JetClean Review


Jetclean is an effective program to clean away unnecessary files and optimize computer performance, taking only a few megabytes to install and supporting most operating systems.

This product provides spot cleaning and traffic lane cleaning as well as being an efficient carpet cleaner for areas only moderately dirty. Resists resoiling while leaving no sticky film behind!


Jetclean is an all-in-one PC utility designed to optimize PC performance by cleaning your drive, freeing up memory, uninstalling programs and optimizing startup speeds. Plus, its lightweight portable app format makes it simple and portable enough for you to take with you when traveling.

The program features an easy and straightforward interface, featuring three tabs – 1-Click, Tools, and Settings. “1-Click” serves as the cornerstone of tools like CCleaner; you can safely delete excess files from your drive while scanning for registry problems while clearing old app traces and shortcuts from old programs and systems.

“Tools” delves further into other problem areas, enabling you to uninstall applications, manage startup items, remove toolbars and large programs, defrag your registry (often overlooked), enhance Internet and performance and boost Internet browsing speeds. In addition, its system information section replaces Belarc Advisor for complete system monitoring; its “Rescue” menu offers additional secure file deletion and backup solutions.

As it is essential to recognize, some potentially unwanted applications (PUAs), like jetclean, may appear legal due to End User License Agreements; however, their primary aim is generating revenue for their developers through various means – activation to perform nonexistent functionalities (fake anti-viruses), in-app purchases pushed onto users, intrusive advertising campaigns run against browsers to promote fake search engines, tracking browsing activity and collecting/selling private data are just some of these methods of revenue generation.

PUAs have been notoriously known to threaten your computer system’s integrity by installing additional software, altering settings, or creating unnecessary entries in the registry. Such actions may result in slowdowns, crashes and data loss – to combat this situation it is recommended using jetclean regularly to scan and delete junk files; additionally keep your antivirus active and up to date in order to eliminate potential threats posed by PUAs on your system.


Jet Clean is an odorless, non-stick and soil resistant quick and easy cleaner designed for spot and traffic lane cleaning. It resists resoiling with its film coating that prevents further accumulation; hence requiring less frequent maintenance than most carpets.

Due to its dubious distribution methods and advertised functionalities, jetclean is considered a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application). Software in this category may possess harmful/harmful characteristics and promote other dubious programs; such programs could force-open various websites, track browsing activities and sell collected data to third-party vendors for profit.

Pricing depends on the material being sealed; premium stone sealers typically incur more costs than indicated by this calculator; for more information about this service contact your local Jetclean agent.


JetClean is a free software program that offers users a variety of features designed to help clean and optimize their computer, as well as protect against unauthorized usage or malware infections. Lightweight and consumes minimal memory on PC, it comes in portable version that runs off USB drive without making changes to Windows Registry.

This application’s primary strength lies in its ability to quickly remove junk files and boost the overall performance of your PC. By freeing up space on your hard drive, it can free up more room for applications and games on it; additionally it can uninstall programs no longer present on your system as well as manage which applications automatically launch at system startup and even clear browser history and cookies if desired.

Jetclean can help your PC become even faster by defragging the registry, optimizing performance, and speeding up processes. In addition, jetclean will detect potential security threats on your system and notify you if any are found – as well as remove spyware/adware/and block unwanted websites.

The program features an intuitive, easy to use interface that can be utilized by virtually anyone without extensive training. It runs extremely quickly while not taking up much system resources. Furthermore, its built-in search function enables quick access to files and folders most essential for work or play.

Potentially unwanted applications are distributed using untrustworthy channels, including file sharing networks and freeware download sites. You can avoid such applications by always selecting custom or advanced installation options when downloading freeware; additionally, only download programs from their developers’ websites to ensure no unwanted software will be included with it.

Some unwanted apps may generate revenue for their developers through in-app purchases, ads displayed on user devices, browser modifications that promote fake search engines or the collection and sale of personal information. To protect yourself from these threats, regularly updated antimalware software should be utilized.


Jetclean uses a controlled flow of hydrogen to keep your ion source clean, eliminating or significantly reducing manual cleaning needs and downtime. Furthermore, it reduces or eliminates costs associated with replacing components like detectors to help you reach maximum precision in your analyses.

Jetclean’s interface is intuitive and its software has a small footprint, offering all of the same capabilities as tools such as CCleaner with one click: safely cleaning out excess files, scanning registry entries and deleting old app traces/shortcuts. Plus there is even an option to create portable copies so that you can carry this with you! A nice bonus.

Jetclean stands apart from traditional cleaners by not leaving behind sticky residue, instead drying into clear crystals with any dirt encapsulated within. This allows users to more easily vacuum away dirt through regular maintenance sessions.

Jetclean boasts several other features that make it a superior option for carpets and fabric upholstery, including its ability to resist resoiling and its VOC compliance and Nylon Certification status – all qualities which make it suitable for all kinds of fabric surfaces. Visit their website for more details!

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