iTools Review


iTools is a lightweight program that is designed to maximize the utility of Apple devices. Compatible with multiple versions of iOS and Windows, and free of advertising.

This app boasts several useful features, such as setting a virtual fake GPS location. This has proven helpful for ambulance drivers, hitchhikers, boat enthusiasts and others in numerous cases.

App management

iTools is the ideal software solution for managing all aspects of iOS devices, enabling you to easily and quickly manage photos, music, apps and applications on iPhone, iPad and iPod models from latest generations. Compatible with both PCs and Macs and featuring an easy user interface for all levels of users from beginners to professionals iTools makes managing photos, music and applications with iOS devices much simpler than ever before! A great replacement for iTunes that includes many unique features not available elsewhere free programs!

iTools goes beyond managing apps and media files – it also can clear away cache, RAM and improve device performance by clearing cache, RAM or increasing RAM usage. Plus its iCloud Backup/Restore feature enables you to back up personal data as well as download ringtones! Plus it comes equipped with its own YouTube downloader so you can convert videos directly into ringtones! There’s even a built-in iBook reader capable of reading PDF and EPUB files!

iTools also boasts an incredible battery master feature, providing users with extensive information regarding the life and health of their iOS device’s battery life. It includes information such as design capacity, fully charged cycles, boot voltage, electric current and more about its battery. Furthermore, this program can help arrange icon order on home screens or organize apps into folders.

One of the key advantages of iTools is its lightweight nature and minimal system requirements for functioning, even on older versions of Windows without causing issues. Also unlike many free programs, iTools doesn’t display ads which may disrupt its operation – though please keep in mind it may not detect some USB cables and interfaces properly.

iTools for Windows is an excellent alternative to iTunes that has many useful features. You can use it to transfer music, videos and photos between your iDevice and computer without loosing data or information; create and edit ringtones; personalize home screens; as well as edit home pages – all at no cost with limited restrictions and limitations that you should keep in mind before using the software with an untrustworthy connection as otherwise you risk deleting files and potentially even crashing it completely! However it should only ever be used with reliable internet connections – otherwise files could get lost forever or crash your phone completely!

Media management

iTools download is an app that makes managing photos, music, applications, files and devices simple and effortless. It enables file transfer/view/delete/rename capabilities on local computers as well as easier system performance than iTunes – not to mention support for iBooks and simple ringtone creation with one-click operation!

Comparative to iTunes, iTools download provides more extensive details of apps installed on a device and allows for their backup or uninstallation as needed. Furthermore, more facilities for managing media files (including video format conversion) and running smoothly across various versions of Windows are also provided compared with iTunes download.

This tool makes importing and exporting data simple, providing backup should your device or computer go missing. Furthermore, you can access and play various audio/video files. Managing personal information such as notes, messages, contacts and call history is also simplified using this software; transfer PDF/Epubs between computers; alter audio file formats as needed and edit videos is all possible with just one tool!

Screen Mirroring, one of the many useful features in iTools, allows users to display their iPad’s screen on a larger monitor for presentations, gaming or streaming movies. Furthermore, Battery Master provides comprehensive details regarding your battery health.

iTools is an excellent alternative to iTunes for managing Apple devices, and is free for basic users. However, iTools comes with certain limitations such as limited support and customization options compared to iTunes; nevertheless, despite these constraints iTools remains a fantastic choice for managing large numbers of files with ease and lightweight operation – making it perfect for novice computer users as well. Furthermore, iOS 11 compatibility means it will work on all iPhone, iPad, or iPod touches and its drag-and-drop interface makes navigating through it seamless!

Backup and restore

iTools download is an all-in-one iOS device management program that makes using an iPhone/iPod/iPad easier than ever. As a powerful iTunes alternative, this free program supports various data transfer options and runs smoothly on Windows computers – an excellent option for users seeking to optimize their Apple experience without spending money.

As soon as your iPhone or other device connects to a computer, iTools will recognize it and present some basic system information based on your device. Depending on its specifications, this could include details regarding installed applications, storage capacity and files located on it – helpful when it comes to identifying which apps are using up most space and unneeded programs that could otherwise occupy unnecessary memory space.

This program also allows you to back up the contents of your iPhone/iPod/iPad to PC in case anything happens to it, ensuring all of your important files are safe in case something goes amiss with it. Simply select “Backup” in iTools Toolbox section of interface and choose the type of data such as music videos photos books contacts you wish to save for later retrieval.

Export data from your computer onto an iDevice to save space and delete duplicated files, while iTools is ideal for moving it between devices – especially useful if you frequently travel or switch carriers – though its limitations only allow it to back up up to 5 GB.

If your data exceeds this amount, iCloud or iTunes might be necessary for storage on another computer. However, iTools offers many additional features which make it a superior choice – including its ringtone maker, file manager, battery mastering feature as well as its user-friendly interface which suits both beginners and experienced users alike.


If you own an iPhone, iTools is a lightweight program that enables you to manage it easily. Compatible with all iOS versions and iDevices; user-friendly; great choice for developers/QA specialists testing their apps on multiple iDevices!

Utilizing iTools for Pokemon GO spoofing is risky and could result in your account getting banned. Pokemon GO considers such practices to be cheating and has already identified iTools as one of the more popular spoofing tools, often being used by players trying to catch rare Pokemon which don’t reside within their region – this practice has lead to several accounts getting banned; additionally it disrupts real world exploration and social interactions, leading to unbalanced gameplay experiences.

Spoofing with iTools has been utilized by millions of users. The program works by simulating GPS movement of a device. You can spoof up to 15 devices at the same time and set their destination anywhere around the globe. However, its Virtual Location feature has been plagued with issues regarding compatibility, game updates, prior warnings, stability and lack of support; in order to use it without experiencing issues it’s also essential that a solid Internet connection be maintained when using this tool; for optimal results we suggest choosing another tool when it comes to Pokemon GO spoofing!

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