IsoBuster Review


IsoBuster is a versatile tool designed by Peter van Hove for use with multiple optical disc formats and file systems, sold by Smart Projects.

This program is both highly specialized and easy to use. It works with CDs, DVDs, HD DVDs, hard drives and USB sticks – even older media such as Zip and Jaz drives can be managed seamlessly.

Supports a wide range of optical discs

IsoBuster is an easy and powerful program for reading and extracting files and folders from CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs. It supports many file systems as it works directly with physical media – not like other programs that use Windows file system for this task – giving it access to files the operating system may never see and creating backup images of physical media for backup purposes. Compatible with any Windows OS.

IsoBuster can read most optical disc formats, such as BD-ROM (BD-XL) and Blu-ray. It can extract MP3 files from audio CDs, display tracks, sessions, disc information, manage optical media contents and recover lost data from damaged and scratched CDs as well as restore their original file structures – IsoBuster also displays each file’s logical block address to help quickly locate missing files on CD or DVD discs.

Another feature is the ability to extract files, folders and image files from a disc by selecting their object and clicking on the Extract button. The method of extraction may vary slightly depending on which object has been selected; most commonly used method will be shown bold.

IsoBuster offers an impressive list of features at an unbeatably affordable price point – its basic version costs $40 while Professional includes more features.

IsoBuster provides users with numerous free tutorials to get them acquainted with its software, while several forums on its website provide users with an opportunity to ask any queries related to using IsoBuster.

Today marks the release of IsoBuster version 2.03, offering new functionality and improvements, such as large NTFS clusters, workaround for USBC corruption issues, support for multiple NTFS MFTs per block and many more. Check the release notes for more details – not forgetting some important bug fixes that have also been implemented.

It is easy to use

IsoBuster is an advanced, yet user-friendly CD and DVD data recovery program. The software can extract files from damaged or trashed CDs, DVDs and Blu Ray discs as well as deleted ones on hard drives, memory cards or flash media that Windows indicates need to be formatted! Furthermore, it can restore files corrupted due to scratches or other physical factors on optical media.

Utilizing IsoBuster is straightforward; simply open the program, select your disc of interest, and start searching. If IsoBuster finds what you need, it will create an image file for you that you can burn to new discs using any burning software available to you – making IsoBuster one of the fastest and most reliable ways to restore damaged or lost files.

IsoBuster has undergone significant improvements since its initial release. Notably, it now supports an easier extension naming convention that denotes image files with more-than-512 bytes-per-block (e.g. *.1Kn, *.2Kn etc) files; as well as full support for 8Kn devices such as Plasmon UDO2 drives.

IsoBuster stands out as an impressive tool, due to its ability to work around various issues and bugs in both hardware and software. Its heuristic routines enable it to construct file lists independently from their original file-system and recover data from scratched or partially-readable discs which other programs would be unable to.

IsoBuster’s most notable attribute is its versatility; it can be used on all kinds of drives ranging from flash drives (USB Sticks, MMC Compact or SD cards) and hard drives to save files accidentally deleted or lost from PC users’ hard drives. Plus it is both affordable and worth every penny – earning top marks from PC World as a leading tech magazine and being awarded winner of an extensive CD and DVD recovery test!

It is compatible with Windows

IsoBuster is an impressive piece of data recovery software. It can rescue files from damaged CDs, DVDs and Blu Ray discs as well as recover lost pictures, videos and documents on hard disks or memory cards. Furthermore, unlike most data recovery solutions IsoBuster communicates directly with optical drives to interpret data interpretation so it isn’t dependent on Windows; as a result it can also work on Mac and Linux operating systems with limited limitations in play.

This version’s engine code has been thoroughly revamped, leading to faster and more stable functionality. More revealing read/recovery mechanisms have been included, and the scanning for missing files functionality has been significantly upgraded; additionally a number of bug fixes were addressed as well.

IsoBuster now provides native support for UDF file systems, eliminating many workarounds needed before to deal with larger than 512 byte blocks. Furthermore, an NTFS Alternate Data Stream recognition engine was implemented that allows recovery of these streams created by write applications on UDF discs.

One cool new feature is the ability to extract all files on a multi-part image file simultaneously, making data recovery much simpler from discs with errors. Furthermore, this version also gives technicians and experts easy ways to match extracted files to their original counterparts so as to replicate identical sets of files from CD/DVD.

One thing that truly separates IsoBuster from its competition is its commitment to customer support. While most companies offer dedicated helplines, with Peter acting as CEO, developer, marketer, IT help desk support person and support person all-in-one – which has proven key for its success.

It is affordable

IsoBuster stands out among data recovery tools as one of the few that works with various disc formats, including CDs, HD DVDs and BDs. Furthermore, it recognizes file formats which Windows may not even recognize but still recovers lost files from them – making IsoBuster especially suitable for businesses that depend on older media for critical business records storage.

Isobuster can also help recover data from hard drives and USB sticks. The software identifies and skips damaged sectors to retrieve lost files from discs or other devices; detect hidden files/partitions/hidden partitions; as well as work around various drive and software bugs/limitations.

IsoBuster has recently introduced several exciting features and enhancements, including an advanced search function and an eye-catching graphical representation of good vs bad blocks. Furthermore, this release also supports Mac.dmg files as well as image formats from major vendors such as Nero (.nrg). Furthermore, more Linux EXT file systems are supported along with easy one-click file extractions from CD/DVD.

Peter Van Hove founded IsoBuster as a hobby in 1995; over time it has evolved into one of the first comprehensive CD, DVD and BD data recovery software packages available today. Leveraging his professional experiences and techniques into IsoBuster has allowed it to operate effectively on optical media, hard disks and flash memory – providing him with one comprehensive data recovery tool that covers every data carrier type imaginable.

Peter’s main aim is to offer customers the highest-quality product and service at a reasonable cost point, making his approach unique on the market and providing great value for money for anyone needing their data back. This is especially beneficial to small to mid-sized companies as their data often contains important tax records or client databases whose loss would incur immense costs; IsoBuster provides an affordable tool that can help minimize this damage; in addition, they also offer free trials so you can test whether IsoBuster is suitable for your company!

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