IObit Uninstaller Review

IObit Uninstaller now features an updated user interface (UI). However, its basic functions remain the same.

Clean PC Toolbox is designed to easily uninstall unwanted programs, bundled software, Windows apps and malicious/adware browser extensions for a cleaner, faster and safer PC experience. Furthermore, it automatically deletes program leftovers for better PC performance.


IObit Uninstaller for Windows is an essential utility tool designed to help users uninstall programs and remove leftover files in their system more easily and safely. The app offers an effortless solution for uninstalling stubborn programs, bloatware, browser extensions, malicious/ads plug-ins for a safer online browsing experience as well as optimizing software to run smoother and faster.

This program can automatically identify all traces left by programs during installation and delete them to ensure a cleaner and safer environment. In addition, a restore point image is created prior to every uninstallation to ensure system stability, with users taking advantage of ‘Batch Uninstall’ as a quick way to swiftly uninstall multiple programs at the same time.

IObit Uninstaller goes beyond simply uninstalling programs to also clear away unnecessary files and programs for increased disk space and improved computer performance. This feature is particularly helpful for programs that leave behind leftovers when they’re uninstalled, such as Adobe products that leave behind too much garbage when uninstalled.

IObit Uninstaller’s outstanding feature is its ability to analyze programs and offer suggestions to the user on how they could be improved through its “Software Health” and “Install Monitor” features. Software Health offers a list of programs which have been evaluated for potential issues like unused services, scheduled tasks and DLL registration while Install Monitor keeps an overview of every installation including those bundled together during setup.

Under the “Bundleware” tab of this app, users have the power to assess bundled programs and opt-out of their installation. Furthermore, it also offers an analysis of programs that take up the most space on devices so it becomes easier to identify any apps which should be deleted from devices.

This app is lightweight and does not consume too many memory or system resources. Furthermore, its interface is very clean and simple – with six main features on display on its left panel: Programs, Software Health, Bundleware, Large Programs, Infrequently Used (which provides various tools), Bundleware (Bundleware is included by default), Large Programs and Infrequently Used programs). All can be easily accessed by clicking their respective shortcut icons either on desktops or taskbars). Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 8.1 and 7, this program can easily be accessed either through desktop shortcuts on desktops or taskbar shortcut icons that provide access.


IObit Uninstaller is an all-in-one software removal utility that helps users quickly and effortlessly uninstall programs, bundleware, browser extensions and Windows Apps to create a safer PC experience. Recently redesigned for improved performance when it comes to program uninstallation; additionally it detects and uninstalls more stubborn programs bundled together; additionally it cleans leftovers after uninstalling programs for optimized system performance.

Once you open the program, a straightforward interface awaits with six main features: Programs, Software Health, Install Monitor, Browser Extensions and Windows Apps. Each section serves a specific function; for instance the Programs section allows you to see all programs installed on your computer as well as check if a bundleware program (software installed along with another) exists by viewing its icon on a list; uninstalling bundleware can also be done directly through this window.

The Software Health feature allows you to quickly scan and detect programs that could potentially harm your computer, while providing a comprehensive report on its security and antivirus programs. In addition, this feature shows you which programs take up space on your PC as well as their total size.

Install Monitor is an invaluable feature that allows you to keep a record of the programs that were installed on your computer, with dates and sizes displayed for each. Furthermore, it enables you to check any files or registry entries created during installation as a way of making sure no unwelcome software or programs were added by mistake.

Use the Browser Extensions section to uninstall various plug-ins for various web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge. Furthermore, rate each extension based on your experience with it.

IObit Uninstaller boasts an exclusive database that supports over 1000 stubborn programs, as well as an advanced Force Uninstall+ tool that enables you to remove those which cannot be uninstalled normally due to missing uninstall registries or built-in uninstallers. In addition, this tool allows users to create restore points quickly and delete files via Explorer in just a click of a button.


IObit Uninstaller can remove stubborn programs, Windows apps and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps more thoroughly than the built-in Uninstall feature of Windows. Furthermore, it can identify and remove bundleware, bloatware and malicious or ad-supported browser extensions to help ensure a smooth running computer environment.

Installed programs often come with plug-ins that can be hard to locate and uninstall manually, making the task difficult and time consuming. With its extensive database of thousands of stubborn plug-ins, IObit Uninstaller makes the removal easy by finding and uninstalling them all with one simple click.

IObit Uninstaller goes beyond simply uninstalling programs to also clean up leftover files and registry entries after built-in uninstallation is completed, including shredding leftover files so they cannot be recovered by recovery tools. Furthermore, this tool optimizes software to speed up system performance while decreasing risks related to security threats.

Before uninstalling IObit Uninstaller, it’s advisable to make copies of any data or files that may be affected. Doing this can help avoid unexpected complications from occurring during the uninstallation process and you can then follow our uninstallation guides to completely delete IObit Uninstaller from your computer.

Launch IObit Uninstaller in three ways: via its green Powerful Uninstall button on any program icon, its context menu in Explorer or simply drag-and-dropping it. Additionally, use its “Force Uninstall+” feature if a program doesn’t respond to its built-in uninstaller or leaves residual files behind.

IObit Uninstaller comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you plenty of time to test its functionality and see if it meets your needs. Furthermore, multiple support channels are available from IObit in case any issues arise – its website and forums feature dedicated pages on common error codes with solutions; independent testing organisations such as AV-TEST provide insight into its effectiveness and performance – making IObit Uninstaller an outstanding choice for PC users.


IObit Uninstaller boasts an advanced scan engine and cleanup features to facilitate software removal efficiently and swiftly. It deletes leftover files, Registry entries and other traces to enhance system performance and lower security risks; and helps protect users by blocking malicious toolbars or plug-ins for an uninterrupted online experience.

Bundleware, or software installed silently during installation, cannot always be removed completely. IObit Uninstaller detects bundleware installations and prompts you to opt out, helping users avoid unwanted programs and improve PC performance. Moreover, should any program prove difficult to uninstall using traditional methods, the Force Uninstall+ feature enables one-click removal by wiping away all files and traces in one go.

In addition to its typical uninstallation features, IObit Uninstaller also provides some advanced functions not found elsewhere in similar software applications. For instance, it allows for one-step removal of Windows Apps and Universal Windows Platform apps; real-time monitoring software installation to prevent potentially unwanted software from being added; and monitoring software updates in real-time so as to detect potentially harmful updates before they install on your computer.

This advanced scan engine of our program can find and uninstall stubborn programs that other uninstallers fail to recognize, as well as scan for and delete unnecessary system files – improving disk space management while speeding up software performance. Furthermore, optimizing all your software makes them run faster and more efficiently than before!

Apart from its multifunctionality, the program is also user-friendly. It can quickly uninstall software with just a few steps and display all related files for approval – perfect for beginners. Furthermore, restore points can help restore your computer back to an earlier state should any issues arise with current installation.

The Pro version of IObit Uninstaller features an inbuilt file shredder for secure deletion of files so they cannot be recovered, as well as a software updater to detect outdated programs on your computer and notify you if updates are available.

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