IObit Unlocker Review

IObit Unlocker is an exceptional software program for getting rid of error messages stating that files you wish to delete cannot be done so due to being used by another program. Furthermore, it has an optional force mode feature to force close applications using them and thus unblocking files for deletion.

Solving errors of “cannot delete”, “access is denied”, and “sharing violation”, it has a lightweight design and simple dashboard interface, supporting multiple languages and being lightweight enough for daily use.


IObit Unlocker is the program equivalent of a key for unlocking file doors, helping you delete undeletable files and folders on your PC. Sometimes when trying to delete certain files or folders from Windows, Windows gives a warning that they’re locked by other processes and therefore unremovable; though these files or folders could need deleted for reasons other than just freeing up disk space; maybe they contain confidential information or contain sensitive data which needs protecting; either way it’s frustrating when they can’t go.

IObit Unlocker provides an effective solution to this problem. It enables users to unlock files or folders being utilized by other processes so they can rename, move or copy as required. Furthermore, this program can forcibly terminate all processes that interfere with these operations as well as offering a clean user interface integrated with context menu so it is simple to use.

One of the greatest features of this software is that it automatically identifies why a file or folder cannot be deleted – whether due to being used by another program or being marked Read Only by your operating system, this software will identify why and provide options to resolve the issue.

IObit Unlocker stands out from its counterparts by not placing as much strain on CPU and system memory resources, performing tasks quickly without crashing Windows or prompting error messages. Furthermore, its lightweight size makes it the perfect option to keep handy just in case you encounter undeletable files that refuse to go away!

Download and install IObit Unlocker from its official website by double-clicking its.exe file and following its installation instructions. After you install it, launch it either by selecting it from Windows Downloads Folder or typing “IObit Unlocker” in search bar of PC OS. Upon starting it up for use, the program will prompt you to accept its End User License Agreement before it will function correctly.


IObit Unlocker is a free-of-charge software program that enables users to delete, rename or copy locked files and folders as well as terminate processes that hold onto them.

This program is user-friendly and suitable for anyone. Available to download on Filerox, it has already been seen or downloaded by 4 visitors to the site.

It is a feature-rich desktop data recovery solution with a flexible license key and support for multiple platforms – Windows XP, Vista and 7. Additionally, its user-friendly interface ensures effortless operation.


IObit Unlocker is an intuitive program that makes deleting unremovable files and folders from your computer easier. It does so by searching your PC to identify any such items before unlocking them for deletion. In addition, there are various other features built-in which make managing files simpler.

When trying to delete certain files or folders, errors like “Cannot delete file: Access is denied” or “There has been a sharing violation” may arise. IObit Unlocker Portable can help by unlocking those files for deletion – as well as multiple files on desktop or other locations simultaneously!

Locked files or folders can also be easily renamed, copied, and moved without any difficulty using LockDown Pro. Furthermore, all related processes that lock the files or folders can be forcibly terminated without issue. Despite using minimal memory resources during operation and being compatible with all versions of Windows from XP through 10, this program supports 17 distinct UI languages as well.

This program is extremely user-friendly, boasting an intuitive layout with a large ‘Add File/Folder’ button in the center of its window. Once added, a lower section will display detailed information such as its name, path and process ID; to unlock any file occupying space on your hard disk click ‘Unlock’ at the top of your window.

IObit Unlocker Portable stands out as an uninstall-free tool with no adverse side-effects that does not require installation to use, making it safe to use. Free of viruses, adware, spyware and having a very small size; additionally it does not affect performance and features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that makes this a must have for every Windows user. Furthermore it supports multiple UI languages and includes a built-in uninstaller!


IObit Unlocker is one of the best programs available for dealing with difficult files and folders. With its lightweight design and integration into Windows context menus, this program makes managing stubborn files and folders an effortless process – perfect for dealing with errors messages related to file deletion/movement or just annoying error messages that pop up when trying to delete/move them! You should definitely have this tool in your arsenal!

When trying to delete files or folders on your computer, you may run into problems like “Access is denied”, “The file is being used by another process”, or “There has been a sharing violation”. With IObit Unlocker’s user-friendly interface and multiple features for managing sharing violations and freeing files for deletion, these issues can easily be overcome and the file or folder made available for deletion. IObit Unlocker offers solutions by offering options like delete, rename, copy, and move capabilities as well as its ability to free files or folders being used by another process; using its clear interface and features allows users to delete, rename copy and move files or folders while managing sharing violations or sharing violations violations that make working on computers challenging in certain situations when trying to use IObit Unlocker can quickly unlocking files being used by another process when trying to delete them or folders being locked by sharing violation violations occurring between processes or sharing violations occuring between processes or processes involved; with its clear interface allows easy navigation as well as its numerous options which let users delete, rename copy and move files or folders when trying delete them as well.

This program also allows you to quickly unlock an entire folder or set of files at once and delete, rename, copy and even move them wherever on your computer you please. Furthermore, all types of files and folders – even hidden ones – are supported, while it also terminates all processes using said folder or file at once.

Unremovable files on your PC can be an annoying source of stress. Removing malicious programs or unwanted files may prove especially challenging. That is why IObit Unlocker was designed; to help quickly and efficiently handle these situations.

Even though IObit Unlocker can be an invaluable resource, be wary when using it. Accidentally deleting an important file could cause your entire system to collapse or corrupt entirely; therefore it is wise to back up all vital files and folders before turning to this utility program for help.

IObit Unlocker is an efficient yet lightweight piece of software which won’t take up too much space on your hard drive and resources, yet offers complete protection from spyware and viruses as well as being compatible with all versions of Windows.

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