JetClean Registry Cleaner


Jetclean is an extremely useful program that removes unnecessary files from your computer, improves its performance, and more. Its registry cleaning feature can save a considerable amount of time.

Most likely, JetClean came to your device thanks to a bundle. Bundles are widely-used marketing tactics used by PUAs in order to gain entry onto devices without user knowledge or consent.

Cleans the fuel system

Jetclean is an ultra-concentrated cleaning fluid designed to remove deposits on injection and intake valves, spark plugs and combustion chamber components, as well as prevent future deposits from forming. Regular use helps optimize engine running while simultaneously optimizing emissions values while eliminating starting difficulties, rough engine running and poor throttle response – saving fuel in the form of reduced pollution emissions while protecting and safeguarding against wear, deposits and corrosion damage in fuel systems – meaning cleaner engines consume less fuel while producing fewer emissions pollutants.

Agilent JetClean’s self-cleaning ion source maximizes instrument uptime and sample throughput by effectively eliminating matrix deposits from its ion source, making it ideal for labs performing environmental, chemical, forensic and material analysis on complex matrix samples. Furthermore, its automated cleaning dramatically increases analysis throughput while producing more reliable data with significant cost savings potential.

Jet-Clean fuel treatment products are suitable for all gasoline injection systems and should be added directly to the tank as preventative measures, during inspections, repairs or solving of issues, after each Jet-Clean operation and whenever there are deposits on injectors or combustion chamber. One can covers 70L.

To use, combine one can with 4.5 L of gasoline in a clean gas can and mix until evenly dispersed. Pour this mixture into the tank of a JetClean device (#5118) connected to your vehicle according to instructions, and begin cleaning as per manual. Make sure your engine remains running throughout this 30-45 minute cleaning process so all fuel used up by jetCleaning your car is not wasted during its cleaning.

Cleans the air filter

Plethora of junk, malicious programs and registry cluttering can seriously undermine the performance of your computer and slow it down significantly. JetClean helps free up hard drive space and speed it back up by cleaning unnecessary files, optimizing registry entries, clearing browser cookies/histories from browser history management applications (Cake – for instance) uninstalling unwanted applications, etc. Plus its Options Menu lets you tailor its scanning and removal functions as well as specifying directories or file types you don’t want it to remove during cleaning!

Cleans the catalytic converter

The catalytic converter is an integral component of your exhaust system, serving an essential purpose of passing emissions tests and maintaining clean air for everyone to breathe. However, when its filter becomes clogged with carbon deposits or soot it may cause poor fuel efficiency, a burning smell or check engine light to illuminate on your dashboard.

Your engine’s heat exposes it to metal or ceramic substrates layered with precious metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium that react chemically, turning hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrous oxides into less harmful gasses that are then expelled through your exhaust pipe and muffler.

Jetclean can help prevent this damage by gently unclogging your catalytic converter and other exhaust components before they become irreparably blocked. It is quick, inexpensive, and straightforward treatment: simply pour some liquid into your tank before driving about 20 km so it can do its work.

Cleans the exhaust system

Your car’s exhaust system releases harmful gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide that could enter the cabin and cause engine issues, as well as help deter rusting and unpleasant smells. A clean exhaust system can help protect both you and your engine. Maintaining an effective exhaust system requires performing regular maintenance. Cleaning an exhaust pipe involves several supplies such as buckets of soapy water, several rags, and brushes specifically designed to fit inside pipes; you will also require degreaser and metal polish. Start by cleaning the outside of the exhaust pipe with a rag. Next, take the brush and use it to scrub inside as far back as you can into the exhaust pipe to remove caked-on dirt and carbon deposits. Rinse both items out thoroughly afterwards and allow them to dry fully before applying a degreaser both inside and outside using instructions provided on its packaging for how long to leave it on before using steel wool or metal polish to scrub off in small circular movements using steel wool/metal polish for removal.

Catalytic converters are responsible for extracting potentially dangerous particles from an engine’s exhaust system, but over time can become clogged up with these particles and require cleaning. Combustion residues released during operation also enter fuel injection systems; over time these residuals block fuel injection nozzles, leading to decreased performance and increasing fuel consumption as well as carbon build-up in exhaust systems.

Liqui Moly’s jetclean Tronic II helps quickly and thoroughly clean the injection and intake systems of cars, construction machines, motorcycles and boats quickly and thoroughly. Once connected to the vehicle’s battery, this device pumps cleaning agent produced by Liqui Moly that binds with combustion residues before cleaning them off, restoring free breathing engines while simultaneously decreasing fuel consumption and emissions. Available for both petrol and diesel engines with clear labels for each system additives that ensure no mix-ups.

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