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If a garment’s care label indicates “dry clean only,” don’t immediately assume it can only be hand washed. Instead, fill your sink with warm water and use mild detergent to immerse delicates for three to five minutes at a time before gently swishing them around in your fingers for added care.

JetClean is an undesired application (PUA), meaning it may be installed alongside free programs without user consent and can profit off their online activity by forcing open advertisements that may contain questionable material.

Self-Cleaning Ion Source

This invention pertains to the automatic cleaning of ion sources within mass spectrometers used for matrix-assisted laser desorption (MALDI). As MALDI results become compromised with organic material, its electrodes need to be regularly cleaned in order to guarantee quality results. With conventional systems, service technicians open and manually clean each ion source in turn. Re-assembling of an Ion Source involves emptying its chambers, switching off its electrical voltage supply, refilling with reactant gas and creating plasma again – then reactant ion etching can take place to remove organic material from its electrodes in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

Motors housed within the device are used to rotate the cleaning apparatus at predetermined intervals in order to clean the ion source, with an LCD display providing visual confirmation that it is operating as planned.

As illustrated in FIG. 1, an ion source device comprises of a housing with both top and bottom portions connected by a mounting portion, as well as at least one electrode extending out from it and connected to a cleaning apparatus.

Once activated, when an ion source cleaning device is in operation, its ion source is filled with reactant gas using a choke in the supply line, to maintain correct pressure. As soon as this reaction has completed, its RF voltage that generated gas discharge is switched off and its electrodes evacuated before the source can be reassembled.

The JetClean self-cleaning ion source automatically eliminates matrix deposits from GC/MS systems without human interaction, significantly increasing maintenance free periods and cutting the number of manual cleaning cycles per cycle in half, increasing lab productivity with more frequent sample analysis and improving lab productivity overall. Compatible with Agilent 5977B, 7000D and 7010B systems.

Fuel System Cleaner

Fuel system cleaners, or fuel injector cleaners, help remove carbon build-up from the combustion chamber to enhance performance of your car. A quality product can assist with clogged injectors, poor throttle response and rough engine idle. Additives like these also work to dissolve power-robbing deposits from deposits accumulating within the engine itself and should be added regularly to your gas tank as preventive measure.

There are various kinds of fuel system cleaners on the market, each offering specific functions and ingredients. While some will simply clean fuel injectors, others go further by increasing octane levels or providing long-term protection of your system by including lubricants to preserve its condition over longer.

K&N makes one of the top-selling fuel injector cleaners. Their product, an all-in-one fuel system cleaner that is suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines, helps restore lost engine power and acceleration while protecting against rust and corrosion damage to fuel injectors.

STP Ultra 5-in-1 Fuel Injector Cleaner and Stabilizer is another fantastic product to add to your vehicle’s fuel system, helping remove carbon, stabilize ethanol levels, reduce metal-to-metal friction and restore horsepower. For optimal results it should be used every 3,000 miles and can treat up to 21 gallons of gasoline at one time.

Royal Purple Max Atomizer Fuel Injector Cleaner provides an effective yet simple method to quickly clean fuel injectors on both gasoline and diesel vehicles. Used in both applications, it quickly restores horsepower, increases fuel efficiency, corrects delivery issues and cleans clogged injectors or unblocking DPFs (diesel particulate filters). Plus it is oxygen sensor safe as well as working on turbocharged vehicles!

Sea Foam Motor Treatment is an economical and versatile fuel additive, perfect for use on gasoline and diesel vehicles alike. It helps clear away carbon deposits from combustion chambers and injectors, acts as an excellent lubricant, remove sludge, inhibit corrosion and increase oil flow – safe to be used with carbureted, fuel injected and VVT engines alike!

Exhaust System Cleaner

JetClean is an outstanding product to boost the speed and performance of any machine, quickly clearing away our issues in no time and making itself portable – something most other machines simply cannot do! It provided us with tools as well, making this portable cleaning device one of many advantages it offered us.

Cataclean is a patented, EPA approved complete fuel and exhaust system cleaner designed to reduce carbon build-up on oxygen sensors, fuel injectors and cylinder heads of vehicles – helping address drivability issues, prepare for emissions testing and extend engine lifespan.

An effective optimizer that’s capable of clearing an impressive amount of memory. Additionally, it cleans unneeded files (registry entries, browser cookies) effectively as well as offering options to exclude certain directories from scanning and secure file deletion and rescue features. Overall this is one of the better optimizers we have tested; we saw significant improvements in how pages load faster while resource intensive apps like Fruity Loops performed more smoothly as a result of using it.

Fuel Filter Cleaner

Fuel injector cleaner, or jetclean, removes carbon deposits from engine injection system and valves while also helping improve performance in terms of throttle response. Most fuel injector cleaner products contain polyether amine that has high temperature resistance that works great at dissolving carbon deposits while some even include other chemicals to lubricate and clean your engine for smoother running.

Some fuel injector cleaners are designed to work on all types of fuel, from gasoline and diesel blends, to gasoline-ethanol blends and blends. Others are only compatible with certain kinds of fuel; others will even be specifically tailored to work on just one of them; it is important that you read product descriptions thoroughly to make sure they meet the specifications for your engine and fuel type.

Liqui Moly’s Jectron Fuel Injection Cleaner is one of the premier injector cleaners, effectively clearing away carbon deposits from injection systems, intake valves and fuel ports – improving fuel efficiency by eliminating lean surging and encouraging environmentally sustainable combustion while helping prevent starting problems, hesitation or stalling.

Royal Purple’s Max Atomizer Fuel Injector Cleaner is another outstanding fuel injector cleaner option, specially formulated for modern direct injection engines. Its highly concentrated polyether amine (PEA) detergents will unclog and unchoke fuel injectors to restore spray patterns and enhance fuel atomization while increasing octane levels and improving economy.

Fuel injector cleaners can be useful tools, but you should avoid those that have received low ratings from reviewers. Sometimes these products are created by companies trying to generate revenue by showing advertisements, pushing in-app purchases or altering browser settings in order to promote fake anti-viruses; and collecting and selling personal information.

To use a fuel injector cleaner, simply follow the directions on its bottle and add to your gas tank as directed. Drive normally for around 200 miles so the cleaner has time to work before repeating this step if necessary.

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