K Lite Codec Pack Full

K Lite Codec Pack Full is an all-inclusive multimedia suite that makes it possible to play an array of audio and video files on your PC, as well as DirectShow filters that can be utilized with video editing applications.

There are various editions available to meet different user needs; Standard users will benefit from choosing Standard version while advanced users should take into consideration Full option which offers madVR, DC-Bass Source Mod and GraphStudioNext for advanced video editing capabilities.


The K Lite Codec Pack Full is a collection of codecs that allows you to play most media formats on your computer, from DVDs and Blu-rays, through audio files in numerous formats to popular compression formats like Divx and Xvid. In addition, this package features many useful tools for customizing file associations and settings.

The program comes in four variants, each offering greater complexity than its predecessor. For instance, Basic has only the essential codecs, yet still works smoothly even on low-performing computers. Standard contains an advanced player such as MPC-HC as well as many extra features; finally two packages contain even more decoders; to learn more about all the differences, visit either Comparison Abilities or Comparison of Contents pages.

K Lite Codec Pack Full provides both 32-bit and 64-bit codecs, making it compatible with all versions of Windows. Its smart installer automatically adapts to your operating system and installs all necessary components. Furthermore, all codecs are bundled together so you don’t have to worry about individually installing or uninstalling them separately.

K Lite Codec Pack Full is compatible with all versions of Windows since XP, as well as most VFW and ACM codecs, regularly being updated so as to work seamlessly on modern OSes. It is also an extremely safe program, having received no positives on VirusTotal and no advertisements. Furthermore, it offers numerous customization features to make installation and use more user-friendly. As an example, you can choose which folder the installation should go in as well as specifying where your default video and audio player can be found. Furthermore, some platforms provide users with hardware accelerated decoding options which will enhance your video viewing experience while eliminating annoying delays.


K-Lite Codec Pack is a simple and free way to install video and audio codecs onto a Windows computer to play virtually all popular media formats, including all those created after XP. Its 100% safe installation does not contain any viruses or spyware and works flawlessly across all versions of Windows from XP onwards. Furthermore, its unattended installer makes installation simple – helping clean out other codec packs that might have been installed onto your machine as well as making sure only essential codecs are being utilized by Windows itself – helping ensure only essentials codecs can be utilized on your PC for optimal playback performance!

This program comes in various variants that cover everything from small bundles containing only essential decoders to larger packages containing many tools and features, all compatible with all versions of Windows. Both Standard and Full variants are suitable for average users; with the latter providing enhanced multimedia experience through Media Player Classic Homecinema which offers multiple options with minimal download size requirements.

Both variants provide an extensive array of audio and video filters. Furthermore, DirectShow filters enhance multimedia capabilities, enabling users to produce high-quality videos and audio recordings – such as high definition and low resolution videos – along with support for popular video editing applications (Adobe Premiere or Vegas Movie Studio).

It also provides users with advanced tools that allow them to maximize the performance and security of their system, such as Codec Tweak Tool, Icaros ThumbnailProvider and FourCC Changer. Furthermore, the package supports DVDs and Blu-rays.

The Mega variant offers several additional features not found in Standard or Standard Plus variants, such as GraphStudioNext and various ACM/VFW codecs for video encoding/editing. Furthermore, Mega also provides codecs not supported by other programs – for more details regarding its contents and abilities please refer to our Comparison Pages of Abilities and Contents pages.


K-Lite Codec Pack Full stands out from other codec packs by not interfering with existing software; it works flawlessly with Windows Media Player, BSplayer and many other programs. Its intelligent installer adapts itself based on which version of Windows you are running as well as which other codecs may already be installed and only installs necessary codecs – helping avoid conflicts by only installing necessary ones.

Codec Tweak Tool and ffdshow audio decoder, two handy tools included with MPC-HC, can help you to configure video files and resolve codec-related issues. Furthermore, this package attempts to optimize its installation by eliminating left-over filter references from the registry; and automatically disabling internal filters not being utilized by MPC-HC; furthermore it attempts to remedy common problems, like “MPC-HC has stopped working” error messages that pop up.

This user-friendly program offers support for the latest formats like HEVC and VP9, making it the ideal way to play all your audio and video files. Available in three variants (basic contains only essential codecs while standard offers more features suited to average users, while mega contains even more codecs) this solution has something for everyone who does their own encodings.

This program is completely free and does not contain any viruses or spyware, making it available for download from Codec Guide under a freeware license and compatible with Windows 7, 8 or 10 as both 32-bit or 64-bit downloads. As K-Lite Codec Pack Full supports an abundance of file formats and is one of the most comprehensive codec packages for Windows, its x64 variant should be installed for optimal results. X86 testing was only performed to ensure compatibility. This program can be used with various media players, such as BSplayer and Media Player Classic Home Cinema which feature intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, and can also play DVDs and other popular forms of media. Furthermore, the advanced configuration wizard included with the program makes selecting appropriate settings simple.

Final Words

K Lite Codec Pack Full is an impressive library of video and audio codecs for free use, featuring all popular formats as well as numerous options, configurations and tweaks for optimal performance. Compatible with various media players (Media Player Classic / BSPlayer are provided); tools are also included to encoding/decode audio/video. Additional features such as the Codec Tweak Tool or GraphStudioNext allow users to modify various settings for optimal results.

The latest version of our codec pack offers several new features that enhance its functionality, such as supporting SSA/ASS subtitles and hardware acceleration. Furthermore, special blacklists for some codecs help prevent compatibility issues between specific apps and games – something other packs cannot achieve effectively due to taking more general approaches that may cause compatibility issues or even freeze up machines altogether.

The package comes in three variants, depending on the number of codecs installed: basic is a small no-nonsense pack for typical users; standard includes Media Player Classic with some extras; while mega combines everything from both variants with additional DirectShow filters and GraphStudioNext functionality. Whichever variant you opt for, make sure to install updates regularly so as to enjoy optimal performance while avoiding compatibility issues; additionally there is an active forum providing updates quickly when issues arise, offering great user support services as well.

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