IrfanView Review


IrfanView provides many features, such as an image converter, slideshow capability, TWAIN support (for scanner connectivity) and various viewing options.

Create an impromptu slideshow from images stored on your computer or plugged-in flash drive quickly and effortlessly with this quick and easy slideshow creator! Multiple fit-to-screen scaling options and support for most major image formats.

What is IrfanView?

IrfanView was initially developed and released as freeware image viewing and editing software by Irfan Skiljan in 1996 and quickly earned recognition due to its speed and versatility of features. Capable of working with numerous file formats, its plugin capabilities enable the addition of additional viewing functions or extensions if desired, and boasting an ad-free environment without spyware or viruses, it has quickly become one of the premier image viewers and editors available today.

IrfanView boasts an intuitive, classic interface, making it simple and straightforward for any user. Additionally, its support of keyboard shortcuts helps speed up organizational and editing tasks as well as opening images in external graphics editors (such as Adobe Photoshop). IrfanView can open images directly into external editors like Adobe Photoshop when installed on your system and creates thumbnail files that can easily be organized, moved or deleted with one click – even being resized according to desired sizes!

IrfanView can manage not only standard image file formats but also audio and video files. The program supports QuickTime MOV videos and AVI videos as well as other media files; additionally it can convert AVI files to MPEG or DV video format for playback on a DVD player.

Image analysis tools offer detailed information about an image file, such as its filename, date and time stamp, EXIF metadata, ICC color profile dimensions in pixels directory index compression process DPI resolution resolution etc. These details allow users to identify the best format for an image and save time when searching for its appropriate file to open.

IrfanView allows users to edit images by changing size, contrast, brightness and more. In addition, effects or watermarks can be easily added before being converted to another format with just a few clicks. Furthermore, multiple images can be combined together into a panoramic outcome or divided up for precise manipulations by merging multiples images together into sections for precise manipulations; image information as well as text slideshows and screen savers can all be displayed via IrfanView while supporting TWAIN drivers that facilitate interaction with scanners – something few other software offers!

Installing IrfanView

IrfanView is a free Windows software program that does more than display images; it also features useful tools, including batch conversion and slideshow functions that make creating professional-looking presentations easy. Furthermore, this fast and user-friendly software makes an excellent image viewer/editor that supports a range of file formats.

This program can create thumbnail previews for images to help organize files and quickly view larger versions of them in folders. It also performs basic editing functions, such as changing color depth, rotating, cropping resizing mirroring. Furthermore, batch processing functions enable automated file conversions.

IrfanView can handle many image formats, audio/video files, icons, PostScript documents and PDF documents as well as text embedded in image files – making this feature especially helpful when reviewing comments or copyright information. In addition, this viewer supports viewing hexadecimal files used by digital cameras as raw image files.

IrfanView stands out from other image editors and viewers with its additional features that distinguish it, including plugin support for additional functionality. This makes IrfanView an adaptable tool which can meet the needs of individual users with its wide variety of skins and customizable interface. Furthermore, full-screen mode and multiple instances are supported in IrfanView.

Install IrfanView by downloading and following its instructions. When asked, choose an installation location, whether to create shortcuts and which file extensions you would like associated with IrfanView; additionally you may load custom file types or set shell options. After IrfanView has been successfully installed it’s ready for use!

Using IrfanView

IrfanView is a lightweight image viewer and editor available free to everyone that supports nearly every image file format available today, including those which require conversion between various file formats. IrfanView’s user-friendly interface makes it suitable for casual users while advanced features make it attractive for experts as well.

After downloading IrfanView setup, run its installer to install it on your computer. During the process of installation, you’ll be asked for some basic options, including creating shortcuts and whether or not hosting IrfanView on a network. Once these preferences have been set, click “Next” and you can select which image and media files IrfanView should open automatically by default.

Use IrfanView’s Find Files window to search for files by their EXIF data, IPTC data or comments. There are also filters and effects available to enhance photos or images as well as tools for cropping and rotating. Finally, this tool can even turn your pictures into a slideshow automatically playing them back!

IrfanView stands out as an outstanding image editing program due to its capacity for working with various file formats, including TWAIN files. This enables users to quickly and efficiently retrieve images from printers or digital cameras connected to their computers; convert multiple files at the same time for efficient editing; or batch convert images, saving both time and energy when editing a lot of photos simultaneously.

IrfanView provides several helpful features, including its ability to print multiple files at the same time from one dialog. Furthermore, you can customize its menus and toolbars, hide specific items from view or use its thumbnail browser for easy management of large volumes of files.

To view AVI, MPEG or WMV videos in IrfanView, it is necessary to install appropriate codecs on your computer. A great solution is K-Lite Codec Pack as it contains many of the most frequently-used video and audio codecs – making downloading individual ones much simpler!

Using the Thumbnail Browser

IrfanView allows users to quickly create thumbnails of any file or folder hierarchically displayed in a special window, then move, copy or delete these thumbnails at will. Upon clicking an image it can open up at full size in either IrfanView or another program; they can be sorted alphabetically by name, type or size and renamed with any text they desire or using an existing naming scheme; they can even be combined into slideshows, saved as executable or screen saver executable files or printed; options include delay sort order random continuous loop automatic or after keyboard/mouse input with text comments/EXIF data displayed during slideshow playback.

Miscellaneous functions in IrfanView include setting border/background colour options for thumbnails and the information text that displays when moving the mouse over one of them, as well as options to keep or clear recent directories lists, open files with an external editor (including choosing which program and shortcut for Ctrl N), and enable/disable remembering of last folder you viewed by IrfanView.

IrfanView can handle an impressive variety of file types for viewing and conversion, including all common image file formats as well as music and video files. It features powerful batch processing and search features and is truly a Swiss Army Knife of viewers.

IrfanView software is free for both private and non-commercial use (that is, home). Businesses, charities, and humanitarian organisations may negotiate licensing costs to run IrfanView. To protect ownership of work from unauthorised copying or printing. Plugins may be created for additional functionality or views that add new views – this piece of software’s potential uses are nearly limitless! Its only drawback may be slow launching speeds when browsing large image libraries which could be improved upon. Download IrfanView from its official website here

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