JRiver Media Center

JRiver Media Center

JRiver Media Center is an effective software solution for organizing and playing digital media files. With extensive library management features as well as support for various streaming protocols, it offers comprehensive media management.

Media Center uses Media Libraries, effective databases that catalog metadata. It also monitors directories for changes and automatically imports new media files into Media Libraries.

Multimedia center

JRiver Media Center is an innovative program that makes managing multimedia files – audio, video and images – simple. Offering both aesthetic and technological configuration options, its features include a DSP studio for tweaking audio levels as well as media editors and recorders to aid recording advanced tracks. Furthermore, it can assist in copying music from computer to portable digital audio players such as iPods while moving camera photos into its library for storage purposes and even synchronize both iPod audio and data!

JRiver Media Center stands out from iTunes by supporting a wider array of file types and media apps; even CD conversion and transfer tape and vinyl data to computers is supported! Plus, its customization with skins and plugins allows for personalized experience! Available both on Windows and OS X platforms.

One of the greatest strengths of this application is its capacity to play nearly all audio and video formats, even high-definition movies without needing an additional device. Furthermore, you can stream over the Internet or synchronize multiple media players for effortless use no matter where you may be located.

One feature is its ability to create playlists. The application displays its contents using different view items (or panes), organizing them by folder, artists, albums, or any other parameters set by the user. Once created, drag-and-drop files into it to rearrange its contents easily – plus new songs or albums added automatically update this playlist!

Home theater systems benefit greatly from using this software. It features a unique full-screen mode to help manage media collections and stream them directly onto a monitor or TV, while supporting various remote controls including those equipped with Green Button technology. Furthermore, this application also streams over the Internet so users can access their media remotely.

As well as these functions, MediaPlayer also comes equipped with many other features that make it the perfect multimedia playback solution. For instance, it supports multiple languages and comes complete with a database of movie reviews so you can find your perfect film. Furthermore, RadioShack and PodcastDark also make for great additions.


JRiver Media Center is an impressive multi-purpose media player for your computer, supporting all popular audio and video file formats as well as streaming. Additionally, this versatile media player includes an image viewer and full Internet radio server capabilities that works across Windows, Mac OSX and Linux operating systems. Furthermore, its streaming features make it ideal for audiophiles seeking high-quality music on the go – perfect for audiophiles looking for high quality streaming capabilities!

JRiver Media Center boasts more than just an internal media player; its user interface can also be tailored to individual preferences. Users can arrange different panes as desired; each view can be shown in various modes and its contents filtered via tags or files selected. It can even create playlists which automatically update as new files enter your library.

MC can convert audio and video streams for client playback if your Internet connection is too slow to support unconverted media playback directly. You can turn on this feature in MC’s Options dialog; its use relies on DLNA/UPnP connections with various devices as well as streaming to miniDSP SHD Series speakers over local networks.

This program comes equipped with numerous plugins and tools, such as being able to rip CDs, tag and organize media files, display a visualizer, as well as having an integrated jukebox-style media player with features such as covering whole screen or partial screens jukebox media player mode and can synchronize files between computers.

Additionally, it can be used to stream music and videos directly from a NAS over wireless network. Unlike iTunes, Plex can play any file type without restricting audio output quality due to internal codec limitations. Furthermore, Plex can even upscale low-resolution images to HD resolution with enhanced visual effects for optimal playback experience.

JRiver Media Center can also be used to stream audio to other DLNA-compliant devices, like Chromecast Audio. To do this, the MC’s Options dialog offers the DLNA Server function which generates a six-character access key that other devices use to gain access.

Audio playback

JRiver Media Center software offers superior audio playback, allowing you to listen to your music files with audiophile quality. Furthermore, it can play videos, images and television shows flawlessly; its Theater View provides an immersive viewing experience; plus its interface is fully customizable, so that colors and themes can be adjusted according to individual taste.

Library management capabilities of MediaPortal are unmatched, making it simple and effortless to organize and search your media collection with its advanced search function. Furthermore, you can add metadata and artwork for customization of playlists or smartlists; gapless playback for audio files is supported; various customizable controls such as crossfading and time stretching are also provided for added ease.

Its higher AV manipulation capabilities make the software a popular alternative to iTunes, serving as an AV preamp in some respects, including bass management controls, headphone crossing feed capabilities and two levels of parametric EQ settings – features which audiophiles will appreciate greatly.

JRiver Media Center not only manages libraries and audio/video playback, but can also stream content over the Internet. Its server can generate a six-character access key which you can enter on any client to play media; additionally, its software converts audio/video for users whose internet connections are too slow to support playing unconverted media files directly.

JRiver Media Center provides a central solution for media management and playback that’s not free. With extensive library management features, customization options and Blu-ray playback support it makes an invaluable investment for music, video and photo enthusiasts. Furthermore, its active community features regular builds posted to Media Center Interact forum which implement requested features or fix bugs; plus there’s even more features in its premium MC24 edition!


JRiver Media Center is an exceptional multimedia software program, capable of playing audio and video files, showing digital images, ripping CDs, streaming music over networks, recording television shows and radio shows, customizing views, filters and sorting orders to optimize your media library and supporting UPnP devices. Furthermore, this versatile multimedia program also comes equipped with its own powerful server for streaming content over the internet and supporting UPnP devices.

This program supports an impressive array of audio formats, codecs and devices; can synchronize with portable music players; control home theater systems; play Web radio shows or podcasts; as well as play Web radio and podcasts – it is an ideal choice for those with a large collection of audio, image or video files they wish to keep organized and easily accessible on their PCs.

Play and record videos from virtually all media files and sources – Internet, TV tuner or otherwise. It even plays and organizes your videos into playlists!

JRiver offers several new skins and themes for user interface customization, improved performance, support for Dolby Vision HDR audio playback, as well as Dolby Digital Standard DSD support. In addition, this version automatically converts audio and video streams for client playback when your connection speeds aren’t fast enough to play unconverted files directly.

View Scheme is a new feature in Windows that enables users to define custom, prioritized groupings for viewing their media library. This can be an efficient way of finding what you’re searching for or viewing all of your music by genre, artist, or album. Furthermore, graphical displays for file metadata provide more details on each track or album in your library.

Custom text fields provide additional details about files. You can use them to specify filename extensions or location information; display their size or bit rate; remember recent commands history when right-clicking within the contents pane – the software also remembers these commands when right-clicking!

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