IObit Smart Defrag Review

IObit Smart Defrag is an outstanding disk defragmentation and optimization solution with numerous advanced features – file placement optimization, boot up speed enhancements and game optimization are just a few.

This defragmenter provides an ultra-fast, stable, and intelligent defrag engine. Additionally, it includes features for analyzing disk health monitoring usage as well.


IObit Smart Defrag is one of the premier third-party defragmenters for Windows, designed to optimize performance across various tasks like browsing, streaming and gaming. Compatible with all versions of OS, this tool can improve browsing, streaming and gaming speeds as well as speed up system startup times with Boot Time Defrag for faster system startup times and Game Defrag that allows gamers to optimize game play for improved experience.

Once you launch the program, all your disks and Metro apps are displayed on the main screen with their current statuses and results of last defragmentation. Each can be clicked for more details such as their free/total size ratios, defragmentation method used and start/finish times of their defragmentation session. Furthermore, when viewing one drive’s report from this list you will also see its pie chart, list of defragmented files/directories/file fragments etc.

With these buttons on the right side, you can choose among three defragmentation methods. Fast Defrag (which may be quick but doesn’t fully optimize disks), Defrag & Optimize (more comprehensive and takes more time) and Auto Defrag can all defrag disks when your computer is idle but this may hinder system performance.

The Settings panel in the primary panel allows you to set a schedule for any of the three defragmentation methods available to you, boot time defrag, specify which drives should be defragmented, as well as whether or not to run defragmentation while your computer is connected or when switching over to battery power. You may also choose whether defragmentation should stop when your system starts operating on battery power instead.

Noteworthy during installation is that additional programs from IObit and its partners might appear. If you don’t wish to install them, click “Hide Text Link at Top” and hide them out of sight; otherwise just continue through with setup as normal and everything should work perfectly fine.


This program requires minimal system resources and defrags disks quickly. With its simple user interface and many useful options, this 100% safe program from IObit provides many useful solutions without installing malware on your PC. As it comes from the same maker of Advanced System Care, IObit Uninstaller and Driver Booster – any third-party offers that pop up during installation are easily declined by you as part of installation.

As soon as you launch the program, its colorful interface with large, well-labeled buttons will become immediately apparent. The first tab displays an overview of your files on each hard drive along with their locations; you can click each file for more information.

Below this area you will find both defrag and optimize options. Defrag Only will defrag your disk quickly; Optimize adds further benefits such as better file placement for enhanced performance and data contiguity – taking much longer but offering extra features not available through defrag only mode.

Smart Defrag also includes Boot Time Defrag, which enables users to quickly defrag hard drive files that can’t be safely moved while Windows is running – this speeds up startup and gives your PC an immediate performance boost right from the beginning.

Furthermore, this software identifies game files and assists in their defragmentation during boot up, speeding up game loading times for a more enjoyable gaming experience. Furthermore, its automatic defragmenting function enables you to leave it running in the background when your PC is idle – perfect for when gaming can become frustrating!

Smart Defrag’s latest version offers faster and more stable defragmentation technology, along with SSD optimization and advanced game defrag technology to further optimize PC performance. Ideal for anyone seeking maximum PC performance – plus it’s free!


IObit Smart Defrag utilizes an advanced multithreaded defrag engine to keep your disks optimized and secure, giving you faster file access and exceptional disk performance. Thanks to its capacity of defragmenting multiple hard drives quickly & deeply, this tool helps prevent system slowdown or stalling while copying files or playing games – saving both time and frustration in doing so!

This software from IObit stands out among the consumer offerings as one of the most trustworthy defragmenters available to users. It has an easy interface and uses minimal system resources; plus it can defrag multiple hard drives simultaneously for maximum efficiency!

IObit Smart Defrag has many other useful functions in addition to defragmentation: Boot-Time Defrag can defrag specific boot files during Windows startup for faster and smoother system launches; plus SSD optimization features help increase speed while prolonging life span.

Though this program contains third-party ads during installation, it is completely safe and free of malware. Furthermore, its user manual is simple to follow while its support team stands ready to assist with any questions that arise.

IObit’s Smart Defrag stands out from its competition thanks to several distinctive features that set it apart, including Boot-Time Defrag for defragging system files prior to Windows launch, Game Optimize feature can speed up game load times and an Auto Defrag mode which automatically scans and defragments hard drives at specific intervals and can be tailored according to individual needs.

IObit’s defragmenter can be purchased for both Windows XP and Vista from its website and comes with a one-year home use license; upgrading to pro provides unlimited use with additional features. It has an intuitive user interface with search function for quick locating of desired options; additionally, auto updates ensure the latest defragmentation methods are used.


Smart Defrag is designed to maximize drive performance so files can be more readily accessed by computers, while simultaneously speeding up file loading times and prolonging disk life. Furthermore, this program is ideal for gamers dealing with heavy software or multiple files – it quickly optimizes game files for faster playing!

IObit Smart Defrag has an user-friendly interface where each hard drive is displayed individually with detailed information on its contents, arranged alphabetically by name, size, type, available space and total space – enabling users to prioritise organisation as needed. Furthermore, this program enables the user to choose what kind of defragmentation process will occur: Defrag Only; Defrag with Fast Optimize or Full Optimize as well as which files and directories they would like excluded from defragmentation process.

IObit Smart Defrag can also be set to run automatically when rebooting, speeding up boot-up time. Furthermore, its software defragments those files on the hard disk that cannot be moved while the system is running for even quicker startup times – perfect for older machines or laptops where hard disk performance tends to slow down over time. This feature can especially come in handy on older machines or laptops where hard disk speeds tend to drop unexpectedly.

Smart Defrag’s other standout feature is its ability to organize files by moving frequently used ones to faster areas on disk, speeding up data access on both hard and solid state drives, while also shortening boot up times and giving gamers an enhanced gaming experience.

Auto Defrag can automatically defragment games and other large files on a schedule, with users being able to set it so it pauses if resource utilization exceeds acceptable limits, giving them time for other tasks or shutting down. It can also optimize storage space on SSD drives so as to prevent overcrowdedness from slowing down machine performance; lastly it can monitor hard disk status to display current fragmentation levels.

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