IrfanView Review


IrfanView is like a Swiss Army knife – full of flip-out tools that make image viewing/editing fast, intuitive and straightforward.

To reduce photo file sizes, IrfanView makes it easy. Simply use its Image > Resize window to reduce quality while saving space while not altering visual appearance. This saves space without negatively affecting visual appearance.

1. File Management

IrfanView can open numerous file types, ranging from JPG and PNG images to raw formats like Canon CR2 or Nikon NEF files. Furthermore, it is fast in loading or manipulating large images – for instance it can quickly display text using its OCR function, or convert photographs into editable text quickly and efficiently.

IrfanView provides all of the tools required for image manipulation within its menus, providing many options to work with file and folder structures, thumbnail browsers and much more.

IrfanView automatically reads files selected in its thumbnail browser and displays them in a window for you to navigate with left/right arrows or using keyboard shortcuts.

If you need to perform similar operations on multiple files at once, batch processing can help save time by doing multiple tasks at the same time. With it you can perform all kinds of actions – such as renaming and moving them – on all selected images in an image group at once.

IrfanView can create thumbnails for files, making organization and management of pictures much simpler. You can choose any size for the thumbnails as well as alter their position on screen. In addition, you can use IrfanView’s List feature to move, copy or delete them easily.

IrfanView can recognize EXIF and IPTC data from photos, displaying this data either directly on the image itself or in an info box. Furthermore, you can add comments or other details directly into a photo.

Additionally, this software features a search function which enables you to locate files within any folder and its subfolders by name, extension, date or EXIF or IPTC data. Search results can also be sorted according to name, date or size and selected items can be removed from the list using its search filtering functions. Renaming can be used to modify an existing image or file or add prefix or suffix tags as predefined by you in its metadata – giving more control than ever of how your photos look!

2. Image Editing

IrfanView is an intuitive photo editing program designed for Windows-based computers that lets users view, convert, optimize and print images easily on one platform. This Windows software offers users with a comprehensive set of editing tools to produce professional-looking results; its paint feature enables users to draw circles, arrows and lines of various sizes onto images via its paint option; its text overlaying function lets employees insert overlay text or watermarks; sharpen images by eliminating red eyes from photos; supports multiple file formats for batch conversion; as well as batch scanning documents via scanner.

Irfanview offers an intuitive feature to quickly organize files for shortlisting, printing, uploading or other purposes into separate folders for shortlisting and shortlisting purposes. Even files not in an official scan folder can be processed automatically by IrfanView using Exif or IPTC codes to read information and display it if you choose.

The software allows for numerous actions on an image, including resizing, cropping, changing color depth and pixelation settings, rotating, flipping vertical or horizontal orientation, changing canvas size and adding borders or frames. A plugin may be installed for additional functionality while keyboard shortcuts offer easy navigation through images in folders as well as zooming functions.

IrfanView stands out as an indispensable program that can detect duplicate images and delete them – freeing up space on your computer so you have more memory for other programs. Furthermore, you can use IrfanView to make slideshows or screensavers from them!

IrfanView stands out as an effective and cost-efficient resource usage solution, thanks to its rapid install process and reduced memory footprint. Furthermore, this program runs efficiently while taking up minimal space on your device’s memory space; its light processor footprint enables it to coexist alongside other programs without interrupting performance.

IrfanView can rename multiple files and folders at once. Additionally, its built-in converter makes file conversion from one format to another easy for archiving purposes, while its robust thumbnail browser is an effective way of viewing images and files.

3. Converting Files

IrfanView is an image editor, graphics viewer and converter designed to assist with common tasks you might face when editing graphics files. Supported image formats include JPEG, PNG, TIFF and RAW files as well as icons, screenshots, text files and open text documents. Plus it features tools for tonal adjustment as well as cropping, rotating and resizing photos!

IrfanView includes a batch conversion and renaming tool that lets you process multiple files at once, making this feature especially handy when dealing with photos from various sources or files that meet specific format requirements. Furthermore, this can also be used to rename or change extensions on files or folders.

The program is extremely user-friendly, without overwhelming you with unnecessary features that might not apply. It supports over 120 file formats including TIFF, BMP, ICO, Mac PICT GIF AVI WAV MP3. Furthermore it provides support for DjVu e-books so users can read pages while also turning pages and zooming into fragments for optimal reading experiences.

Convert multiple files simultaneously and choose an output directory to send your new images to. Select format, resize options, resample function for better quality images as well as other settings like changing color depth and automatic adjustment of tone/exposure settings.

IrfanView features a full selection of paint tools, enabling users to draw lines, arrows and circles on images. In addition, this freeware program can create screensavers and slideshows, play videos and music files, add soundtracks for slideshows, adjust their duration between slides, as well as adding captions for individual slides. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 operating systems and the HEVC codec available online – IrfanView requires it all for optimal use!

4. Slideshows

IrfanView is a free Windows program (for noncommercial use only) that enables you to work with digital images of various formats including BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF files. Additionally it features basic photo editing tools as well as functionality to create screensavers and slideshows as well as play MP3 and MIDI files and provide TWAIN scanner support.

The slideshow feature allows you to combine images into an executable file for playing on both computers and DVD players; additionally, an HTML page with thumbnails and links is produced that displays full-image thumbnails with clickable links; printing copies is also an option. There are options to set how long each image is displayed for as well as play an MP3 music file during or simply keep it silent; there’s even one which allows you to stop any specific image being shown with just a mouse move or key press!

Add text to an individual image or create a standard caption that appears with every image in a slideshow, such as showing file name or EXIF/IPTC/Comment information for each one. Choose color, font size and style when adding your text – mask around image for partial coverage or to resize; as well as whether or not text should be transparent!

Unfortunately, IrfanView doesn’t allow for mixing images with charts or word documents (though you could easily create these graphics using Windows Paint or even IrfanView itself, and copy and paste into an Irfanview slideshow), nor nice transitions between images – they will simply fade from one photo to the next or appear as window blinds etc. Still, for simple slideshows IrfanView makes an effective solution; fast, compact, and innovative; just don’t expect it to replace more advanced programs like Powerpoint!

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