iTop VPN Review

iTop VPN boasts an impressive feature set, such as Security Reinforce that automatically cleans and eliminates vulnerabilities on devices in seconds. In addition, its no-log policy keeps your data away from hackers or prying eyes.

Compatibility with all operating systems, coupled with an attractive refund policy and decent speeds, make this an attractive choice for users.


iTop VPN utilizes strong encryption to safeguard its user data, employing industry standard AES-256 encryption to safeguard user information from hackers and third parties, while helping prevent data leakage by disallowing ISPs, Wi-Fi network administrators, or any unwelcome onlookers from accessing online activity without your knowledge or consent. As a result, any internet-enabled device can be used without fear of personal information loss or exposure to malware and other threats.

Apart from its strong encryption techniques, iTop VPN also offers various additional features designed to safeguard user privacy. These include a browser cleaner that helps clear away private data stored in browsers; DNS protection that prevents it being hijacked or hacked by malware and hackers; as well as security reinforce features which quickly detect and address system vulnerabilities in seconds. Another handy feature is its kill switch function which shuts off internet connectivity if it becomes disconnected from its server; this ensures protection is maintained even if VPN service is accidentally disabled or switched over to another server – thus protecting users even during times when accidental IP or DNS leakage occurs.

The VPN service also offers multiple protocols, such as OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec and IKEv2, which all provide high levels of security with varying degrees of performance. Furthermore, it supports desktop computers to mobile devices – and has servers tailored specifically for gaming, Telegram, HBO Max or Roblox usage.

Another impressive feature of iTop VPN is their kill switch, which automatically cuts off your internet connection should the VPN service disconnect or become unstable. Many other providers overlook this essential safety measure – but iTop VPN stands out with a highly-dependable kill switch, making them an excellent choice for protecting against unexpected data loss.

iTop VPN does not offer live chat functionality, but offers customer support via email and an interactive feedback tab. Response times may be slow due to their unlisted support hours – however their friendly and helpful customer support team are ready and willing to assist with any problems or queries you might have.


Most VPNs employ various protocols (which control how data is transferred) and encryption systems to keep you safe, while iTop uses its own unique approach: instead of using OpenVPN or WireGuard as traditional methods, it creates fast proxy connections directly to servers; directs traffic through those tunnels before encrypting it with its own protocol.

iTop provides users with an option to switch DNS providers, an essential element of privacy. Doing this helps avoid any logs being stored by these or third party services and keeps personal information more confidential. Moreover, Security Reinforce provides advanced PC security analysis as well as suggested solutions to reduce vulnerabilities on your PC; an intriguing addition but one with additional costs.

iTop VPN’s free service boasts several attractive features that make it worth trying, including access to multiple servers located around the globe and major cities; additionally, gaming, streaming and social media servers can provide added speed and protection if desired.

Another advantageous feature is a no-logs policy, which ensures that no information that could potentially identify you or violate your privacy will be stored by the service. Furthermore, perfect forward secrecy frequently changes session keys so hackers are less likely to gain access to it and intercept data from sessions.

The app is extremely straightforward to use on Windows, featuring an intuitive home screen which features a large on/off button as well as current IP, location and server information – making navigation effortless. iOS and Android versions may not offer as much detail but remain easy enough for most people.

Other notable features include an inbuilt speed test, IP checker and VPN kill switch. On iOS devices there’s even a split tunneling feature which enables users to exempt specific websites or apps from its protection for increased speed and bandwidth utilization. Furthermore, Security Reinforce offers useful protection from tracking or exposure by cleaning browser history, temporary files and local cookies regularly – an extremely handy feature!

Security Reinforce

While iTop VPN offers some unique features not found elsewhere, its security could use some improvements. First of all, its Hong Kong location makes it vulnerable to government surveillance; lack of modern tunneling protocols makes iTop less secure compared to some secure VPNs; furthermore its no-logs policy hasn’t been audited by an independent third party auditor.

However, this VPN for Windows still offers top-level privacy protection and various security tools. For instance, the app cleans up local browser files, offers an adblock kill switch feature, and prioritizes IPv6 to create more stable connections.

After downloading, iTop VPN opens with an easy and user-friendly interface featuring the main “connect” button at its center. On the left are all available servers while right displays your current connection details and status. Furthermore, this free VPN for Windows offers you options for choosing a protocol which best meets your speed needs as well as security protection needs.

Clicking the Connect button will cause the program to automatically select a server best suited for your current location, with options for changing this selection via clicking on the arrows on the right-side window. Furthermore, you may change your default protocol by selecting from TCP, UDP or HTTPS if available.

Server selection is excellent and includes servers specifically tailored for torrenting and gaming, but the speed may not compare favorably with some other free VPN services that use more modern tunneling protocols.

Hotspot Shield’s unlimited VPN for PC plan or ProtonVPN’s free plan offer more data, but iTop VPN only has a 700MB daily data limit on their free plan compared to Hotspot Shield or ProtonVPN respectively. However, you can upgrade to VIP version of iTop VPN to gain more storage capacity and advanced features; plus there’s even a free trial offer so users can experience what iTop has to offer! For more information visit their official website or tap Options icon located top right of their app in order to begin exploring what iTop offers or click Options icon from within iTop VPN app itself to begin exploring what it has to offer!


iTop VPN’s interface was carefully designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. At its heart lies a large Connect button at the top, along with bits of information beneath it; underneath this are different sections for choosing servers, activating ad blocking, reviewing account details and changing notifications/autoconnect settings / changing various settings.

Service users are allowed five simultaneous connections; premium users may utilize up to four. Its server network spans over 1,800 servers in more than 100 countries, featuring streaming, torrenting and gaming-specific servers that ensure you always find one close by that provides stable connections even during peak hours.

One of iTop VPN’s standout features is its automatic kill switch, which shuts off your internet access if it loses VPN connectivity and protects against data leakage. Furthermore, DNS leak protection directs all internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel, eliminating the risk of websites recording your browsing history and maintaining privacy.

iTop VPN utilizes AES-256 bit encryption technology, widely considered the industry standard. This type of protection protects data from being exposed to hackers or any other form of cybercrime. In addition, their no logging policy guarantees your information stays private while keeping legal issues at bay.

All things considered, iTop VPN is an incredibly user-friendly and dependable VPN that’s great for beginners. Its performance is solid while its geo-unblocking abilities are fairly efficient – perfect for geo-unblocking regions like China. Furthermore, its user-friendly features make it the ideal VPN choice. Furthermore, its server network boasts extensive servers for optimal performance as well as numerous customizable settings to maximize performance.

One major drawback of this service is that there’s no direct communication with its support team; should you require help, you will have to submit a ticket and wait for their reply; which may not be suitable if you require fast, outstanding customer support and response times from your VPN service.

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