IObit Malware Fighter Review

IObit Malware Fighter

IObit Malware Fighter is an all-inclusive security program that provides real-time protection from various threats, with features like Smart Scan, Full Scan, Custom Scan and Right-Click Scan as well as Security Guard features such as Master Boot Record Guarding Camera Guarding USB Guarding Behavior Guarding.

This app features an elegant and user-friendly design; however, the lengthy scanning process and intrusive ads hold it back from reaching its full potential.

Real-time Protection

IObit Malware Fighter features eight shields designed to defend computer processes, USB drives, cookies, files and folders against malware activity. If a threat is detected they report it directly or to cloud services via remote servers as soon as it’s known or run a scan to either remove it or notify you about it. IObit Malware Fighter also comes equipped with an anti-ransomware engine that works together with Bitdefender Antivirus Pro to help stop ransomware attacks against your data and keep it private.

The program features an intuitive and straightforward user interface with an easily visible display of your security status and a large Smart Scan button. Scanning performance is above average; multiple algorithms are employed to search for potential threats; however initializing its database and beginning scanning can take up to one minute.

IObit’s program boasts not only PC monitoring for malware but also external device scanning and protection like phones, tablets and video game consoles. Furthermore, its database is regularly updated to make sure you’re protected against the latest dangers, while anti-ransomware protection has been tailored specifically to current ransomware variants.

IObit Malware Fighter Pro stands out from other free programs by combining two databases of threats – that of IObit and that of Bitdefender – for maximum protection. The software features an improved heuristic detection engine to efficiently locate and eliminate deep infections while speeding up scanning speed.

As well as detecting and eliminating malware, the program offers comprehensive browser protections, including homepage and DNS protection, as well as ad blocking and antitracking measures. Furthermore, its new version improves analysis speed by 130% while using less system resources than its previous counterparts.

Notably, IObit does not advertise its 30-day free trial on its main page, yet offers one as soon as you hand over your payment details and agree to their Terms of Service. You can cancel at any time without being charged any additional fee; they also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee!

Ransomware Protection

IObit Malware Fighter provides strong ransomware protection that stops hackers from taking over your personal files and demanding a ransom to get them back. Furthermore, it can block malware that encrypts them so no one else can read them without entering their password first.

This software features a powerful anti-ransomware engine capable of detecting and eliminating even the deepest infections instantly, as well as locking away private files behind password protection so only you have access to them. Furthermore, it will protect against changes made to the master boot record (MBR) that could come from ransomware attacks such as Petya or GoldenEye in 2017.

IObit Malware Fighter offers another useful feature in its ability to prevent malicious processes from running in the background by monitoring your system and detecting suspicious activities. This feature is especially beneficial as it prevents your PC from becoming slow due to malware infections that might otherwise lead to system sluggishness.

IObit Malware Fighter offers more than ransomware protection; it also provides security protection to keep your sensitive information secure online. It detects and eliminates spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, bots, worms and hijackers in real-time to guarantee computer safety. Furthermore, this program can automatically erase browser traces when closed; block websites with tracking features; as well as prevent intruders from viewing webcam feeds for spying purposes.

IObit Malware Fighter is a free tool designed to scan your PC and detect potential threats, with advanced heuristics and 160% larger database able to quickly identify viruses, spyware, and malware than previous versions. Furthermore, its fast malware removal speed makes this one of the fastest similar products on the market today. For maximum performance it is highly recommended upgrading to PRO version which comes equipped with engine from Bitdefender along with additional features like webcam protection and password-protected “safe box.” Furthermore, its 60 day money back guarantee provides more peace of mind than most similar products do.

Privacy Protection

IObit Malware Fighter provides comprehensive multi-layer protection for both your computer and privacy, boasting an easy user interface, solid performance and failsafe features. Furthermore, this software features DNS Protect, Data Protect and Safe Box tools – including one that enables you to create a vault for personal files so only selected programs have access to them.

This feature can be especially beneficial if you are concerned about hackers gaining access to your personal information and exploiting it for their own gain. IObit’s Data Protect screen enables you to specify which file types need protection and add password protection as an extra layer of defense; its Anti-Ransomware engine works alongside this to make sure that even if ransomware attempts to unlock files on its own it won’t succeed in doing so.

The Pro version of IObit has several unique features, such as protecting the master boot record and USB drives from infections, plus it combines IObit’s malware fighting software with those of Bitdefender for even stronger security protection.

Browser Protect automatically scans and deletes tracking cookies; Secure Keyboard prevents unauthorised access to its buttons; while Camera Guard can shield your webcam from being used by unknown programs.

Though IObit software is straightforward to navigate and offers some nice extra features, its overall experience is marred by annoying advertisements for various other products that appear constantly while you use the application and can sometimes prevent certain features from working correctly. While you have the option to uninstall these ads later on, they remain an annoying distraction that undermines an otherwise great product.

IObit offers both tech support services and community forums to assist users who may experience any problems; however, their forums don’t appear to be as active as those offered by Bitdefender and some of its competitors – this may be due to IObit focusing more on providing PC protection than marketing their other offerings.

User Interface

IObit Malware Fighter’s intuitive user interface makes finding what you need quick and painless. The main window displays your PC’s protection status as well as currently identified threats, with one click launching smart or full scans – both will check for malware quickly while full scans may take more time as they review every inch of hard drives thoroughly.

This program also features additional options that you can access using the drop-down menu at the top of the screen, such as quick system analyses, updates of software versions or viewing and managing quarantined files. Furthermore, its right-click menu enables custom or deep scanning of specific locations or files on your hard drive.

If IObit detects any threats, you have a few options for how you’d like them handled: delete, ignore, white list or send file(s) directly for further analysis by us. If a detected threat appears false positive, simply click the Report a False Positive link located at the bottom left corner of your screen to submit feedback directly to us for consideration.

Your can also utilize the Browser Protect feature to ensure a safe browsing experience when working or playing online. It monitors your PC and removes tracking data from web browsing sessions. Furthermore, through its Community page you can connect with fellow users, receive product updates and information, as well as learn about potential threats that may impact your device.

Overall, IObit Malware Fighter is one of the most comprehensive and reliable security solutions on the market. It offers comprehensive protections against both ransomware and malware attacks while being supported by a responsive customer support service available 24/7. While its free version may offer sufficient basic protection, its paid counterpart offers additional features such as real-time monitoring and malware removal that make life simpler for security-minded users.

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