IObit Uninstaller Review

IObit Uninstaller is an excellent alternative to the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs, boasting many useful features – including creating a restore point before uninstalling programs.

Easy Uninstall is its primary tool; just drop a green dot onto any application window or desktop shortcut to quickly uninstall. In addition, other features include scanning for leftover files after deletion as well as increasing program performance.

Easy Uninstall

IObit Uninstaller features an easy-to-use interface that makes finding and uninstalling programs quick and painless. Furthermore, its scan function looks for any leftover remnants so you can completely clean your system of unwanted software. Furthermore, the program offers updates for outdated software as well as remove unwanted addons from browsers for faster speed as well as protection from malware threats – helping keep your Windows PC free from infection and faster performance!

Force Uninstall is another helpful feature, enabling you to easily and efficiently uninstall programs that cannot be uninstalled through regular means due to missing uninstall registries or built-in uninstallers. Simply drag and drop any file related to that program into the Force Uninstall window to initiate its removal; IObit Uninstaller will then scan your system for leftover files and registry entries in order to completely uninstall it from your system.

This program also lets you detect and delete programs that are running, making it extremely helpful if you’re uncertain which application a desktop shortcut represents. Furthermore, unused programs can be removed in order to save space on your hard disk while also showing their size and memory usage on an easily navigable bar at the top of its interface.

Overall, IObit Uninstaller is an outstanding uninstaller tool that outshines many comparable tools in terms of features and performance. Both the free version of this uninstaller offers ample functionality while its Pro subscription unlocks even more advanced features as well as faster technical support; nevertheless, even its free edition is worth trying if you’re looking for a way to enhance computer performance faster – in fact even its basic version stands out against Windows’ default uninstaller!

Automatic Scan

The free IObit Uninstaller provides an efficient and straightforward method to uninstall programs without using Windows’ uninstallation wizard. Additionally, it detects and uninstalls bundleware, browser extensions, and Windows Apps which no longer serve a purpose or are harmful. In addition, IObit Uninstaller displays programs with large numbers of files in its database so you can delete them or use “Force Uninstall” option to forcefully uninstall them from your PC.

IObit Uninstaller stands out from other uninstallers by offering features to monitor software installations and track changes that have taken place during software installations. The “Install Monitor” allows you to view which programs have been installed on your computer as well as their uninstallation histories and hard disk usage statistics for each. With these tools at your disposal, it should be easier than ever to decide which programs need uninstalling!

Another powerful feature is its capability of automatically scanning and cleaning leftovers after built-in uninstallation. Its Power Scan can detect and thoroughly uninstall stubborn programs or plug-ins which other uninstallers often miss, as well as alert you of any bundleware which was not properly uninstalled.

IObit Uninstaller also supports the removal of Microsoft Edge extensions, and can detect and identify malicious browser extensions that change your homepage or steal information about you and steal valuable data or personal information from you. This allows you to keep your computer free from potentially dangerous software as well as avoid losing valuable data or personal information. IObit Uninstaller features a useful Software Updater feature which ensures all applications run at optimal levels on your computer while monitoring for Windows updates to install timely.

Manual Scan

IObit Uninstaller has been used by millions of users worldwide. With features that make it an excellent choice for Windows PCs, such as being able to remove difficult-to-uninstall bundled software and programs as well as performing a “Powerful Scan” of hard drives and registry to search out residual files or registry entries left by uninstallers that might otherwise remain.

IObit Uninstaller’s free version offers many useful features, including the ability to uninstall multiple programs simultaneously and view key information about them such as size, publisher name and location. Furthermore, it lets you create a restore point before uninstalling a program, scan for leftover files automatically delete them as well as shred them so they cannot be recovered by recovery tools.

Its anti-malware feature also helps remove unnecessary browser extensions from a computer, making this feature especially helpful for those using multiple browsers and saving storage space as well as preventing malicious plugins from installing themselves on the system. Furthermore, the program sorts browser extensions by rating so you can easily see which ones are most popular.

IObit Uninstaller is an uninstallation program with a comprehensive set of features designed to enhance performance and security on Windows computers. Boasting an intuitive user interface, its robust set of features make IObit Uninstaller an ideal solution for anyone wanting to uninstall programs or files on their PC without incurring additional installations or third-party software – even free users can enjoy all its premium features with just a subscription subscription required for some advanced options.

Force Uninstall

As a Windows user, you know the frustration of when programs refuse to uninstall completely or leave behind remnants after standard uninstallation processes have finished. IObit Uninstaller offers the solution you need – plus more.

Removing stubborn programs that cannot be deleted using standard means and cleaning all leftovers thoroughly are two key aims of software removal software. Furthermore, software installation monitoring features include tracking startup items, system services, scheduled tasks, DLL registrations and any changes for further removal in future steps.

IObit Uninstaller can also help identify and uninstall adware, browser plugins and other unnecessary applications from your system. Furthermore, it offers system restore points so you can return to an earlier state should anything go wrong while uninstalling programs.

IObit’s batch uninstall feature can quickly and efficiently uninstall multiple programs at the same time, saving time with its efficient use of Uninstall Wizard for each individual program that you remove in bulk. Furthermore, its Powerful Scan function can scan both registry and hard drives for leftover files that could otherwise remain.

Additionally, this tool can detect and uninstall programs that utilize bundleware – this feature is especially beneficial to users unfamiliar with its workings or concerned about potential security risks. Furthermore, this application also cleans broken shortcuts and shreds unused files to make more space on hard disks available for storage purposes.

IObit Uninstaller features an intuitive user interface and is straightforward to operate, making it perfect for anyone seeking to enhance the performance and integrity of their PC. You can customize its use according to your specific needs or preferences – for instance you could click large programs in the left-hand panel to identify those taking up too much disk space, or filter software based on how long ago they were installed – making it a useful tool for optimizing PC performance and integrity.

Restore Point

IObit Uninstaller features an “Install Monitor,” which keeps track of any changes made to programs during installation and can help users determine whether the software is safe to use on their computers. Furthermore, this feature alerts the user if any alterations occur to their registry; making this feature especially helpful for novice users who may be unaware of what they are doing.

IObit Uninstaller’s central feature is its ability to completely delete programs from your system, freeing up space and decreasing the chance of new applications being installed on it. IObit Uninstaller stands out from Windows uninstallers by providing this capability – plus alerting if any bundleware or malicious addons that were not allowed are installed without your explicit permission.

This program offers a dashboard which lists all of the programs and Windows apps installed on your system, organized into All Programs, Bundleware, Logged Programs, Recently Installed Programs, Large Programs and Infrequently Used categories. From this dashboard you can uninstall any program at one time or in groups; as well as manage browser extensions.

IObit Uninstaller is an advanced and effective uninstaller designed to quickly uninstall stubborn programs, including those not removed by other tools. Furthermore, its comprehensive uninstallation of leftover files makes it more effective than Windows native uninstaller. Furthermore, its ability to detect outdated software updates to reduce security risks and clean up installations of other programs as well as find and delete files removed with other uninstallers is impressive; not to mention detecting and automatically uninstalling unnecessary programs from your system to free up space and speed up PC performance is truly remarkable!

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