard online experiences, including phishing website warnings, download protection, DNS protection and browser plugin cleaner.

The software employs an automatic update feature and can be set up to work quietly in the background without interrupting or slowing down your activities or computer, and even clean your system automatically after restarting it. Keep in mind, however, that only the free version provides basic detection and removal services whereas upgrading to Pro gives additional real-time protection from viruses, ransomware, worms and other threats as well as separate file storage for scanning purposes and 24/7 customer support services.

IObit’s scanning engine was specifically created to provide superior detection over competitive products. Furthermore, its use of heuristics adds another layer of protection, quickly detecting new threats before they become problems.

Scan your entire PC, or choose any folder or file to scan for malicious files. Its scan results are easily understood: they present information such as number of detected and removed files as well as list of suspicious items detected during scanning process. In addition, you have options to pause scanning temporarily and resume it later, and decide whether or not to save your report.

Another exciting option available from the company’s servers is uploading files for further analysis and then viewing their results directly on your computer screen, giving a comprehensive assessment of its properties and threat levels. You may choose to whitelist or delete this file at your discretion.

Due to lack of laboratory testing and knowledge base information on IObit Malware Fighter, we cannot give it high scores as there are other packages which provide greater protection.


IObit Malware Fighter provides a comprehensive suite of security functions. It can quickly remove spyware, adware, ransomware Trojans keyloggers bots worms hijackers viruses and other threats from your PC while helping keep browsers and files safe from attacks. Utilizing both Bitdefender’s engine as well as its own anti-malware engine for scanning for malware detection; its Safe Box feature safeguards sensitive files and folders against threats while it scans only specific locations instead of scanning all disks/folders simultaneously to save time/resource consumption/resource consumption/resource consumption/usage by eliminating unnecessary scans/scans/etc.

Antivirus programs don’t always pick up all threats; AdGuard can detect viruses, adware, Trojans, keyloggers, malware, worms, hijackers, rootkits and ransomware are not usually detected by traditional antivirus products – AdGuard detects and deletes ransomware threats such as Thanatos, WannaCry, Petya GoldenEye etc – blocking malicious websites/phishing sites/browser hijacking and keeping browsers/files safe from hijacking/virusing/hijacking etc.

IObit Malware Fighter can protect you from spyware, adware and other threats online with its Privacy Protect function. By blocking invasive trackers and warning about potentially hazardous apps before downloading them. Furthermore, its Browser Password Guard feature protects all local browser passwords as well as detect suspicious behaviors in real-time and eliminate them for enhanced security protection.

IObit Malware Fighter can also scan USB and camera devices for malware, uninstall unwanted programs and clear your browser history of any unwanted tracks or histories. Furthermore, it will check for updates automatically while notifying of any significant issues or notifications of updates available to you. It works seamlessly alongside most antivirus solutions while its built-in Sandbox provides an ideal place for testing unknown applications without risking your system.

IObit Malware Fighter is user-friendly and features a rich set of tools, but sometimes can become unstable or fail to remove all malware from a computer. Furthermore, there are limited means of reporting errors or seeking support; while there is a forum available for that purpose (but its community members might take some time in responding back).

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