Is Maxthon Browser Safe to Use?

Maxthon Browser

Maxthon is a powerful browser with many additional features than many of its competitors, such as Resource Sniffer which aren’t available elsewhere.

Users can quickly share text, images and websites/links with friends using the cloud syncing feature. It also supports special trackpad gestures that enable control of various browser functions.


Maxthon may be older than Edge and Chrome, yet still boasts over 100 million users in 120 countries. Due to its longevity, Maxthon has learned what its users require; thus making its features all the more intuitive. You can save web pages or snippets to easily access content later and create shortcuts for sites you visit frequently.

Maxthon browser’s key benefit lies in its ability to reduce computer strain by automatically closing inactive tabs, thus optimizing system performance and saving memory. Furthermore, this browser stores login details so you never have to remember them again – saving both time and energy while guaranteeing access to favorite websites regardless of which computer is being used at any given moment.

This browser also boasts an innovative mouse gesture feature that enables users to control its functions with mouse movements, while you can use its search by tabs feature for performing searches without opening new windows; and Maxthon Smart Acceleration speeds up the visualization of webpages; finally Ad Hunter can help get rid of annoying banner ads!

Maxthon may fall below market standards when it comes to customer support; however, its community forum provides answers for many of your inquiries. Before posting questions on the forum, be sure to read through as most issues have likely already been solved by other users in that thread. In addition, make sure that the version you’re running matches up with your operating system to avoid potential compatibility issues with Maxthon.


Maxthon Browser stands out from its competition by adding numerous features that other browsers are decreasing in number; such as screen capture tools, split-screen browsing options, reader mode support, media downloader service providers and password keepers to form an all-in-one browsing experience that rivals its larger rivals on the market.

As soon as they launch the application, users will quickly note its attention to speed: both Trident and Webkit rendering engines are utilized for faster page loads, while it uses up 65% less memory than Windows browser default settings and has the capacity to put idle tabs to sleep so as to not overwhelm your system.

Users working on multiple projects at once will appreciate the tab grouping feature, which helps categorize topics and keep track of open webpages without losing sight of anything important. As an additional perk, this application offers built-in adblock protection against pop-up ads or distractions during work sessions.

Maxthon Browser stands out from other modern browsers by offering an array of privacy and security options designed to safeguard your online safety, such as private browsing mode, password manager and the capability of automatically saving account info so you can quickly login on any device.

Maxthon Browser stands out as being an impressively accessible free web browser, available to download and use completely free. Simply click on the link above to initiate its fast and straightforward installation on PCs in no time – once completed you can access your new favorite web browser either through Bluestacks home screens or the Google Play Store icon on desktop PCs.


Maxthon’s developer has packed it full of options designed to make it a more capable web browser, including tab grouping – which helps avoid your system becoming overloaded by too many open pages; and “sleeping” mode which puts inactive tabs “to sleep”, to minimize distractions while working on other tasks. Furthermore, Ad Hunter blocks intrusive ads from appearing and helps protect privacy; plus configuration options such as favorites list creation that automatically open when clicking links; Magic Fill saves information you enter into web forms automatically autofills forms automatically on subsequent visits!

Maxthon browser offers all of the modern conveniences found in modern browsers: password manager and online notepad to store account login credentials securely for later access; highly customizable features, settings and interface styles to choose from; night mode that makes browsing simpler in dim environments; etc.

Maxthon’s location in China can pose issues for users who prioritise online security and privacy. Censorship could pose issues for some platforms which use Maxthon.

Overall, Maxthon provides an ideal alternative to Chrome and Internet Explorer for users requiring advanced configurations or those looking to try something different than what has become the industry standards. Its fast response and range of syncing options make Maxthon an excellent choice for multi-computer or device use; moreover, users who prefer keeping all their data together may appreciate how easy it is to sync Maxthon between desktop computers and mobile phones with its Passport account.


Maxthon is one of many browser options available on the market, each offering their own advantages and drawbacks. One popular choice among security experts has been Maxthon; yet is this browser safe?

Maxthon began as the pet project of an issue solver techie in the early 2000s and has steadily evolved since. Today it offers fast, secure search for millions of users worldwide.

Maxthon Passport provides cross-platform syncing of data through Maxthon Browser, making it simple and seamless to switch between Mac, Windows or mobile devices while keeping a consistent experience.

Chrome or Edge. Firefox stands out with its extensive set of features, such as its built-in password manager and support for AdBlock, Google Translate, Honey, Dark Reader and Zoom extensions; as well as offering notes section and “Resource sniffer,” which extracts URLs of photos, videos and other file types on websites.

Unfortunately, security vulnerabilities in software could be used to access sensitive user data without their knowledge or consent. A browser’s unquoted service path enables hackers to gather information without the user knowing. These can then be exploited to conduct spear phishing attacks against victims or establish watering holes on popular websites visited frequently by them.

Maxthon’s headquarters are in China, which is notorious for forcing companies to build back doors for government surveillance. Though Maxthon insists they won’t do this, this promise cannot be guaranteed.

Reader Mode

Maxthon Browser’s latest edition is touted as its finest ever and boasts several innovative features not found in other web browsers, including split screen browsing that lets you see two pages side-by-side at once, reading mode that removes clutter on webpages for improved readability, an inbuilt translator to translate pages between languages, night mode for low light conditions that automatically alters color themes to dim them down for comfort reading, translation capabilities with built-in translator and built-in night mode that automatically darkens it for optimal reading comfort when reading pages side-by-side!

Maxthon makes sharing web content across devices easy by pushing images or text to mobile phones or tablets, which proved particularly handy during our tests when travelling or working remotely. In addition, this browser supports cloud-based syncing of favorites as well as multi-tab management that makes opening multiple websites in separate tabs effortless.

Other features worth mentioning include a password manager that secures and stores user data, custom shortcuts and mouse gestures to perform various functions, URL key set-up for easily opening specific websites quickly, resource sniffing capability to quickly identify image/video download URLs in seconds – plus more!

Maxthon performed well in our Octane 2.0 benchmark test, coming within reach of Chrome and Firefox; though your results may differ.

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