JetAudio Review


JetAudio is a multimedia player equipped with several extra features that may or may not meet everyone’s needs, yet others will definitely appreciate them.

JetAudio features powerful audio playback functions, including an advanced 10/20 band graphic equalizer, crossfading and AGC. In addition, JetAudio supports various audio file formats.


Nowadays, most of us can access various online streaming services which enable us to access music while on the go. While these are wonderful options, some individuals still prefer taking their music collection with them and being able to access it offline when desired; jetAudio may provide the ideal solution.

JetAudio features an easy and intuitive user experience, offering multiple layout options for creating playlists. Its main window can display in 3 List modes or 10 Grid modes to tailor the user’s experience according to their individual needs. Additional features include an accurate 20-Band Graphic Equalizer with display of lyrics as well as download notifications of sound effects including Reverb, enhanced bass and Echo effects for customization of user’s experience.

The software supports all major audio file formats, including MP3, AAC, FLAC and OGG Vorbis for audio; MP4, MP2, MP1, WMV and Ogg Theora for video. You can stream music from shared folders on a home network and WebDAV servers; it can even stream Apple Music songs and download them as locally saved files if desired! You can even display both synced and unsynchronised lyrics of an audio track if desired! Other features include 10-band spectrum visualization as well as the option to add external visualization plugins.

Although JetAudio does have some downsides, such as its inability to support headset button playback control and some ads appearing on-screen, it remains a versatile multimedia player with plenty of features. Plus, its light footprint means minimal system resource utilization while boasting above-average file support as well as an appealing phone UI.


JetAudio offers an equalizer designed to suit the specific ears and mood of its user, offering features including audio converter, mixer, trimmer, Dolby digital sound effects with 10/20 band graphic equalizer as well as a ringtone maker.

The program also features various other services, including automatic cross-fade and playback speed controls, as well as an audio recorder capable of batch processing. Users can customize settings of all these functions individually as well as save equalizer customizations for later use.

jetAudio not only supports multiple file formats, but its powerful audio engine can automatically adjust pitch and tempo of tracks as they’re played back, making them easier on your ears. Furthermore, you can import/export equalizer presets, as well as create customized playlists containing the most popular songs or albums from its database.

JetAudio’s equalizer (EQ) boasts over ten predefined settings and user-definable modes, and features various effects like surround sound and extra bass to your track as well as setting an individual fade-in volume. Users can customize both left and right ear EQ settings separately as well as use its spectrum analyzer feature to visualize their music.

This app also comes equipped with an audio CD ripper and allows users to set recurring tasks, such as launching programs at specific times or shutting off and entering hibernation mode, recording starts/stops etc. In addition, alarms may also be set as well as playing back a playlist.


JetAudio provides many services that enhance audio and video playback, such as a built-in media player, CD ripper, sound enhancements, lyrics support and microphone input capabilities. Furthermore, you can record your voice through microphone or line-in input as well as see each verse more clearly than with most traditional music players.

The program includes several visual effects, such as a 10-band spectrum visualization that functions as both equalizer and visualizer, along with various plugins for synchronized visualizers based on external sources (MilkDrop, PixelTrip and Space).

JetAudio is a comprehensive multimedia suite capable of handling most file types supported by Windows Media Player. Unfortunately, however, JetAudio doesn’t include its own full set of codecs so if you want to play formats such as DivX you will require installing external codec packs like CCCP or K-Lite separately.

While JetAudio is an extremely capable media player, there are certain aspects that could be improved upon. For instance, its SFX options could be expanded upon and headset button playback control would make the experience better for some. There are however a variety of plugins and skins available online to customize your experience further.

JetAudio features an attractive and functional user interface with each function being described when moused over, making navigation effortless with intuitive controls and no window resizing allowed. While some additional features would be nice (e.g. downloading and displaying album art automatically), overall this media player offers good value at a reasonable price; packs that enhance its functionality (such as 32bit output or BBE sound enhancement) may even allow it to replace Winamp altogether!


JetAudio features an array of skins you can customize the appearance of your music player to make it truly your own. Some can be downloaded for free while others must be purchased. Furthermore, JetAudio supports various audio file formats – making it an excellent option for anyone seeking to listen to their favorite tracks on their computer.

Jetaudio is an elegant media jukebox. Its interface is inviting and user-friendly, with buttons being clearly labeled upon mouseover. Unfortunately, you are unable to resize its window; however it comes equipped with three skins in various sizes – as well as about 25 more available online – that you can choose from while listening to your music. In addition, visualizations provide additional musical fun!

JetAudio HD Music Player Plus skins are easy to set up and provide many useful features, including a 20-band graphic equalizer, multiple sound effects (reverb, x-bass and echo), cross-fading feature, synchronized lyrics for MIDI songs as well as changing skins. In addition, there’s an auto pause function and sleep timer built right in.

This program can save hours of your valuable time by automatically sorting your music library into an efficient format for easy retrieval. Furthermore, it can rename file titles and add tag information, create playlists and manage CD contents efficiently. Furthermore, JetCast broadcast MP3, mp3PRO and OGG files over the internet using JetCast; other notable features include support for 57 file formats as well as CD burning/recording as well as various encoding options; WinLIRC allows remote control for easy operation while running as either Explorer window or Media Manager window as desired.


jetAudio is a free multimedia suite featuring an audio and video player, CD burner and ripper, media converter, audio recorder and Dolby digital sound effects with multi-band equalizer – among many other functions – running as an extra bar on Windows taskbar allowing easy access and control over its primary functions without interfering with other tasks. Support for various standard and non-standard formats (such as popular ones ) ensures user convenience when performing tasks related to jetAudio’s main features.

jetAudio stands out from other music players by emphasizing audio quality above user experience and enhancement. Utilizing 32-bit audio processing to ensure every note, beat, or subtle nuance is delivered with clarity and fidelity; its user interface (UI) also makes navigation simple and effortless.

jetAudio works seamlessly across Android phones, unlike Apple Music which only works with iOS devices. Apple Music songs are encoded using iTunes M4P format which may not work with most music players on Android phones; therefore, in order to listen to these tracks on jetAudio you must convert them to MP3 file using NoteBurner Apple Music Converter tool.

jetAudio stands out from similar apps by supporting multiple widget options and various background themes, giving you complete control of your user experience. For instance, you can choose to display a stunning space-themed background when playing your songs or adjust playback time depending on title, genre or artist to ensure optimal listening experiences at optimal times – there’s even an onboard sleep timer so you can fall asleep to tunes while conserving battery power!

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