iTop VPN Review

iTop VPN boasts an exceptional customer support system, including FAQs, phone support and tutorials. Users are also invited to submit feedback or leave comments within the app itself.

User interface design is straightforward and user-friendly, featuring an easily accessible connect button at the top of each page. Switching servers is made effortless via an organized list on the Home screen for fast selection.


iTop VPN is an effective choice for unblocking websites and streaming services, featuring servers located worldwide that you can select for specific activities – gaming, social media and torrenting are among them – while split tunneling capabilities and built-in ad blockers further increase security and privacy.

iTop VPN stands out from other VPNs by not storing any of your data; instead, it collects it through cookies and third-party apps to provide customer service and analytics purposes, store device information like system version, hardware specs, crash logs and internet traffic to optimize service provision and use its DNS Protection feature to prevent malicious changes to DNS settings on devices.

The iTop VPN free app can be found on iOS and Android devices, offering basic services with daily bandwidth restrictions of 700 MB per user and no geographically locked streaming services or unblock websites support. iTop VPN premium app on the other hand enables up to five devices at once to use all its services simultaneously.

iTop VPN employs military-grade AES encryption and three different security protocols to safeguard your privacy, with its DNS protection feature helping prevent accidental DNS changes and its Browser Privacy feature clearing your browser traces and cache to maintain anonymity.

iTop VPN boasts several useful features, such as split tunneling, an ad blocker, and an easy-to-use interface. Unfortunately, however, its lack of auto-connection on insecure Wi-Fi networks is disappointing, while its inability to support multiple languages poses further complications – although their website offers comprehensive FAQs and user manuals to assist users when troubleshooting issues arises.


iTop VPN offers various subscription plans designed to fit different needs and budgets. While its free plan has some restrictions, paid plans offer features such as military-grade encryption, multi-platform support and global server access. Plus, these plans come with money back guarantees and an in-depth privacy policy for added peace of mind.

iTop VPN differs from many other VPN providers by not storing personal information or IP addresses of its customers, making it harder for third parties to monitor online activity, giving you peace of mind knowing your data is protected from hackers and government authorities. The provider does collect some personal data for payment processing and customer service purposes – this may include your name, home/work address, email address, phone number and transaction details.

Provider uses 256-bit AES encryption to safeguard your data, along with DNS leak protection and a kill switch that cuts internet traffic if your connection drops – protecting you against DNS hijacking and other forms of network attack. Furthermore, streaming-optimized servers and dynamic or static IP addresses are also offered as features of their service.

Pricing with iTop VPN is competitive and includes an impressive variety of features. Their servers can be found across 180 locations worldwide, each supported by their robust security policy backed by 256-bit AES encryption to safeguard data against hackers, and no-logs storage for personal information and browsing history. Furthermore, RAM-only servers help prevent your data from being stored on hard drives for optimal privacy; additionally they feature split tunneling as well as an ad blocker feature to further enhance protection.


iTop VPN boasts 1,800+ servers around the world and helps users bypass ISP throttling to make internet faster for them. In independent speed tests, iTop has performed exceptionally well; its unlimited bandwidth and no-logging policy make for seamless streaming and downloading experience without interruption or compromise from malware threats or any other risks.

Security Reinforce is one of the company’s special features that optimizes your computer to prevent potential vulnerabilities from emerging within seconds. Their Premium version goes a step further by enabling you to select specific actions you would like performed by their software – giving your PC extra protection against threats and challenges ahead.

Premium services offered by iTop include additional security options such as ad blockers, anti-tracking technology, fingerprint protection and privacy browser. In addition, gaming enthusiasts can take advantage of its dedicated VPN server which can reduce latency while optimizing network configuration settings to optimize gaming performance. Finally, its mobile and desktop apps offer seamless experiences akin to men wearing cologne striding confidently while clicking their heels rapidly respectively.

Hong Kong jurisdiction may not provide optimal privacy conditions. Although iTop does not log user activity (such as browsing history or DNS queries), device information like hardware version can still be collected to troubleshoot technical issues and provide customer support – something which may pose problems for those preferring their own private servers. Luckily, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec and PPTP protocols are supported – though not Tor over VPN or multi-hopping; nonetheless it remains an excellent daily use VPN service provider.


iTop VPN provides apps for iOS, Windows, Mac and Android devices. Their intuitive and aesthetically pleasing mobile apps show their understanding of users’ varying needs across platforms; users can quickly connect to their preferred server in just a few taps! Plus – all ad-free! iTop VPN makes an excellent choice for anyone wanting to avoid advertising.

iTop VPN stands out from many VPN services by not keeping activity logs, helping protect user data and identity as well as prevent malware attacks by blocking any harmful links and ads.

iTop VPN stands out for its ability to unblock geographically restricted content. With fast server speeds that enable users to watch videos and play games without lag or slowdown, its security features provide protection from ISP throttling or network interference, and offers unlimited bandwidth – providing users with a smooth browsing experience and providing protection from ads.

While iTop VPN doesn’t provide a dedicated streaming app, it does provide various solutions tailored specifically to different needs. These include gaming servers for PUBG and Roblox as well as social media servers such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Telegram and Twitter – not forgetting security reinforcement servers which help reduce device vulnerabilities.

iTop VPN’s no-logs policy is one of its main selling points, though they still collect usage and device data to provide customer support. This may include your name, email address, order reference number, device OS version number and hardware specs – however this information alone would not allow them to identify you or mount an attack against you.

Customer support

iTop VPN, located in Hong Kong and servicing users worldwide, delivers decent performance when torrenting and acceptable speeds are concerned. Unfortunately, however, its privacy department could use some improvements; being located in the US without an audited no-logs policy may compromise confidentiality further. It also lacks modern tunneling protocols which make unblocking streaming content challenging at best.

However, it offers various other security features to safeguard your online activities and identity, including split tunneling, an ad blocker, security reinforce, browser privacy settings and speed tests to verify connection speeds.

iTop VPN stands out by protecting devices from malware and viruses. Compatible with major operating systems and providing apps for Android, iOS, and Windows; unfortunately it lacks an option dedicated for routers like other VPN services offer.

Customer support at Crash Pad includes ticket and online feedback pages for customer inquiries and issues to be quickly resolved by agents around the clock. In addition, all purchases come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

iTop VPN offers three plans to choose from: free, monthly and yearly. Their annual plan offers substantial savings compared to its alternatives; in addition to flexible subscription periods and no data caps or bandwidth limitations, this service also boasts unlimited bandwidth usage as well as no data caps at all. Unfortunately, their free version only supports one connection at once while multiple devices should opt for their premium plan for optimal use of iTop VPN service.

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