Just Cause 2 Review

Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 is an exciting and engaging open world game. Rico Rodriguez oversees missions on Panau Island from a helicopter, creating havoc.

Some missions can be truly mind-boggling, such as running off a bridge as missiles spawn around you and leaping onto an armored tank as it fires its gun at you.


Just Cause 2’s sandbox nature is one of its key assets. Rico can freely explore a vast world and manipulate it in various ways, from shooting down helicopters with pilots hanging off them to dismantling fuel tanks or even launching rockets into space – it makes gameplay seem like a mindless action movie that knows it is being silly! It makes just cause 2 feel like an action movie that knows when it is being silly!

Just Cause 2’s gameplay can be both rewarding and repetitive. This is due to its use of chaos as currency; you can earn it through various activities such as blowing up government properties such as fuel depots or killing military colonels scattered around the map, racing through races or taking missions for criminal factions. Completing all story missions within one region while destructing every destructible item and 100%ing an entire town may take over 10 hours!

This can be problematic because playing the game can be immensely enjoyable, yet not really necessary for its completion. Furthermore, certain aspects of its mechanics may become tedious at times such as its aiming reticle making it hard to tell whether your target has been hit. Furthermore, its lack of impact animations may further annoy when trying to take down an enemy plane or helicopter.

But despite these issues, Just Cause 2 remains an incredible game to play. With its huge world and insane gameplay combined with stunning visuals, players will spend hours blowing stuff up into the early morning. Unfortunately though, its plot and characters fall flat.


Just Cause 2 is a significant visual upgrade over the original game, offering stunning landscapes for gamers of any experience level to take in as they fly above snow-covered mountains and witness them sway in the breeze. It truly makes for an impressive gaming experience!

Not all is perfect with the game though; its graphics contain some flaws. First and foremost is that its camera can get rather unstable at times making it hard for Rico to follow along his journey. Also, its physics are sometimes too unrealistic; for instance when you destroy a radio tower it doesn’t drop to the ground properly when destroyed.

However, this is only a minor setback in an otherwise engaging and exciting game; gameplay still excels; while its grappling hook revamp might not provide as much thrill and satisfaction than its original version did, the experience still makes for enjoyable playback.

Just Cause 2 features an amazing and expansive world, and its draw distance allows players to see everything at once. There is everything from tall snow-covered mountains and military bases, all the way down to beachside shacks. Lighting in particular stands out; shadows appear clear yet still look nice from a distance.

Fire is another visual treat; its explosions look realistic and have real power behind them, while things burning don’t look quite so great. Water also looks slightly false when interacted with, such as shooting it or flying over it; these animations seem repetitively repeated when interacted with.

Just Cause 2’s world is captivating and inviting, providing plenty of activities. Rico can utilize weapons and vehicles from its arsenal, as well as gadgets like his powerful rocket launcher or parachute that allows quick escape via plane or helicopter tether. Unfortunately, there are some minor issues such as his limbs getting stuck or some visual glitches which may arise during playthrough.


Just Cause 2’s soundtrack features a diverse blend of genres and styles, such as hip hop, rock, rap and orchestral music. Its main theme song, by Lil Durk’s “Just Cause Ya’ll Waited 2,” can be heard throughout both games; its energy makes for exciting gameplay while other songs provide relaxing vibes – the full playlist can be found for free at Just Cause 2 website.

Just Cause 2 is an action-adventure video game developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Square Enix, and released in June 2010. It serves as the sequel to 2006’s Just Cause, featuring Rico Rodriguez of fictional agency known as the Agency in Panau – an island nation located off Maritime Southeast Asia where its main objective is for Rico to overthrow dictator Pandak “Baby” Panay while finding his mentor Tom Sheldon.

Additionally, this game boasts an expansive game world filled with missions and activities for you to experience. Play is both thrilling and engaging; though repetitive at times. Graphics are stunning while physics are realistic (even though vehicles such as motorcycles may prove frustrating at times). Furthermore, weapons and vehicles such as grappling hooks and parachutes add depth and variety.

Just Cause 2 is an unparalleled adventure and must-own for fans of its genre. Its sprawling gameplay world, stunts and playful attitude make it a blast to play; unfortunately it lacks depth of story or missions like most modern titles; nevertheless it still provides an excellent gameplay experience for open world sandbox gamers and features such as no cover system and repetitive missions design that serve to highlight Just Cause 2’s unique experience.


Rico Rodriguez, the brash CIA agent paid to ignite things on fictional island nation Panau, returns in Just Cause 2. This time around, however, its formula has been tweaked and improved – gone is San Esperito of its predecessor and in its place stands an expansive game world full of environments, vehicles and missions to take part in. Top it all off with an over-the-top plot full of massive explosions, narrow escapes and top notch action and you have yourself an irresistibly thrilling story to keep you engaged throughout!

Just Cause 2 may feature Rico’s absurd job description, but that does not excuse its frustrating aspects. The story is thin, while its lack of an effective cover system often means you find yourself running through the same area over and over. Audio glitches – including dialogue that stutters during cutscenes – add further irritation.

While these issues are minor, gameplay remains enjoyable. Rico can use his enhanced grappling hook to perform various exciting stunts in the open world – from tethering cars to helicopters to using timed explosives to blow up fuel depots or even setting a rocket on an impact course with a radio mast for some spectacular fireworks shows.

The game’s other gameplay elements are also excellent, though can become repetitive over time. Missions will have you swooping into training camps, killing specific targets or running deliveries to set destinations – providing welcome relief from its repetitive nature, yet potentially becoming tiring over time.

Overall, Just Cause 2 is an entertaining next-gen game and may just be the most riveting on the market. With its expansive world and thrilling gameplay, this adventure will keep you engaged for hours on end while its stunning visuals help ease any potential frustrations.

Just Cause 2 may lack the depth and variety of other open-world games, and can become repetitive over time; but its gameplay remains exhilarating and enjoyable. Utilizing its grappling hook to tether a car to a helicopter before using its grappling hook to fly up and down its sides before the aircraft explodes can be truly thrilling!

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