iTop VPN Review

iTop VPN boasts an impressive selection of features, such as robust security protocols and multiple server locations. Furthermore, they offer competitive prices and full money-back guarantees.

The service’s most useful feature is the browser cleaner, which increases privacy by clearing away junk files that accumulate in your browsers and increasing their performance. While this is nice to have, its effectiveness does not compensate for its subpar customer support service.


If you want an easily usable VPN that offers fast connections and no data logging, iTop may be your perfect match. Their extensive global server coverage guarantees privacy without the logging of data that could identify you; however, their location within the US (a member of Five Eyes alliance) makes their security less secure than alternatives such as TorGuard or Free VPN services.

The service offers wide-ranging support for Android, iOS and Mac operating systems. The software features an intuitive user interface with many useful features that include a kill switch to stop connection interruption and Wi-Fi security feature that warns about suspicious networks based on their level of protection.

Another key feature of a VPN is the ability to access multiple servers simultaneously, increasing both speed and privacy. You can also select which applications connect via the VPN; its built-in ad blocker makes for an improved browsing experience; however, there may occasionally be minor bugs or performance issues with the app itself.

iTop VPN uses its own custom protocols to transfer and encrypt your data to protect it from hackers and others who might try to spy on you. With features like Perfect Forward Secrecy – regularly changing encryption keys – and RAM-only servers which automatically erase memory when rebooted, iTop VPN provides users with privacy.

iTop VPN provides an impressive free trial period of 30 days for its features – longer than the average free trial period! Payment can be made with any major card or via PayPal and auto-renewal can be disabled at any time if desired; furthermore, plans lasting more than 30 days come with a money back guarantee (albeit not as generous as some VPNs).


VPNs (virtual private networks) have long been recognized as effective tools in fighting data leaks and third party spying online, masking your IP address and online activity so no third party can gain access without valid justification. One such service that offers great privacy protection and accessing geo-blocked content is iTop VPN – offering reliable services at competitive prices to provide peace of mind to internet users everywhere.

Service from this provider comes in both free and paid versions, with the latter featuring limited features. Paid subscribers can take advantage of full functionality including ad-free streaming, unlimited bandwidth usage and VPN servers; five devices can connect simultaneously using just one VIP account; there are apps dedicated for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices as well.

iTop VPN’s server list is impressive, boasting more than 1,800 servers spread out around the world and offering gaming such as PUBG, CS:GO and Minecraft servers as well as streaming platforms like Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Hulu streaming services. Unfortunately this provider doesn’t offer many advanced tunneling protocols so connection speeds aren’t as quick as other options available to them.

Pricing is fairly cost-effective, offering monthly or annual subscription options. There is also an attractive buy-one-year-get-one promotion and discounts are often offered during certain parts of the year – plus longer subscription terms tend to be cheaper! A common trend among VPN providers.

As for its privacy policy, the provider promises not to record user information but does collect personal data for customer support and other uses. Note: this VPN service resides in Hong Kong under Chinese jurisdiction so its data protection laws may not be as strong. Nonetheless, perfect forward secrecy and RAM-only servers can help minimize how much data could be compromised by hackers; furthermore it supports OpenVPN (TCP and UDP), HTTPS as well as WireGuard protocols but not both at once.


iTop VPN boasts top-tier security, fast connection speeds and a comprehensive selection of features. Its no-logs policy and kill switch are especially advantageous, while automatic connections to stable servers ensure secure connectivity. Unfortunately it only supports Windows, Android and iOS devices and lacks apps for other platforms or routers, making its use limited to a select few devices.

Encryption-wise, the provider uses two VPN protocols – OpenVPN and custom ones – to protect users’ data privacy. Although this is great news, its Hong Kong location raises some suspicion. Furthermore, no details were given as to how it handles user data or whether or not it shares it with any third parties.

However, this provider does offer a 30-day money back guarantee to give you time to determine whether it meets your needs and can even allow a one-time or monthly subscription payment plan depending on what’s right for you.

As a premium user, you will gain access to ad blocking technology which removes pop-up ads that could compromise your online safety. Customise settings as desired to exclude specific sites deemed safe.

The iTop VPN app also enables you to conduct speed tests and IP checks – two valuable additional features. Its built-in speed tests are accurate and straightforward, while its IP checker offers comprehensive location details including latitude, longitude, postal code information.

iTop VPN’s app also boasts another handy feature, in the form of its ability to remove junk files from your browser, improving performance and overall browsing experience. This can be especially beneficial as junk files accumulate over time and cause performance issues, while blocking cookies adds another layer of protection against tracking and malicious content – although not many other providers offer this protection feature – with auto-renewal for easy subscription management and cancellation.


iTop VPN features an intuitive user experience that makes connecting and browsing the Internet quick and effortless for users of all experience levels. It works on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices such as Android and iOS smartphones and devices – offering free downloads with premium versions featuring a 30-day money back guarantee.

iTop VPN stands out from other services by not recording or logging any user data or activity, offering peace of mind to anyone concerned about possible data breaches as it makes it harder for cybercriminals to gain entry without password access. Furthermore, this service features an automated kill switch feature which will disconnect devices if their connection to VPN drops – this could be an invaluable safeguard against data breach for some.

When it comes to servers, iTop VPN boasts an impressive network for a free service provider. Their network covers many key countries as well as lesser known ones via premium versions; and features specialty servers for gaming, social media and downloading purposes.

Smart Location is another novel feature of this service and designed to connect you to the fastest and most reliable server available based on your location, network speed and what website or app you’re currently accessing. This makes a welcome improvement over traditional Connect button which often takes too long to connect and fails to provide optimal results.

Windows and Mac apps both feature an intuitive, user-friendly interface that is simple to navigate. Each features a home screen with a large Connect button as well as general settings and additional information, including configuration options to activate VPN automatically when starting up a computer or connecting automatically to public Wi-Fi networks.

Although iTop VPN offers many positive aspects, it also has some notable drawbacks. Notably, its full leak protection and no-logs policy have not been independently audited; moreover, only OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols are supported which may not meet privacy needs of some.

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