IObit Unlocker Review

IObit Unlocker

IObit Unlocker is a free program designed to unlock in use files so you can delete, rename or move them as needed. Additionally, it can forcibly terminate any processes preventing access to these files.

Easy to use and equipped with numerous useful functions, this application makes file deletion effortless. It can fix errors such as “Access Denied” or “undeleted files”, while remaining lightweight and cleanly designed.

Easy to use

IObit Unlocker is an easy-to-use program designed to remove files and folders that Windows won’t let you delete. As it’s freeware, there’s no risk of adware or malware; its clean interface integrates seamlessly with context menus for effortless file deletion; while its force mode helps close any processes blocking access to these items.

If you try to delete files on your computer, they may prompt an error that states: “Cannot delete: Access is denied” or something similar. IObit Unlocker provides an easy solution: it unlocks files and folders so they can be deleted, renamed, moved or copied freely.

Once you’ve downloaded IObit Unlocker, you can begin using it by simply dragging files you wish to delete into its window. Or you can add files and folders by selecting them then clicking Add button. After adding files, IObit Unlocker will provide a list of processes currently using them as well as their process ID number and type of lock being utilized.

If you haven’t already, select from IObit Unlocker’s five unlocking options: Unlock & Delete, Unlock & Rename, Unlock & Move and Unlock & Copy. After selecting the option that best fits your situation, just click on Unlock to begin releasing locked files or folders – IObit Unlocker will close any processes which prevent you from deleting or moving them as necessary.

IObit Unlocker is an intuitive tool designed to quickly resolve all kinds of lock issues with just one click. Lightweight and user-friendly, it features support for multiple languages as well as integration into Windows Explorer and its right-click context menu for quick and easy access from anywhere on your computer. In addition, its user manual and optional tool tips add even further convenience.

Supports multiple languages

IObit Unlocker is an easy-to-use program that makes deleting files or folders that Windows won’t delete easy, as well as moving, copying, and renaming them. Its intuitive interface makes this an enjoyable experience while working well with context menus on Windows machines. Furthermore, this tool supports multiple languages as well as drag-and-drop functionality for even further convenience.

If you use Windows computers, you may have encountered error messages when trying to delete or move files and folders. These errors typically indicate that a file is currently being used by another program or service and cannot be deleted – sometimes even after closing all programs that could interfere with its removal – IObit Unlocker download provides an effective solution.

The program’s standard window provides a straightforward experience that enables users to upload files into their workspace with either tree view navigation or drag-and-drop. Furthermore, batch unlocking capabilities make this an indispensable solution when working with large numbers of files or folders. XP to Windows 8 are all supported versions; download for free now!

IObit Unlocker goes beyond its basic functions to offer Forced Mode, designed to stop all processes that are blocking access to files. Furthermore, its simple dialog-style interface makes accessing its language menu and user manual effortless.

IObit Unlocker is an intuitive and lightweight program designed to help users delete files that Windows won’t let them delete, unlocked locked files, rename multiple files at once and even open password-protected ones – it is the ideal tool if you are experiencing difficulty with your Windows computer! Download it today – its use will prove beneficial and you won’t regret it!

Supports batch unlocking

Are you tired of messages like, “This file is in use by another program or user”, “Access is denied”, and “There has been a sharing violation”? IObit Unlocker is a free program designed to unlock files and folders used by other programs on Windows XP and later; 17 user interface languages are supported as part of its global reach. IObit Unlocker works seamlessly alongside other IObit products like Smart Defrag (disk defragmentation tool) and Uninstaller (software uninstallation tool).

Launch it from Windows Explorer context menu or via shortcut. It is simple and user-friendly with only minimal resources needed on your PC requiring its usage; download from official website to work on most versions of Windows including latest Windows 10 OS.

Once installed, this program can be easily accessed directly through Windows Explorer’s context menu or system tray icon. Lightweight yet efficient in its performance, this lightweight program doesn’t take up much memory or processor power while quickly clearing away stubborn files from your computer. Furthermore, multiple languages are supported and batch processing allows you to unlock multiple files or folders simultaneously.

Forced Mode allows you to automatically terminate all processes that lock a file or folder, enabling you to unlock it quickly in standard mode or delete or move it easily in Forced Mode. Should standard mode prove unsuccessful in unlocking it for some reason, Forced Mode offers another solution by terminating all related processes allowing you to move or delete the file or folder in question without hassles or issues.

This program is an effective solution for quickly deleting stubborn files and offers various useful features, including batch processing and integration with Windows Explorer context menu. In addition, it doesn’t take up too much space or memory on your computer and won’t cause any performance issues; its clean and user-friendly interface fits nicely with context menu integration; plus its free download does not contain viruses or malware!

Supports forced mode

Windows may sometimes tell you that a file or folder cannot be deleted due to being “in use by another program or user”, prompting a frustrating experience if you want to remove or change that item. But there are tools available that can help solve these issues.

One such tool is IObit Unlocker, a free utility designed to assist in managing files and folders locked or protected by other processes. With its straightforward user interface and extra features designed to assist when dealing with locked folders and files, the app integrates directly into context menus so it can immediately delete protected or locked files and applications.

IObit Unlocker is available free of charge from its official website and can be easily downloaded. With versions for both 32- and 64-bit Windows systems, this software integrates fully into Windows Explorer with access from a right-click context menu and a very low system demand that won’t burden your system’s performance; additionally it can unlock multiple files simultaneously as well as work offline so that files are accessible whenever they’re needed.

After installing, once activated, you can easily add files and folders by browsing them in the lower half of the main window or using drag and drop. A list is displayed alphabetically with file name, path, process IDs, as well as clicking to reveal details. In addition, IObit Unlocker automatically deletes, renames or moves selected items once unlocked while offering forced mode which lets you terminate processes that lock a file or folder.

IObit Unlocker provides batch processing capabilities, enabling you to select multiple items and process them all at the same time. Compatible with both 32- and 64-bit Windows operating systems and featuring low system requirements.

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