Kaspersky AntiVirus Review

Kaspersky AntiVirus is a reliable security tool, safeguarding your device against malware with features like vulnerability scanner, on-screen keyboard (to help avoid keyloggers) and safe browser.

Kaspersky also includes performance tools to optimize your computer, as well as various awards from independent testing labs.


Kaspersky provides an expansive suite of tools to safeguard both your devices and online life. Aside from an antivirus scanner, this solution includes anti-phishing protection, VPN services, password managers, parental controls, file shredders, system cleanup tools, file shredders, system cleanup utilities, file shredders, file shredders and rescue disks (to clean up malware or ransomware infections on computers).

This program utilizes an easy and modern interface. Your security status is displayed as icons on the home screen; when clicked upon, a “Details” button opens a notification center with further details regarding current activities – this includes up-to-date security statuses, database updates, as well as files and programs detected by the program.

Notification Center access allows you to quickly and efficiently manage settings and support, saving both time and effort when navigating software’s menus. Furthermore, its “Duplicate and Large Files Checker” tool scans your hard drive for duplicate and large files which it then deletes to free up space on your device – the software even suggests files to delete which you haven’t used in some time!

Vulnerability Scan, another useful feature, scans your system for vulnerabilities reported by CVE system and checks applications and operating systems for any known or potential flaws based on information reported from it. Unfortunately it doesn’t automatically update affected apps like some competitors do; however a question mark appears beside each feature offering users who may not know how to use it an opportunity for brief explanation. AV-Comparatives’ real world protection tests show that this program detects and blocks numerous common and complex threats like ransomware, spy apps and phishing attacks among others.


Kaspersky is an excellent cybersecurity solution for personal devices, particularly for non-technical users due to its user-friendly interface and lightweight software that won’t slow down your device or take up too much memory. Furthermore, professional reviewers consistently give it high marks; yet some might turn away due to Russian connections or its insufficient details about malware infections; in addition, it can be expensive; but Kaspersky offers multiple plans so that you can find one suitable to your budget.

Security Cloud Free, Kaspersky’s entry-level package, provides essential antivirus protection with some additional tools. While this solution may suffice for novice users, more experienced ones should opt for something with more advanced tools like virtual private network (VPN), an ad blocker and account checkers which notify if their social media or email accounts have been compromised.

Kaspersky Internet Security stands out from its competition with superior malware detection and firewall features, including full version of Kaspersky Password Manager worth $15 annually by itself. Furthermore, this solution also comes equipped with Webcam Protection to prevent hackers from spying on your webcam as well as Safe Money to encrypt online transactions to prevent cyber thieves from intercepting them.

Kaspersky Total Security is another top-of-the-line option for Windows, macOS and Android devices. Building upon the features of Internet Security and adding useful extras such as a VPN that lets you browse anonymously while connecting securely via public Wi-Fi networks; also provides password manager and backup tool; plus advanced anti-theft technology. A one-year license costs $60 for three devices or $120 for five; multi-device discounts can be obtained when purchasing two year licenses; plus you get a one-year money-back guarantee on all its products – making testing risk free trials easier!


Kaspersky’s antivirus software provides robust defense against digital threats. This protection includes viruses, spyware, ransomware, rootkits, adware and keyloggers among many other forms of malware; website scanning; detection of phishing scams/hacking attempts/email spam and much more! Available for desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices alike and easy to set up and update with periodic software upgrades, Kaspersky provides comprehensive digital defense.

Kaspersky Antivirus requires both a valid license and stable internet connectivity to get started, along with uninstalling any other antivirus programs from your computer prior to installation. Once this step has been taken, download the installer file from Kaspersky’s website; double-clicking will run the installer; Windows may prompt you about changes; simply accept them to proceed.

Once installed, this program enables you to make customized security settings. These include choosing scanning preferences and network security settings; as well as setting passwords for devices. Furthermore, parental controls can be set so children cannot misuse the device; you can backup/restore data; access settings/support directly from the home screen; backup/restore your device; as well as restore its performance from previous backups/restorations efforts; as well as backup/restore your settings/support.

One of the more impressive features is Kaspersky Protection Center, which displays all active threats on your system in a timeline format and allows you to take immediate action against specific ones directly through this feature. Many competitors don’t provide this level of control over individual threats like this. Another great addition is an on-screen keyboard which helps avoid keyloggers; easy access via Privacy settings; works seamlessly with Safe Money browser for online banking services provided by Kaspersky; plus it even works seamlessly with Key Money!

Kaspersky Lab has earned itself a sterling reputation as an effective antivirus software program, regularly testing it to ensure efficiency and accuracy, receiving numerous awards from independent testing organizations. Furthermore, they excel at threat intelligence that protects their users against cyber attacks such as Check Point, Bluecoat, Juniper Networks Netintelligence Clearswift FrontBridge Wedge Networks as well as Check Point’s Bluecoat Juniper Netintelligence Netintelligence Clearswift FrontBridge and Wedge Networks technologies – their flagship products being Kaspersky Antivirus Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security products respectively.


Kaspersky AntiVirus software offers multiple features, from basic antivirus protection to multi-device protection with password manager and backup capabilities. It protects against viruses, ransomware, adware, spyware, keyloggers, remote access trojans and zero-day attacks as well as data loss by enabling users to recover files from cloud storage or external drives. In addition, regular scans clean your system of any unwanted programs or folders; manual “Quick Scan” checks common folders while Full System Scanning reviews your entire system while Custom Scan allows users to select specific files or folders while “Removable Drives Scan” analyzes external drives for threats.

Kaspersky security software features parental controls to assist parents, which include blocking certain apps and setting usage schedules to monitor a child’s location and social media activity. Furthermore, the software detects and blocks suspicious websites to protect devices from malware infection as well as helping locate lost or stolen mobile phones.

Kaspersky’s Privacy Tool is one of its most valuable features, alerting users if any apps could potentially spy on them or gather personal data without their knowledge. Furthermore, this feature helps secure Wi-Fi connections, encrypt documents and protect them against tracking; prevent online tracking of non-friends; free up space on devices by eliminating unnecessary background processes; as well as freeing space and improving performance by eliminating unnecessary processes running in the background.

Kaspersky Vulnerability Scan, an invaluable feature, helps detect applications with known vulnerabilities based on CVE database entries. It checks both installed and uninstalled applications as well as operating systems; additionally it can check external tools such as Wireshark or GitHub for vulnerabilities.

Kaspersky came under scrutiny when its links with Russia’s government were revealed in 2017, yet has taken steps to prove itself as an independent and reliable cybersecurity firm. Their Global Transparency Initiative provides specific details regarding their software’s source code, threat detection rules and data collection processes, plus they regularly pass Service Organization Control for Service Organizations Type 1 audits.

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