Is PDFCreator Download Right For You?


Convert any printable document into PDF with this virtual printer installed as an official printer driver, enabling nearly all applications to print directly to it.

Security features available include password protection, encryption and digital signatures. Furthermore, PDF can combine multiple documents into a single PDF for easy reordering as necessary.

Easy to use

PDFCreator download is a powerful software solution designed to automate the processing of large volumes of documents for businesses, while offering privacy to individual users who need to securely share documents. It includes numerous security options like password protection and digital signatures as well as watermarking capabilities, uploading to FTP servers and sending emails with attached PDF documents.

PDFCreator is an effortless add-in that streamlines the creation of PDF documents from Microsoft Word. With an intuitive user interface that’s simple to use and navigate, PDFCreator makes for an ideal tool for both office workers and power users. Furthermore, its fast conversion rates enable multiple documents to be created quickly – ideal for large documents with many pages to convert.

PDFCreator gives you two options for saving your document after conversion; either saving manually in a specific location, or activating its auto-save function which automatically saves to an assigned destination after completion. Preset values like file name and destination folder.

This new version of PDFCreator boasts numerous improvements and bug fixes, in addition to expanded support for multiple output formats like RAW, BMP, PNG and JPEG – as well as its PDF output being compatible with more graphics viewers and editors than before. Furthermore, PDFCreator now sorts print jobs according to arrival time – meaning multipage documents will still be printed correctly even if one page takes longer to print than expected.

Converts any document to PDF

PDFCreator makes it simple and effortless to transform any printable document into a high-quality PDF. The software acts like a virtual printer driver integrated within Windows operating systems. This feature allows you to easily generate PDF files from virtually any application, such as word processing, spreadsheet and image programs. Furthermore, it allows you to encrypt documents with password protection as well as support output formats like EPS, PS, TIFF, JPG BMP PNG. This program boasts a user-friendly interface that keeps visuals to a minimum while emphasizing functionality. With an array of features like batch file processing and updating capabilities, and even free versions featuring watermarks (for some users). However, some have reported issues with using it due to incompatibilities between file types that make updating difficult or inability to batch process files in batch.

PDFCreator makes saving space and time easy, by automatically saving converted documents as one PDF file after conversion. Simply specify a folder and file name and it will take care of the rest – an invaluable feature if you regularly create similar PDF documents! Plus, its user token functionality enables you to automatically include information such as invoice number or client name into document filenames!

PDFCreator is an ideal way to secure data, preventing unauthorized access and modification. With user/owner password protection and restrictions for printing or copying text and images from PDF documents, as well as digital signature authentication to verify authorship, PDFCreator can keep your documents protected against unwanted changes or access.

Converts to PDF/A

If you need to convert documents to PDF format on a computer, there are various software tools you can use. One popular choice is PDFCreator by pdfforge; this program offers various features and has amassed an enormous user base. However, alternatives exist with more functionalities or user-friendlier interfaces if PDFCreator no longer meets your needs or is hindering system performance; otherwise it might be wiser to remove it entirely from your system.

PDFCreator makes it easy to convert files from nearly any application into the PDF format, including Word, Excel, JPEGs and other types of documents. Multiple page sizes including A4 can also be supported and an option for PDF/A compliance can ensure your document will always remain accessible regardless of technology changes and software developments in the future.

PDFCreator can convert general files to PDF in four ways: Printing, Drag and Dropping, Command Line and Windows Explorer. You can also use its web app to convert online documents in minutes – simply upload and download! Plus you have complete control over where it will be saved!

No matter if it be Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, image files or even virtual printer drivers – with this tool it’s quick and simple to convert any file type to PDF quickly and efficiently. Plus it comes equipped with password protection capabilities allowing for secure sharing!

Converts to other formats

If you find yourself regularly needing to convert documents into PDF formats, online software services may provide invaluable help. Such services make the task of document conversion simple while still keeping formatting and text intact – however they may use up system resources which in turn affect computer performance; if this becomes evident it could be worth considering uninstalling these services to free up resources and enhance your experience.

PDFCreator is an application that makes creating PDF files incredibly simple across Windows applications that support printing. By acting as a virtual printer, PDFCreator enables virtually any program capable of printing to take advantage of its PDFCreator virtual printer to generate PDFs with one click.

Secures documents

PDF documents offer a secure means of sharing information, but it’s essential to take security into account before creating them. There are a variety of methods you can employ when protecting PDFs – Able2Extract Professional can password protect files as well as enable digital signatures; plus it converts PDFs to RAW or other formats!

To protect the confidentiality of your document and prevent unintended usage, it’s advisable to set up a password. This allows you to restrict permissions for printing, copying text and images and editing the original file, while you can encrypt using Low (128 Bit AES), Medium (128 Bit AES), or High 256 Bit AES encryptions; all this can be accomplished using the Security Settings dialog box; passwords will then be encrypted before saving which helps prevent plain text passwords appearing in Registry databases.

Your document can include a digital signature to verify who created it. While digital signatures do not prevent other people from altering or making changes to it, they do demonstrate who wrote it and help protect against copyright violations. PDFCreator offers this feature across its editions; even its free edition offers this service.

PDFCreator is an attractive program with many useful features and an intuitive user interface, but it is important to consider whether this software meets your needs and how it may impede computer performance. Some versions include potentially dangerous adware toolbars that many virus scanners identify as potentially undesirable software.

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