IObit Uninstaller Review

IOBit Uninstaller creates a system restore point prior to beginning removal activities and scans any leftover files or registry entries after native uninstallation has been completed. You also have the option of automatically shredding them so they cannot be recovered with recovery programs.

This program also lists all browser extensions installed on your computer and allows you to sort them according to size or date, making it easy to delete those that are no longer useful quickly.


IObit Uninstaller stands out from similar programs with its many unique features that make it stand out. For instance, it quickly uninstalls software programs that don’t uninstall properly with Windows Uninstall Programs tool, and offers Software Update that detects outdated apps on your computer for you to update them all at once or individually – saving both time and effort when updating apps on your PC.

Another useful feature is Batch Uninstall mode, allowing you to uninstall programs in bulk – something other commercial utilities such as Revo Uninstaller Pro don’t provide. Furthermore, Large Programs lists applications using too much disk space so you can easily identify which are taking up too much room on your PC before making the decision whether or not to uninstall them.

Likewise, this program can assist in monitoring bundleware during program installation so that you are aware of which programs are installing extra utilities on your system. This feature can be especially beneficial as some programs can be hard to uninstall due to hidden files and folders; when bundleware is installed (if enabled in settings), then it will notify you and allow you to inspect all programs that come bundled together with main software; you may choose whether to uninstall all or some.

Last but not least, this program features a File Shredder which allows you to permanently delete files so they cannot be recovered by recovery tools – an excellent feature to free up space on your computer and reduce security risks.

IObit Uninstaller also features other useful functions that make it an invaluable addition to any computer, including creating restore points before uninstalling programs, automatically verifying requests from software’s original uninstall routine, and uninstalling browser extensions that you no longer require.


IObit Uninstaller is one of the premier software uninstallation programs on the market. Designed to be intuitively used and uninstall apps without leaving behind unwanted files, as well as detect and delete browser toolbars and plug-ins for safer browsing, its functionality rivals that of Revo Uninstaller and Comodo Programs Manager but offers better customer support – plus it comes cheaper starting at $20/year while Pro is available at an increased price point.

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Installation process

IObit Uninstaller is an intuitive program designed to quickly uninstall programs and applications from your computer, remove bloatware included with Windows OS, and free up storage space. With its straightforward user interface and ability to track which applications take up the most space on hard drives, as well as uninstall stubborn programs which were previously not removed using standard uninstallation processes, IObit Uninstaller makes uninstalling programs from computers simple and effortless.

The main window of this program provides a list of all software that has been installed on your PC and allows you to search by name or category, while sorting can be performed based on size, date of installation and more. Furthermore, there is an option in its settings window for you to contact support with any problems or queries regarding its usage; an ideal feature to help with any concerns that might arise from its installation or usage.

Once you locate the software you wish to uninstall, IObit Uninstaller will show all files associated with that program as well as their sizes. When prompting you for which files you wish to delete, you may select which ones. It then scans and deletes any residual files and registry entries associated with that software before shredding them – an option available when selecting to shred all these files so they are truly deleted without recovery software being able to retrieve them later.

By clicking on the Options button in the menu bar, you can customize the UI to your own specifications. Here, there are various settings you can change, such as font size and whether to show system run-time components in program lists. Furthermore, you can set a language preference and hotkey for Easy Uninstall.


IObit Uninstaller is an ideal software solution for uninstalling programs easily and comprehensively, featuring an intuitive user interface and simple features to make navigation simple. Packed with tools that help remove apps and files that bog down performance without sacrificing its overall efficiency; such as bundle programs, advertising plug-ins, or malicious browser extensions during installation process; monitor programs during setup to identify any unwanted ones before uninstalling; as well as uninstall Windows Apps/Universal Windows Platform applications not available through Microsoft Store – making uninstallation effortless overall!

IObit Uninstaller goes far beyond Windows’ own uninstaller in terms of scope and capabilities; it can remove all programs installed on your computer from all sources, as well as leftover files from uninstalled applications or programs, freeing up disk space and speeding up performance. Furthermore, IObit can detect and uninstall adware – a type of spyware which collects personal information – monitor and uninstall toolbars or extensions that could collect user data as well as software updates deemed by manufacturers as being potentially unsafe or unstable – saving both disk space and speed while speeding up performance of computer performance significantly.

One great benefit is its ability to identify and uninstall programs that are taking up too many system resources, such as those with large file sizes or memory usage. Furthermore, it can find and delete unnecessary startup programs or junk files which slow down PC performance, as well as any Windows updates which have caused shutdown or reboot issues in the past.

The IObit Uninstaller program features an advanced install monitor that allows it to track any changes that take place during installation, including uninstalled programs as well as their related registry entries, as well as identify and stop certain applications from installing their binaries onto your computer.

IObit offers various channels to access support for its product, including an FAQ section and community forum. In addition, an application settings window contains a contact form where users can ask questions or report bugs directly; their support team typically replies within 24 hours.

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